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What is the basis of your moral standard?

If you ever find yourself thinking, ‘I have higher moral standards than Abraham and David’, then you have entered dangerous territory. ~ a friend Everyone has a moral standard. Most of those standards are founded on nothing more than personal … Continue reading

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Torah Portion Series: Nitzavim/Vayelech (Deu. 29:10-31:30)

A double portion this week with final instructions to kol Israel! These last several portions teach us about the nations as the clans and tribes are functioning together. And, the whole study is now polished and bound into a book … Continue reading

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Coming VERY soon!!

Israel cannot be restored unless God’s Creation Order is restored and implemented. This is a bold statement, however the Torah only functions properly when exercised within the God given authority structure. Divided into a Torah Cycle study, this book focuses … Continue reading

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Torah Portion Series: Ki Tavo (Deuteronomy 26:1-29:9)

Would God really enact curses? Indeed, He is quite serious about His commands, including those concerning authority, headship, and family structure. This week’s study is fairly short, but much to ponder in our response to His grave warning. Free downloadable … Continue reading

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