Ani Yosef publishes 2020 trip dates

Curious what the Ani Yosef dates for the 2020 Pesach and Sukkot service project trips are? How about the reduced cost option? Desire to be in Jerusalem for one or both of these important feasts next year? Great!!

Go here!

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Restoring kol Israel: The ‘lost’ first post…

I’m sitting here staring at my screen.  Writing feels a bit like blood letting. Yet, my brain is totally full and I have no idea where to begin, which string to pull first so the dam will beak.

For weeks, months even, I have been pondering the many facets of the restoration of kol Israel. One might call it a minor obsession because it is where my thoughts go when nothing else pressing is at the forefront.  Among those thoughts, I have been juggling the hot potatoes that few have the courage to touch, subjects that draw extreme ire and irrational unbiblical pushback. Post titles float across my mind, titles like Feminism and the Destruction of Western Culture, or Patriarchy, God’s Solution that Everybody Hates, or Where have all the Men Gone and Why don’t they Care?

Most whom I have conversations with concerning the restoration of Israel, the return of the whole House of Israel and what it will look like, have a lilting dreamy character to their voice until they understand that to be successful, we must divorce ourselves from Western Greek influences.  It is one thing for most to erase Christmas or Easter and the many unbiblical elements absorbed from the nations, but it is another matter entirely to realize that future Israel will Continue reading

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The Global Fertility Crash

Two or three evenings ago, my eldest son read some information to me regarding the growing global fertility crisis. He is working on his Masters level degree as a Nurse Practitioner and is immersed in all things health related, so his interest being peaked by a report on fertility rates crashing was no surprise.

We had an excellent discussion about the relationship between the fertility rate and the rate at which women embrace the God-ordained role of bearing children and caring for the home instead of pursuing education and careers. I further explained that reversing this and walking according to Scripture in the whole area of patriarchy, family structure and marriage is imperative for the restoration of kol Israel. (Did I mention this blog has a whole series on the subject?)

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Torah Portion Series, 03 Lech Lecha

Our Torah Portion Series focusing on the specific topics of headship, patriarchy and family structure continues with Lech Lecha, Genesis 12:1-17-27.

A special ‘thank you’ to Jeremy and Robin for their insight, edits and input.

Lech Lecha.doc Lech Lecha.odt Lech Lecha.pdf

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Samuel Adams is kosher?

Well, color me surprised. We had wonderfully delicious fajitas for dinner and I succumbed to my craving for a beer. My eldest had one as well and commented, ‘Hey dad, these things are kosher!’

Well, I do know there are a couple brands that are unclean due to added flavorings, but had never noticed a kosher symbol on a beer before. This was a welcomed surprise.

Kudos to Sam Adams. I guess now I have to do a little ‘market research.’ 😉

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Torah Portion Series, 02. Noach

Our Torah Portion Series focusing on the specific topics of headship, patriarchy and family structure continues with Noach, Genesis 6:9-11:32

Noach.doc Noach.odt Noach.pdf

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Restoring Kol Israel: Patriarchy to Thrive Societally!!

Over the last several months, we have been unfolding this series on headship and patriarchy from a Biblical perspective. The Bible is clear concerning the structure of family and marriage, but we are sure the average reader has harbored the ‘why does God do it this way?’ question. And, we could simply say, ‘Because He can…’ but for many, that would be too simplistic or even entirely unsatisfactory.

Susan B. Anthony, unwitting instigator in the destruction of America.

Personally, I accept Scripture as truth. Period. End of story. But, as with many other areas where the wisdom of Elohim proves true, what if there are very solid sociological reasons why headship and patriarchy are the best route to go?

Today, I read an amazing article that exactly explains the ‘why?’

How Getting Marriage ‘Wrong’ Destroyed Every Great Civilization in World History

The article is long with a pile of research, but it is well worth your time to read and process if you want to understand the major underlying reason why civilizations fail. And, more significantly, why God mandates patriarchy.

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A cup of coffee in Madrid

Five years ago, traveling to Israel was on my bucket list. A dream for ‘maybe one day.’ Sure, the Torah says, ‘All your males shall appear before Me three times a year…’ but, that seemed utterly impossible.

This morning, we are sitting in Madrid waiting for our flight home to Charlotte, NC, and I knew exactly where I wanted to have a cup of coffee. This is the end of our sixth feast in Israel in the last four years and our sixth or seventh trip through this airport. Abba has provided and blessed as we have reached to be obedient to this command.

I look forward in the coming days to sharing some of the things we learned and experienced during Yom HaKippurim and Sukkot with, but would much prefer if you were sitting here with us… or, serving with us in THE City.

It breaks my heart that so many are content to celebrate at home instead of begging the Father to bring them up, even once per year.. (I wonder how HE feels.) Yes, cost is an issue, but He owns the hills that the 1000 cattle reside on… Commit. Sellout. You can spend 14 days in Israel at Pesach or Sukkot for LESS than $900. Meals and lodging included! (And, a couple of us are working to cut that price in HALF, if you are willing to camp. Tent provided!)

