Why Christendom MUST rethink evangelizing Jews.

Have you ever wondered why God divided Israel?  By that I mean, what was His purpose?  And, what does that purpose have to do with the respective roles of Judah and Ephraim?  Further, how does this relate to evangelizing/missionizing?  All of these are interesting and progressively more serious questions that challenge some of our established (inherited) thought patterns.  So, let’s explore some recent ponderings I have had.  We may not answer all of the questions, but we can begin to wrestle with a new level of understanding.

mizpahAt the Second B’ney Yosef Congress, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson led the Shabbat midrash from the first Genesis portion, focusing on Adam and Chava in the second and third chapters.  We considered that at the completion of creation, it was ‘tov meod,’ ‘very good,’ yet, just a few verses later we see that God says, ‘it is not good that the man should be alone…’  Adam was complete within himself, perfect, however there was something more that God wanted to do to display His glory to and in Creation.  Thus, He reached into Adam and drew out a part of him that was then fashioned into Chava, the help-meet and partner.

The Creation Story is about dividing and bringing together.  We see in day one a separation and gathering of light from darkness.  Day two waters of earth and sky are separated and gathered.  Day three water and earth are separated and gathered.

Each of these separations and gatherings shows us something of the majesty of Creation and thus the majesty of the Creator.  If we had only light, we could not see the magnificent stars and Continue reading

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Come, let us go up!!

Recently, I shared a terrific series concerning the debate about making regular pilgrimages to Jerusalem for the feasts.  As previously shared, Bob Parham demonstrates with clarity that the eleven most common objections do not hold water when held to the light of Scripture.

As if that were not enough, the Barking Fox, who has reblogged and commented on the series, has written a fantastic wrap-up that is at once exciting and challenging.  I commend it to you as a must read and call you to prayerfully consider how this will alter your plans for the coming year!

Come, let us go up!!

The Jerusalem Debate – The End of the Matter

The Little Red Hen and her chicks enjoy the fruit of her labors. (©2014-2016 Ross-Sanger)

The Little Red Hen and her chicks

enjoy the fruit of her labors.

(©2014-2016 Ross-Sanger)

There is a children’s story about a Little Red Hen who worked diligently to feed her chicks and keep her house in order.  One day she found some grain, which she decided to plant.  She asked the other barnyard animals to help, but each of them refused for one reason or another.  The same thing happened each time she asked for help in tending the plants, harvesting the wheat, taking it to the mill to grind into flour, and bake the flour into bread.

At the end of this lengthy process, as the Little Red Hen pulled the fresh bread hot from the oven, all of the animals came running to help her eat it.  But before any of them could come near, she said, “Not one of you helped me plant the grain, nor tend it, nor harvest it; none of you helped me take it to the mill, and you did not help me bake it into bread.  Why should I share the bread with you now?  It is for my chicks and I, and we will eat it ourselves.”  Whereupon she shut the door, leaving her neighbors to watch longingly as her family enjoyed the fruit of her labors.

This story contains a moral for Hebrews who are debating whether the commandment to go up to Jerusalem for the Feasts of YHVH applies to them.  Quite simply, if we are to enjoy the benefits of a restored Temple of the Living God, and of the nation that will be restored around it, then we had best be doing all we can to help in the process now.

Continue reading…

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2017 B’ney Yosef North America Summit!! Registration is OPEN!

Hey guys, I am excited to announce that registration is open for the 2017 B’ney Yosef North America Summit.  Planned for February 12-14, 2017 in Mesa, Arizona at the Phoenix Marriott Mesa, this event will help to chart the course for the coming year as we see what the next steps are that the Father has for this continent.  We will have many good discussion, build bridges, and receive messages from several dynamic speakers, details being finalized.

bney-yosef-na-logo-2Last year’s Summit was an incredible time with the Ruach having awesome worship and dance as well as major steps toward bringing Ephraim in North America together to begin functioning as one people.  I expect this year that the Father will continue to give direction and leadership as we explore what He would have us do between now and the next B’ney Yosef Congress in early 2018.  EVERY fellowship and congregation needs representation!  YOU need to be there!

To read more and register, go here!  I really look forward to meeting many of you there!!

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The Seed of Joseph

He has done it again!!  In fact, actually, he has done it a couple times recently, but I missed them!!  What am I talking about?  Stu Lowndes has released another couple amazing videos.  As I have shared on here multiple times, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this guy’s work and how he pulls threads together.

Many thoughts and connections are a bit esoteric and require pondering to understand the significance and how the pieces fit together, but he demonstrates close ties between amazing verses that unfold deep mysteries in the Torah and Tanak.

Enjoy this one, but I highly recommend digging through his youtube channel to really feed your pinings for remez and sod connections.

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Helping the fire victims in Israel

As I am sure we are all aware, the recent fires in Israel have caused an incredible amount of loss, both in physical property and emotional loss.  By Yah’s grace, there was no loss of life and it does appear that what man meant for evil, god is using for good as He draws His people together.

I have received several requests for guidance on where to send funds.  Frankly, I do not want to promote a particular group or organization, but will share a couple trusted options.  Please choose one and offer some financial assistance as you are able.  And, more than anything, keep Israel in prayer.


