A Social Media Platform for Torahkeepers?

Several months ago, I stumbled upon a social media platform designed and administered by a Torahkeeper, for Torahkeepers. TheTorahNetwork.com (TTN), the brainchild of Rhy Bezuidenhout, was in its infant stages when I first encountered it, so I signed up to see what it was all about.

At that point there may have been fewer than 300 participants, so the site was understandably a bit quiet. A few dedicated posters and the snowballing effect of word of mouth advertising has slowly grown the site to a healthy 2000+ members while Rhy has faithfully been tweaking and adjusting programming and site administration to foster a wonderfully open environment that encourages the free and respectful exchange of thoughts and information.

Similar to Faithlessbook in layout and feel, TTN has groups, a marketplace, ministries, forums, etc. Rhy also has a mobile app (in the Apple and Google Play Stores) so you don’t miss any of your friends and can connect on the go. Of special note are the state and regional groups that help mishpocha find each other in their local areas.

TTN is free, though there are several membership levels with a number of perks for a small monthly or annual membership which helps offset Rhy’s costs of equipment, bandwidth, and time inputs. Strongly consider investing in this vision for kol Israel.

If you haven’t been to thetoranetwork.com yet, isn’t it time? If you have, please connect with me. Also, be sure to spread the word!!


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Gold, Silver, and the restoration of kol Israel

Have you ever pondered what God considers to be money? Ever wondered what the medium of exchange will be in the millennial Kingdom?

The answer seems obvious and even easy, gold and silver!! But, why?

“Lawful Money” 1 oz. .999 fine Silver available at lawfulmoney.com

From Creation, gold has had intrinsic value. It is first mentioned in Genesis 2:11-12. Throughout Scripture it is a medium of exchange and store of wealth.

Silver, also used in the same manner, is the less valuable of the two because God created about 16x as much as gold in the earth.

Until 1964, the American dollar was backed by gold. And, until that time, the dollar was a very stable currency. Most other currencies in the world have at one time or another been based on gold and silver, and those various currencies almost invariably were devalued once decoupled from the hard asset or gold.

Inflation has been a constant companion of the dollar since we left the gold standard, but the specter of hyperinflation has begun to rear its head in the last few years in the wake of excessive printing of paper dollars.

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MUST read: Durable Trades, by Rory Groves

The very best book I have read in the last six months is not a theology or even Bible book. And, it is a must read for all who long for freedom, restoration of kol Israel, homestead, homeschool, rear children, have teens, etc… Basically, everyone who has any interest in this blog. ūüėČ

For more than two decades, I have taken an interest in the ups and downs of national and global economies. In the United States, we have been through some serious highs and lows while watching the value of the dollar continue to erode.

Personally, I have been through a couple different career fields with a modicum of success, but limited stability. For most of that time, I worked jobs that required me to be away from the home during the day and sometimes at night, always building some other man’s dream/kingdom, and not that of my house.

Rory Groves, author of Durable Trades, had a similar experience as a computer programmer with an ever changing field, project and company instability, as well as separation from family. His desires for family, personal business, and generational business cause him to really start pondering why the working world has changed so much in the last 150 years.

Without question, the world’s system of economics and family life are contrary to the way Yah designed man and family. Going off to work for someone else is hardly a picture of Adam in Gan Eden having dominion and being fruitful. Further, the world system best benefits Babylon and not kol Israel and the Kingdom!! (More later)

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Why observe Rosh Chodesh? What’s the purpose?

For a number of years we have observed Rosh Chodesh and sounded the shofar somewhat regularly, but I have often wondered, ‘Why?’

Certainly, because it is a statute in Israel, we sought to be obedient, but often fell short simply because we did not make it a priority! The Scriptures say,

3 Sound the ram’s horn at the New Moon,
    and when the moon is full, on the day of our festival;
4 this is a decree for Israel,
    an ordinance of the God of Jacob.
5 When God went out against Egypt,
    he established it as a statute for Joseph.

Psalm 81

(And, I suddenly realize that I have additional digging as this specifically names ‘Joseph’ in the Psalm that follows 80!! I need to dig into that possible connection, too! [The Hint…])

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Quitting our fellowship

About eleven years ago, I left the pulpit and we began our journey walking out Scripture as it is written. We were part of a small congregation for a couple years, then we began a home fellowship that met weekly and for special feasts. This was a significant and satisfying ‘upgrade’ from church life, but it still left something to be desired.

