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Great disappointment coming for rapture seekers

Many, many Christian television, YouTube channels and radio stations are breathlessly try to outdo each other in trumpeting the rapture implications of the ‘Great Sign’ we are about to see in the heavens.  I, too, have written about the Revelation … Continue reading

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God’s Word, concerning the regathering….

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Can we accelerate the coming of the Messiah?

Last night, as we sat around the Pesach table, we enjoyed a wonderful romp through Scripture.  A small affair, with only three guests besides my family, we embraced the freedom to pursue Scripture and thought trails induced by the haggadah.  … Continue reading

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L’shana tova!! Happy New Year! (and, we are packing for Israel…)

This evening, according to the Hillel II calendar and the sighting of the moon, is Yom Teruah, or the Day of Trumpets.  This day marks the beginning of civil year 5777 in Israel and is the day on which kings … Continue reading

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A book I want to read…

I have long believed that Scripture does not teach a pre-trib or secret rapture. My full expectation is that like Noah, we will be on the earth for judgment, though Divinely protected as in the Ark. Nowhere, ever, in Scripture … Continue reading

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Prophecy Wrap-up and Sacrifice on the Temple Mount??

It is Spring Break and I have ben feverishly working to accomplish some tasks around our our little farm during this much needed break from bus driving and training.  While I haven’t done much writing on the blog, it has … Continue reading

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Tales from the bus. Missed….

Many of my longsuffering readers know that I am a bus driver and driver trainer for the local school district.  Previously, I have blogged a few posts related to work and theological lessons from interactions on the job…..  Grouped as … Continue reading

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The ‘rapture’ is TO Israel!!

The Gospel of the Kingdom is about RESTORATION and a return to EDEN. Got Torah? http://bible.com/100/deu.30.4.NASB

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‘…gather together his elect…’

While reading this week’s Torah portion again this morning, a little word caught my eye!!  The revelation, however, was not so little! Yeshua, speaking of the latter days, in Matthew 24, says, 29 “But immediately after the tribulation of those days … Continue reading

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The (Not So) Quotable Church Fathers: Doctrines and Theologies

In the last week we have skimmed the surface of antisemitism in a number of ‘fathers’ of the Christian religion, including pre-Catholic, Roman Catholic and Protestant, in the (Not So) Quotable series.  Earlier in the series I promised a thumbnail … Continue reading

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WARNING!! Kaduri, Sharon and Prophecy! **Updated!**

**Updated with links**  Also, some excellent comments below. A quick post addressing the recent death of PM Ariel Sharon and the prophecies of R. Itzhak Kaduri…    More later. In the coming days you will hear a great deal about … Continue reading

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Brick v Stone as a Building Material

A couple of days ago, I was delivering some metalwork to a customer in the upstate of South Carolina.  While in the area, I called a good friend and brother, Jeff, to see if we could meet-up for lunch.  What … Continue reading

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THE sign of His coming…. Can we know?

Can we know when the Messiah will return?  Did He leave us with a huge question mark and some mumbo-jumbo, or was He very specific in what we are to watch for and when we can expect Him? Signs in … Continue reading

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