Rethinking Passover/Unleavened Timing

During Passover 2020, I had a lot of extra time to ponder and consider several seeming inconsistencies, or incongruous pieces of Scripture. I had long been troubled by several verses in the Gospels regarding Yeshua’s ‘Last Supper,’ and I wanted to sort them out. With an abundance of lockdown and quarantine time on my hands, I started reevaluating and reassembling pieces from Scripture.

One of the major points of thought, both in Judaism and in Christendom (Hebrew roots included) is the understanding, or tradition, that Passover occurs on the evening that begins the week of Unleavened Bread. But, if so, then Yeshua’s Passover was a day early… The result is pieces of Scripture that do not fit together. So, I had to reread all the relevant passages.

As I began to draw a conclusion that reframed my understanding of the Exodus, pieces fit together much better. Following are some charts, Scripture, and thoughts for your consideration.

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What is the basis of your moral standard?

If you ever find yourself thinking, ‘I have higher moral standards than Abraham and David’, then you have entered dangerous territory.

~ a friend

Everyone has a moral standard. Most of those standards are founded on nothing more than personal opinion or preferences. Even Messianic, Hebrew roots, and Christian morality is often based in something other than the Torah, God’s standard of righteousness.

But, will your standard be deemed ‘self righteous’ by the One who gave the Torah and established the only standard by which we will be judged?

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Six reasons why Polygyny is NOT a ‘minor’ issue

Without question, the facts of what Scripture says regarding marriage make most people in western post-modern, post-Christian culture squeamish. Most Christian and Messianic teachers avoid the subject like the plague because the very idea is so counter-culture that it is regarded as ‘third rail’ material. BUT, on occasion, someone will say, ‘I see it in Scripture, however, it is just a minor issue. Why even talk about it?’ So, I want to share six very important reasons why polygyny, aka Biblical Marriage, is not a ‘minor’ issue.

Before diving into the deep end, there may be a few readers who have never even considered the topic and are not prepared to discuss the ‘whys’ when they are not even sure if this is a viable Scriptural discussion. If so, I have both written quite a bit on the subject as well as assembled a sizeable list of books and free resources available on the topic. You may want to spend some time in that archive before proceeding into the deep end of the pool. 😉

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Homesick? Here’s a tonic…

Tonight, while relaxing and with some YouTube clips, I stumbled on a channel filled with lo.g relaxing walks in Israel! I fisrt found the following clip of yesterday’s snow in Jerusalem and I kept watching for hours of mesmerizing video through varius neighborhoods and cities…


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Dan. 9:27 “Peace Treaty” -3 1/2 years ago?

Very interesting video regarding current events and Daniel 9:27 by good friend Chris Güenther…

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Why the Adversary LOVES Monogamy…

We need to take a little stroll through history to identify the roots of the monogamy-only fallacy and, more importantly, why the enemy loves that fallacy!

Biblical Israel was not, nor has it ever been, a monogamy-only people or nation.  Further, Biblical Israel was not, nor has it ever been, a democracy or democratic republic.  The truth that is easily forgotten is that Biblical Israel, both past and future, is a  patriarchal theocracy.  And, patriarchy, by definition, places the central role of power and authority on individual men, heads of families and clans.  Biblical Israel is a tribal people, both past and future. (e.g., Ezekiel 47, 48; Revelation 7:4-8; 21:13, etc.)  

So, where did ‘monogamy-only’ come from and why?  Understanding this will help us understand why patriarchy and family are so central to the heart of God and why He is restoring His plan in the world today!

Absorb the following quotes and their implications from The Western Case for Monogamy Over Polygamy by John Witte, Jr.  

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The Voice of the Lord…

Early this week, a good friend of mine contacted me to ask if I would review and give some thoughts on a paper he was researching regarding the ‘voice’ of the Lord. I immediately jumped at the chance.

Over the last six or seven years on this blog, I have shared much that I have learned concerning the Angel of the Lord and the Memra de Yeya as evidences of the presence of Yeshua in the Torah. Other evidences have teased my mind, but I haven’t pursued for lack of time. Well, here is a terrific article that opens additional windows shedding light on the Messiah in the Torah!

The Voice of the Lord

I highly recommend this article and encourage reviewing the above linked topics!

Shabbat Shalom!

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Amazing resource, re: Memra de Yeya

On multiple occasions I have written about the Memra de Yeya and instances in the Targumim that are fascinating connections to the Messiah! Well, this evening I found an incredible resource worth downloading and saving with your most precious possessions!!

Don’t wait!! This is a copy and save item!!

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FREE to a good home….

