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Three New Book Reviews… Challenging Paradigms

The recent quarantine has allowed me to read through several books that have been waiting on a valuable asset… namely, time! To the chagrin of many of some of my regular readers, I continue to read and research how Christianity … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Vayikra (Lev. 1:1-6:7)

This week’s Torah commentary is up with another focus on headship and the role of the man as priest in his home.  One aspect again discussed is the importance of a woman being under the protective covering of a man. … Continue reading

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Prepping for Pesach

Due to Coronavirus challenges, you may want to plan a little farther ahead for Pesach/Passover. A couple really quick ideas to make it special: Order some Israeli wine from Skyview Wines in NY!!  If you can’t be ‘in the Land,’ … Continue reading

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Coronavirus and Passover… Connected!

Over the course of the last week, as I have read many articles related to Coronavirus and the related events around the world, I have begun to have a couple big questions form in my head. The timing and the … Continue reading

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National Coronavirus lockdown? What to do…

Rumors abound regarding a possible national lockdown coming…  Certainly, many states have already shuttered all non-essential businesses and activities in order to increase social distancing.  While I do believe that may be necessary at this juncture to slow the spread … Continue reading

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How many ways does ‘monogamy-ONLY’ break Torah?

I’ve been asked a few times why I’m so serious about understanding what the Torah and Scripture as a whole really say about patriarchy, headship, marriage and family structure. Initially, it was hard to exactly explain what I was seeing … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Vayak’hel/Pekudei (Ex. 35:1-40:38)

This week’s Torah Portion is available for download.  While there is a limited amount dealing with our area of focus, headship and patriarchy, we do find a considerable validation of God’s blessing and His design for how His people are … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Ki Tisa (Exodus 30:11-34:35)

With headship comes responsibility. This week we witness both failure and success by heads of household.  Most interesting is considering Moses in the role of Messiah and how he is an example for men as the head of their homes. … Continue reading

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Blinded by the Enlightenment

Romans 1:22 Professing to be wise, they became fools… I am amazed everyday by the number of people who claim to believe Scripture, but reject the very truths contained therein. Really.  It completely boggles the mind. Numerous dear friends who embrace … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Tetzaveh (Exo. 27:20-30:10)

What  is the role of the high priest and how is the husband to image that?  Why isn’t Dinah’s name on one of the onyx stones? What can we learn about obedience to Yah’s ways, even when we do  not … Continue reading

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