Ten Part in the King now available as ebook!

After a few minor changes and a transition period, I am excited to announce that Ten Parts in the King is now available on Amazon.com.  MOST exciting is that now international customers have access through the  ebook!!

The Kindle Edition, free to Kindle Unlimited participants or $3.49 otherwise, makes the book available without the high cost of shipping overseas.   I have had multiple requests from various parts of the globe and am very glad that this terrific volume can be in their hands for reference and loaning.

I expect that the paperback version will be available in the next several days.  Watch for that announcement.  For readers that have already enjoyed this work, please drop by Amazon.com and review the book for other shoppers.  Also, please pass the word and recommend it to your friends!!

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Pesach 2019 in Jerusalem. Just $825 for 13 days!


Hey guys!!  Ani Yosef has just posted some details for the Pesach 2019 trip.  $825 per person for 13 days. Includes lodging and two meals per day…

Get the details here!

‘Next year in Jerusalem!’

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We are getting ready for Passover. Are you?

Is it too early to make Pesach plans?  Not if you want to be in Jerusalem for the feast….

Consider joining Ani Yosef in Jerusalem for 13 days, just $825.  Cost includes lodging and two meals per day.  The first four days will be spent serving our brother, followed by Passover and lots of time to tour in and around Jerusalem!  Come on!  we would love to have you join this international team that hails from five continents!

Explore AniYosef.com for pics and details!

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Redeeming the time! Two excellent ways!

Like many of you, I spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of my car.  My commute to my office is quite short, but my job often has me on the road for three to five hours per work day.  The first few months I spent the time listening to music and YouTube videos, but I slowly became convicted of the amount of time I was wasting.  Then, three or four months ago I discovered that YouVersion Bible app has a play/listening mode for Scripture. Continue reading

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Does God ‘regulate’ sin?


verb   reg·​u·​late | \ˈre-gyə-ˌlāt also ˈrā-\regulated; regulating

Definition of regulate 

transitive verb

1   a : to govern or direct according to rule

    b  (1) : to bring under the control of law or constituted authority

        (2) : to make regulations for or concerning:  regulate the industries of a country

2 : to bring order, method, or uniformity to:  regulate one’s habits

3 : to fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of:  regulate the pressure of a tire

Growing up in a small Southern town situated in the Bible belt, there were more than a couple denominations with sins that I couldn’t find in the Bible.

One denomination said that drinking alcohol was a sin Continue reading

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I stole this for Shabbat!

I miss Israel!  Particularly Shabbats!  Nothing, and I mean nothing beats silent streets, shops closed and watching sunsets in the most peaceful place on earth, even the Presence of Abba.

A bit ago Christy Ellis, MeWe friend, posted this video on her feed and I was immediately homesick.  Besides the incredibleness of what Chief Joseph River Wind just witnessed, notice the peace at 3pm as Jerusalem shuts down.  Notice the shops closed.  Notice the very light foot traffic, and that hurried, as everyone is headed home for Shabbat!


So, yes, I totally stole the video, but just HAD to share!  Can’t wait to be back in the Land for Pesach!  Come with us!

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Hating my brother…

Lately, I have found a new use for YouVersion.  Call me slow, but it only took me about two months to figure out that they have added an audio icon allowing the Scriptures to be heard instead of (or simultaneously while) read.  The benefit for me is that I spend hours on the road each week with my job and I can much more easily redeem the time.

About ten days ago I started listening to Jeremiah and just let it run.  I turn it on as soon as I get on the road and pause it at each work stop.  The result is that by Friday afternoon, I found myself in 1 John, having listened to nearly half of the Bible.  I can’t wait to finish and start over at Genesis.

While my mind may be wandering through many thoughts as I drive, I know Truth is going in and, at the very least, it is being absorbed by my subconscious.  And, this opens a whole ‘nother discussion about the very real physical changes, even at the DNA level (scientifically proven, cue Tzefania Pappas’ presentation at the 3rd Bney Yosef Congress), that occur in the brain based on what we are putting in.  Kelly, my wife, would offer a supporting opinion based on Switch ON Your Brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf.  But, I digress.