People would come and people would go. Division was easy… the Name, calendar, other minor doctrinal issues… And, the typical Shabbat ended with, ‘see you next week,’ not unlike church. Certainly, home fellowship was a good place to grow and study, but…

As I researched, studied, and wrote for Authority, Headship, and Family Structure, (According to Moses), I came to the now obvious realization that kol Israel is a patriarchal tribal FAMILY! Where I used to think of the Torah as a national Constitution, I now recognize that it is YHVH’s instruction on how we are to love Him and love the rest of the family (our neighbor).

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“I support normal marriage…”

Who gets to draw the lines? Who defines terms? What is the standard we measure by?

Here’s a good article and email on sister site, 113Restoration.com, asking and answering some of those questions:

“I support normal marriage…”

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Ashamed as I watch a whore being stripped…

This morning, a friend sent me a news article that filled me with shame and disgust! I am a combat veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division, the All American as they were referred to during and after World War II. Today, the name makes me ill. Let me explain.

Over the last couple years it has become increasingly obvious that this nation is ripe for judgment. In recent months, I’ve commented on the state of our government and the obvious message to the world when we have a leader with dementia, a ‘vice leader’ that is an empty headed giggle twit, and leading the House is a an 80+ year old Jezebel hellbent on destroying what little remains. Without question, the writing is on the wall and we are being systematically stripped into utter nakedness before the world.

The top brass of our military demonstrated themselves to be buffoons with the debacle some call the Afghan withdrawal. LTC Sheller has admirably called out the Commandant of the Marine Corps and, instead of admission of error and mismanagement, his superiors, threw him in the brig to silence him. Cowards always hide from truth and accountability.

Then, today, I received the coldest of slaps in the face. RedState.com broke an exclusive story detailing that as the last flights were leaving Kabul Airbase, Major General Christopher Donahue, Commander of the 82nd Airborne Division, kicked 50-100 refugees off of a C-17 so he could load a war souvenir captured from the Taliban. I almost threw up. He has blood on his hands as those refugees will surely be put to death if they have not already.

But, there is a more important lesson here for those with ears…

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A different ‘Torah’ reading cycle

I’d like to share a different annual reading cycle with you. We have been through the annual Torah cycle each of the last ten or so years. Each year has been rich and our focus has varied topically during those many cycles.

In the last several years, the Father has added a number of new families with younger children to our fellowship and they, too, have been through the cycle multiple times. But… we are finding that our children have some difficulty relating to the stories of Yeshua or making connections with the New Testament/Brit Chadashah.

So, this year, we determined to read and discuss through the Gospels and the Apostolic writings with the particular intent of familiarizing our children with the ‘New Testament’ while connecting it as often as possible with the things we know from the Torah. Our thought, as a fellowship, is that maybe every three or four years we want to be intentional about working ‘backwards,’ from NT to Torah, as we ensure our children, and ourselves, have and maintain a good balanced understanding and application of all of Scripture.

Here is a link to what we have put together for our reading cycle this coming year. I can provide this same information as an excel spreadsheet to any who want it or desire to modify it. This platform doesn’t like to save .xls, hence the pdf.

NT Annual Reading Cycle

A note concerning layout… We have tried to carefully assemble the Gospel accounts into chronological order. This makes for what may seem a tedious reading list, however, we believe this is worth the effort to align the various passages and accounts. We have provided a ‘condensed’ passage list in a second column for those who prefer to read the larger sections or at least see the larger flow. Hillel II dates for feasts are given for reference. Our fellowship actually observes a slightly different calendar (sighted moon).

My expectation is that families will read the regular Torah cycle in their homes through the course of the year, but our focus as a fellowship, and especially for our children, will be the Brit Chadashah/New Testament in our weekly gathering.

If you find this useful, by all means, use it! Certainly, we would appreciate your thoughts if you have aditional input as we seek to improve this n the coming year.


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Sharing our journey toward clan…

Our latest video is up with an interview of two men in our community who are visionaries and leaders in our move toward the restoration of kol Israel! Come along on the journey!!

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Only the Kingdom, NOTHING else matters!!

Ten days ago, I was hanging by a thread, between life and death. I had given the DNR instruction to my caretaker, my eldest son, and articulated my final instructions to him as my firstborn and the one who would over see my house. Blood oxygen hovered in the mid/low 80s and blood pressure was low. I had no fight left in me. We called for the elders, they anointed me with oil, prayed, and left me to the longest night, a night where I feared sleep due to my shallow breathing. I lay in the dark and came to a place of complete peace and reliance on my King. He could do what He will. I was ready.

