Much of what I have written and/or taught over the last several years has been apologetic (in defense of) in nature for an Hebraic perspective of Scripture.  The result now is a large body of articles that are most helpful in rightly understanding the Word of our King, but because of the blog format, they can get ‘lost’ in the thread.  This page is an attempt to organize some of those articles by topic to be more easily found in groups.  As I have time to populate each topic, I will add links to existing articles so you can find, read and share…

May our Father bless you and give you shalom as you pursue understanding,


Overview series (22 lessons in audio and/or video touching on numerous aspects in a semi-planned order)

Top 5 most popular shareable articles

The REAL Apostle Paul

The Sabbath

“Grafted in” means…?

One Torah (ger)

Church Fathers said what??!

Connecting Threads.  (Articles that pull many pieces together)


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