From midnight tonight (1/14/2021) to midnight sunday (1/17/2021) PST, all of my books are free to download on Kindle!! If you want one or more, or if you have been meaning to share one, here is your chance!!

Click here for FREE Books.

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The Big Chart of Biblical History and Eschatology

Recently, I have been working on a big chart of Biblical History as a visual aid in understanding Scripture and how the pieces fit together. This is not complete, but I am posting for your thoughts and input as well as to get ideas for further expansion, etc.

Please review and give me your thoughts! Click here below for a four page PDF doc

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Two-House Theology and Unpleasant Truth

Cognitive dissonance is the strange discomfort of having two or more thought patterns that clash and cannot coexist. Messianic and Hebrew roots believers, and especially most Hebrew roots teachers, have a few blatant areas of cognitive dissonance that they try to ‘explain away’, however closer inspection reveals foundational cracks in their theology if the dissonance continues.

Common to the majority of Hebrew roots believers and teachers is an understanding from Scripture, usually called ‘Two-House Theology,’ that God in His wisdom divided Israel into two parts, the house of Israel and the house of Judah. Those two parts had/have differing paths to the common destiny of restoration of kol (all) Israel. Multiple books and many teachings have been done explaining this very clear sequence from Biblical history, secular history, and the unfulfilled prophecies. Ten Parts in the King is one such example.

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Ephraim is not a wise son…

The guilt of Ephraim is wrapped up; His sin is stored up. The pains of childbirth come on him; He is not a wise son, For it is not the time that he should delay at the opening of the womb.

Shall I ransom them from the power of Sheol? Shall I redeem them from death?
Death, where are your thorns? Sheol, where is your sting?

Compassion will be hidden from My sight.

Hosea 13:12-14


That which is, is what has already been, and that which will be has already been; and God seeks what has passed by.

Ecclesiastes 3:15

Why is the house of Israel not yet gathered? And, what happens next?

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A conversation with men, re: headship and women…

Among the great blessings in my life, as a result of pursuing and understanding God’s Creation Order, is a tight group of men that understand the Word and are willing to unflinchingly take a firm stand. These men are warriors who Elohim is using in their respective circles to bring hard truth to an upside down culture and Assembly.

We have a small text thread for discussion, prayer, mutual support, and general shenanigans of 30-60 year old boys.

I’d like to share the following discussion between a few of them from earlier today. There is much wisdom and great insight here that teaches me so much. I do have their permission as seen in the thread…

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The coming judgment of men and women, and why…

I read an excellent post this morning explaining, from Scripture, one major reason why – and how – men and women are punished in the coming judgment. Getting this part right is critical for the second exodus and beyond. Failing this invites the sword!

End Time Judgment of Men and Women: Isaiah 3-4

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In Genesis 30:17-18, Leah ascribes the blessing of a fifth son to God “because I gave my maid to my husband.” And she names her son, forever a tribe of Israel, Issachar, meaning ‘there is recompense.’ ‘Wages,’ from ‘sakar’ שְׂכָרִ֔ is the root of ‘Issachar’s’ name, יִשָּׂשכָֽר.

God doesn’t correct her, but gives her a sixth son!

Did God bless her because ‘I gave my maid to my husband?’ If so, then He approved of her action. There is precisely zero evidence anywhere in Scripture that Leah did wrong or that God in anyway disproved of her action. In fact, if it is God who opens and closes wombs, then we can safely understand that God closed Rachel’s womb precisely to create the situation wherein the nation of Israel has four mothers, Jcob’s four wives.

The point: It is time for Hebrew roots teachers and Torahkeepers to honestly evaluate the Scriptures and cease to denigrate God, the Patriarchs, and righteous men and women who choose a Biblically legitimate and righteous family structure other than monogamy.

I’ll close with a difficult statement.

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Suzerain-Vassal relationships in God’s Authority Structure

Last year, when writing the Torah Commentary series that became Authority, Headship, and Family Structure (According to Moses), I touched on suzerain-vassal relationships in Mishpatim, Exodus 21-24. Here’s the quote to set the stage for additional consideration.

A second concept central to understanding authority as it relates both with Messiah and in marriage and personal relationships is Suzerain-Vassal relationships. Numerous scholars from various backgrounds argue well that God’s relationship with Adam and later with Israel was a Suzerain-Vassal relationship whereby the Great King has complete authority over the vassal king. When intimacy and relationship are present, the language often used is ‘father’ and ‘son.’

Suzerainty covenants typically include a historical prologue, obligations, and forms of subordination, as well as blessings and curses for obedience or disobedience. All are clear elements visible not only in the Garden of Eden, but even more so in Exodus 20 and the book of Deuteronomy.

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