So, early Friday afternoon I wrapped up my week’s drive while listening to Ephesians through 2 Peter, then interestingly, our Shabbat gathering Continue reading

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Jordan! Sleeping Beauty?

A couple months ago I wrote a quick post about a cool story unfolding on ornagrinman.com.  The connections to a prayer journey I had participated in at Pesach this past spring were a bit uncanny.  But, her latest post just shifted into overdrive the connections and the Hand of the Father.

I helped lead the first Ani Yosef team to Israel during the Sukkot season to pick up trash.  It was a dream that I have had going back to Shavuot 2015. Well, as Abba would have it, I stumbled onto Orna online and felt led to invite her to come speak to our team.

She talked of her faith journey and where the Father is leading her today in ministry directly to and with Palestinians.  She also shared some things the father has been teaching her, including this amazing trip zigzagging up the Jordan Valley with time spent on both sides of the River.

Her recent episode in the series, Sleeping Beauty, just knocked my socks off!  After coming back from picking up trash in the Land and serving Judah, here she is describing the urge to pick up trash in Jordan.  The whole trip is a story of loving the gerim!

This is nothing short of Yosef serving Judah and Judah serving Yosef.  Humility! Love! Service! Redemption!

This is the way of Geulah!

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Faces of Ani Yosef… ( Big Gallery )

I want to share a fun post from Ani Yosef that has tons of pics from the recent Sukkot trip. The focus in the post is faces and the variety within Yosef, scattered across the planet.

May Abba gather and restore us!

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Solomon and the baby… today!

IMG-20161015-WA0003I woke with a jolt, realizing that I did not know where I was. The sheets and pillow felt different in the darkened room.  The sounds were all wrong. I lay motionless, frozen, waiting for the fog to lift from my mind as my eyes glanced around the room in an attempt to orient myself.

At the same time, strangely, the story of Solomon, the two harlots and the baby was playing in the corners of my awareness. Slowly, I began to recall my surroundings.  Kelly and I had fallen into bed exhausted the night before from hours of travel and late arrival at Tzemach’s guest house in Giv’at Ye’arim, Israel.  It was Shabbat morning and we were again in the Land of the Patriarchs!

But, why Solomon? I pondered before slowly getting out of bed to stand on the outer porch with a cup of hot tea to listen to the birds as the sun climbed higher in the sky.  I had been considering the whole division of the baby a week earlier, but it seemed an odd thing to wake thinking about.  I pushed it to the back of my mind with the excitement of the day. Continue reading

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Breaking Israel News writes about Ani Yosef.

Breaking Israel News has just posted an article from an interview Eliana Rudee conducted with us last week.

Check it out at: https://www.breakingisraelnews.com/114576/torah-awakening-bnei-efraim-returning/

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Simchat Torah!

Joy in the Torah, Yemenite Jewish style…

Lots of pics and video at Ani Yosef.


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Dates for Ani Yosef trips in 2019 announced…

‘Next year in Jerusalem!’

Ever said that? Well, here us your chance

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Lazy day in Ein Kerem

The Ani Yosef trip has been incredibly blessed by the Father and has gone very well. It has been loads of work which our small leadership team has shared and handled very well. The constant work, though, has left little personal time and the team finally kicked Kelly and me out for the day.

We have been in this community the last couple times we came to Israel

and have driven through the charming little town of Ein Kerem, but we’ve never stopped to explore.

Today, was that day.

We’ve strolled a number of flower drenched alleys stopping admire

Continue reading

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Shabbat Shalom from Israel

Just posted an update at aniyosef.com. Incredible day, but winding down for Shabbat… We want to wish you a blessed and peaceful Shabbat from Israel!

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