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Torah Portion: Acharei Mot/Kedoshim (Leviticus 16:1-20:27)

HUGE Torah Portion commentary this week!!  94 pages!! Actually, multiple big appendices to support and expand the 12 pages of dynamite in this very important double portion regarding sexual purity and how we are to live!!  Thee is enough meat … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Tazria/Metzora (Leviticus 12:1-15:33)

This week’s Torah notes related to headship and patriarchy in this portion are up on our Torah Portion Series page.  This week is short, download and read…  and, rest up!!  Next week is going to be HUGE!! Shabbat Shalom!

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Solving the White Horse of the Apocalypse…

Earlier today, I posted an amazing YouTube video of Eddie Chumney discussing Bible prophecy and current events.  It really is a ‘Must See!’  It is very detailed and incorporates a TON of Scripture. In the post, I mentioned that my … Continue reading

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End Times Prophecy Explained! MUST SEE!

AMAZING teaching fully explaining End Times prophecy and connecting current events.. My only quibble is that I think there is a better explanation for the crown and the white horse which I’ll post tonight.

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Feminism, Witchcraft and Monogamy

Just published: a critically important essay by James Wesley Stivers on  Christendom (and the Messianic) is and has been asleep at the wheel on several critical issues that have brought cultural destruction because we refuse to hear the Word … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Sh’mini (Leviticus 9:1-11:47)

What can we learn concerning approach and the degrees of respect and reverence due in God’s authority structure from Nadav and Avihu? How does our cleanliness relate to approach and protocol? When we approach properly, what does the glory look … Continue reading

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The warning bells get louder!! Prepare!

Yesterday, I stated that the world has already changed and will not return to ‘normal.’  Further, I warned that we need to prepare; spiritually, mentally, and physically.  Here is a  very serious video from a credible source. Pandora’s box has … Continue reading

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Is something worse than COVID-19 coming down the pike?

Normalcy bias will prevent most from even entertaining the following thoughts, but I remain compelled to write and  share a few thoughts about current events and possible eschatology scenarios… A week or so ago, I wrote a longish post of … Continue reading

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Easy Matzah Toffee! (Recipe)

  One of my sons was bored and craving something sweet so he asked if he could pull out an old post and make the Matzah Toffee recipe! But, of course! So, here are a few progress pics..  

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What do the prophets prophesy MORE than the Messiah? (95% of the Church doesn’t know…)

Today is First Fruits and indeed, this is a special day.  But the prophets repeatedly point to a  more important event that is enabled by the raising of Yeshua. Do you know what it is?  Can you trace its significance … Continue reading

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A view from IN Jerusalem during Passover (Video)

We were supposed to be in Jerusalem for Passover.  This would have been our third consecutive Passover in the Land and our first  in the City of Elohim on Passover night, but it was the will of Elohim that we … Continue reading

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Coronavirus, Biblical Prophecy and a possible timeline… (Apocalypse now?)

Following are the ‘Cliffs Notes’ and link to a recorded prayer call on which Eddie Chumney shares some insightful thoughts a Scripture related to the current global Coronavirus pandemic and its possible relationship to prophecy.  Truly, we are in  very … Continue reading

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Orthodox Jews and the Corona Passover

Originally posted on Orna Grinman | Ot OoMofet Ministries | A Sign and Example:
Passover started tonight. Since most Israeli Jews celebrate it with their loved ones, our government decided to block passage on all roads throughout the country, as of last…

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Torah Portion: Tzav (Leviticus 6:8 – 8:36)

What does this portion have to do with headship and patriarchy?  What can we learn and understand from the examples seen as the priests are consecrated?  What role does a woman have teaching? Read or download this week’s portion from … Continue reading

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