Nearly a week prior, I had begun to feel ‘icky’ and was not tested for covid, but the symptoms were classic, and we treated it as such… C, D, Zinc, fluids, rest, etc. Each day feeling progressively worse, but trying to soldier on. Then pneumonia and the sudden collapse into a very dark place.

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Bible basics re: Divorc√©es, Widows, and Orphans

Our latest video digs into the Scriptural basics of divorce, widows, and orphans. What western postmodern Christianity teaches and believes is decidedly at odds with Scripture.

Dig in and see what Scripture says.

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Lunch in Indian Land

The last two days have again confirmed that we can’t put YHVH in a box!

About a year ago, I revealed that where I used to think people come to Torah through one of three doors -Shabbat, Feasts, Food – I was increasingly discovering people coming to Torah through a fourth door, the Patriarchy/Polygyny door. I’ve met men and women who had been confronted by the Ruach on either or both patriarchy and polygyny had wrestled on their own through Scripture and come to positive conclusions regarding not only those items, but then realize that the rest of Torah may still apply! This thought may make some people’s heads explode, but I have seen it happen over and over.

In the last two days, I have had two such conversations with very intelligent men who a couple years ago were challenged in their perspective of monogamy and/or family structure. In each case, separate from any external influence, they did their own deep dive into Scripture and found traditional church doctrines to be sorely lacking. They began making adjustments on their own in their own families and in both cases, because they asked questions of the religious overlords, they were basically shown the door at their churches.

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Is polygyny ever spoken of positively in Scripture?

A common accusation against polygyny is that there are no positive references is Scripture, but is that really true? Or, is it a radically false claim and an affront to the Living Elohim?

In a discussion group that I participate in, the question was asked, ‘how best to respond to the statement that “nothing good ever came from that”?’ And, I’ve heard that same assertion from multiple sources, some well versed in Scripture. I watched the discussion with some interest and several real gems popped out that I either had not seen, or found ways to phrase much more concisely! Consider the following cases:

Number 1.

11 All the people who were in the court (gate), and the elders, said, “We are witnesses. May the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home like Rachel and Leah, both of whom built the house of Israel; and may you achieve wealth (power) in Ephrathah and become famous (name be great) in Bethlehem. 

Ruth 4

Certainly, I have long believed that Ruth was taken on as an additional wife to an already successful man and his family, but this is immaterial to the point of this verse!

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Repentance and ‘informed consent’

The recent video series responding to David Wilber and JK McKee‘s wrong understanding of marriage and their false position of egalitarianism has prompted a number of great conversations through my blog and email. Interestingly, of those who have reached out, there are many, many people, some teachers and pastors, who understand and agree with the validity of patriarchy and even polygyny. In one such conversation, a contact stated the following in our extended discussion,

I swear I’m really not dogging on polygyny or patriarchy. I just also believe in informed consent.

~anonymous, quoted with permission

My response was,

Scripture, rightly taught, is informed consent.  The ‘fly in the ointment’, the emotional hangup we have as individuals and as a culture is directly connected with acceptance of and negotiation with the falsehoods of monogamy-only, feminism, and egalitarianism imported from Greco-Roman law.

Pete Rambo

While the author’s concern was a changing, or potentially changing/renegotiated, ‘playing field’ in an established marriage, which is a truly valid concern, it tipped off in me a far greater issue.

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Comparing Servant Leadership to Biblical Lordship

I’ve heard of servant leadership and have tried to practice it in my family. Somehow it didn’t work all that well. In the last couple of years I’ve been learning and implementing Biblical patriarchy in my family and “servant leadership” fell off my radar.

Then, this morning I came across a blog post titled “Servant Leadership Transforms Leadership into Subservience” and the topic popped back up onto my radar. What the author says makes sense based on my own personal experience.

This quote really had me metaphorically seeing the arrow hit the bull’s eye.

Thus, whereas a biblical ruler is charged with making people holier by reordering their lives, a servant leader is charged with making people happier by reordering his.

It’s Good to be a Man

Now, as it happens, a couple of Sabbaths ago, I taught on Kings Abijah and Asa of Judah in my congregation. The entire chapter of II Chronicles 15 records the prophetic encouragement given to Asa by the prophet Azariah son of Oded. Let’s break down this chapter and study its sections.

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