If you desire to be there and are willing to commit to total obedience, tune in to and send a contact request for more information.

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Torah Portion Series, 01. Breisheet

This week we begin posting a series of Torah Portion studies focusing on what the Torah has to say regarding headship and partriarchy. If Israel is to be restored, and the tribes are to return, and if the Messiah is to uphold Torah, then we need to wrestle with what that will look like structurally. Does the Torah define what a family looks like? Does it give us clear instruction on the authority structure? Do we know the roles and responsibilities of man and woman? What does a clan or tribe look like? How does it function?

Most readers here were reared in a Christian environment and may have a sense of truth, but do we really know the root in Torah and have we seen it walked out in righteousness? Have we been infected with Greco-Roman thinking in areas that we may not even know?

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On the Slopes of Hermon!!

Nothing happens by accident!!

Indeed, even a slight delay caused by a missing shopping buggy can lead to interesting or even Divine encounters.

Mt. Hermon immediately behind us.

Sunday evening as Kelly and I prepared to grocery shop for the incoming Ani Yosef team, I had to backtrack to get a cart. After walking down a level at the Rami Levy and heading for the garage to get five shekels I suddenly bumped into familiar faces! Mark and Michelle!

He is a graduate student in Israel and teaches some visiting groups in the area as a guest instructor. At our encounter he asked if I was interested in riding up to Majdal Shams, on the southern slope of Mount Hermon, to help teach a class about the two houses of Israel. Wow!! I was immediately intrigued.

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Condemning the just? Abomination?

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Our focus for the next Torah cycle…

Opportunities abound in each new journey through the Torah and now is the time to prayerfully ask Abba what He may have for you.

Free Torah Portion cards available through FFOZ.

As most readers know, we are just a couple Shabbats away from returning to the beginning and again taking up the annual journey through the Torah portions. Each year I seek what the Father would have me focus on as an overarching theme. In some years I have shared from those studies and in others it has been a more personal matter.

Well, this year, I will be paying special attention to elements of headship, patriarchy, marriage, roles of men and women as well as how this all plays out in community with a goal of understanding more about the restoration of kol Israel at the family and then clan levels. Blog co-author, Jeremy, and I have the ambitious goal of releasing a weekly blog post sharing some of what we are learning from each Torah portion.

We hope you will seek the Father and see what His focus would be for you, and if He leads you to join us on this journey, we ask you to participate in comment and discussion after each weekly post. Pray for us and walk with us in this critical journey.

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Prophecy blindness?

Kelly and I are back in the Land, aka Israel, for the next three glorious weeks. We are blessed to have the opportunity to lead the Ani Yosef Sukkot trip and to attend a couple small conferences concerning the restoration of Israel.

After a late start this morning due to little sleep while traveling we headed out for a several hour hike out of the moshav and through a part of the Hakedoshim Forest. The ‘Forest of the Holy Ones.’

We walked and talked. Stopped a couple places to pray and simply drink in the beauty.

As we talked, she mentioned, “I look forward to the day when everything is green again.”

I said, “It is green! Everywhere.”

“I’m not color-blind,” she immediately responded.

“I understand what you are saying, dear, but I already see it as green.” Then it hit me. I pondered and as we kept walking, I said, “I think often we are prophecy-blind like being color-blind. We don’t see things by faith as if they already are!”

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Shabbat Shalom from Israel!

Back in Israel and preparing for another awesome Ani Yosef trip and service project with amazing mishpocha from around the globe.

I posted a quick blurb and some pics at Hope you’ll follow and share those posts as we spend the next 21 days fellowshiping and connecting with our Jewish family.

Shabbat Shalom.

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Restoring Kol Israel: ‘Bene Israel’ and Headship

A week ago, in our post titled Restoring Kol Israel: No more male or female?, we made a huge statement that many may have glossed over. Because it is so monumental, we need to go back and parse it with implications spelled out. Here is the quote:

To be clear, Yah is delivering these commands through Moses to the men of the households and it’s the man’s responsibility to teach them and discern correct application for his women.

See post

As demonstrated earlier in the cited post, the Torah commands, over and over, as given by YHVH to Moshe, are specifically addressed to the men. While this understanding is not in conflict with most of Orthodox Judaism, it is a decided cut against the western egalitarianism and feminism that has overrun the church.

To review a couple things very quickly, our heart’s desire is to see kol Israel, all 12 (13) tribes restored. That cannot happen unless the most basic building block is restored. That building block is the man and, if he has one, his family. Call it what you will, manhood, masculinity, patriarchy, etc, the simple fact is that the structure of a nation cannot be assembled from broken or improperly functioning family building blocks. The basis of the entire structure that Yah designed and implemented is focused on the man leading his family. It began in Gan Eden with Adam and Chava.

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