Israel Fires Fund
c/o Mike Clayton/Joined to Hashem
PO Box 361
Franklin, North Carolina 28744
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The Shema WallWritten Vinyl in my office… (Pics)

A couple weeks ago, I shared the Shema wall vinyl that I had WallWritten.com make for me.  Well, since then, I am guessing they have sold a few, because at least one friend and reader sent me a pic of what is now in his home.  It is posted below.

I had an idea for a blank wall in my office at work that would incorporate the Hebrew text recently placed in large font on the wall of our living room.  Here is a pic of the final product followed by several other related pics.

Shema wall vinyl

24″ wide by about 15″ high, this vinyl on a visible wall at work will be sure to start a conversation of two. The neat part of the Shema is that like the text in the Torah, this includes the ‘jots’ of the two enlarged letters that, when put together, mean ‘witness.’ Marinate.

Continue reading

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MUST SEE Ari Abramowitz video!!

Following is a MUST SEE video by Rabbi Ari Abramowitz.

While we were in Jerusalem during Sukkot 5777, Ari posted an amazing video on his Facebook page from the Parade of Nations which we participated in.  I included it in a post from Jerusalem.

Well, a week or two later, Ari was back in the US on a speaking tour and offered an amazing presentation to El Shaddai Congregation in Seattle Washington.  I highly recommend taking the time to watch his whole talk.  Our Father is doing AMAZING tings in our day and the bridge is being built that will bring the sticks together!!  Please listen very carefully to what he is saying and what he is not saying….

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Shabbat Shalom from the Rambos…

Beautiful evening to enter into our King’s rest!!  Wish you guys were here…  May you enter into the rest He has promised as a sign of His everlasting covenant. 

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The missing ‘yod’ arrived…. (pics)

Hey, guys!  A couple days ago I told you about the Shema I ordered from WallWritten.com, and some sharper eyes than mine noticed that I overlooked a missing ‘yod.’  Well, it came yesterday and I have had time this evening to finish the lettering I was using for a border on the east side of our living room.  Following are a couple pics for your enjoyment.

The second two phrases are Psalm 137:5-6,

If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
May my right hand forget.

Continue reading

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The Jerusalem Debate: An excellent series on a challenging topic….

20161023_093414-1Having just returned from Jerusalem and celebrating my second feast in the Land, I can tell you that being there changes me.  You may also understand from numerous travel posts concerning our most recent trip, being in Israel at the pilgrim feasts has a profound effect on Judah to see us in the Land.

Oddly, there are a number of objections given for why some people do not go up for the feasts.  Following is an introduction to the subject written by Sue Wyatt with some forewords by the Barking Fox and then a series of short articles written by Bob Parham and hosted by Lamb’s Servant.

I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to think through and wrestle with this material.  You will be challenged and, I think, changed!   Buckle your seat belt….

The Jerusalem Debate – Introduction | The Lamb’s Servant


The Jerusalem Debate – Eleven Objections and Responses | The Lamb’s Servant

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Shema!! Here is something SPECIAL for you!! (Updated!)

Wall Written has corrected MY oversight and the missing yod has been found….  ;)  Updated pics below and on their website.  Available in various sizes and 0ver 45 colors!!

I am quite excited!!  I was going to wait to share this cool information, but the cat is out of the bag!

detail_4659_12771_-_detailWe have recently repainted our living room and I wanted a border high on the wall.  After playing with some ideas I came to the conclusion that it would be really cool if I could have several verses in the original Hebrew script….  But, the cost!

Well, the idea is still in development as it has continued through some additional twists, but the first part is finished as a wall vinyl…  and, you too can have one at a most reasonable price, in the color and size of your choice! First, look at this shot of how the Shema will look.  It even has the enlarged ayin and dalet.

It started with me reaching out to WallWritten.com and asking if they could do Hebrew Script.  Melissa replied that if I could send the text, Continue reading

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Spirit-filled Orthodox Jews? Paradigm-shifting.

My right knee is pretty sore.  I really should have stretched before starting to inline skate, but such is the way with a 49 year old that thinks he is 19 years old!  The bottom line is that I am thankful I have nothing more than a stretched (strained) ligament in my knee and though it is quite sore, I will recover.

I have learned that our Father is a bit more tender than the pavement in stretching us and 20161024_215220-2generally, He is quite patient if we will work with Him and allow Him to stretch us.  My family and I began this Hebraic/Messianic walk about five years ago and it has been a process of stretching and recovering from each successive step that our Father has led us through.

Each step has taken us out of this box or that box, shifting our paradigms and helping us to learn and grow and understand Him and His Word more.  Some steps have been HUGE.  The first six to eight months of this journey was like wrapping my mouth on a firehose.  My head almost exploded!  But, graciously, after each new step, Father gives us periods of time wherein we can recover and process and adjust to our new paradigm before He leads us farther forward.

The past five weeks or so have been one stretching paradigm-shifting event after another.  We had been in a somewhat relaxed/recovery phase before our recent trip to Israel, but He shook us up good on this trip and so stretched us that it has been much like those early days drinking from a fire hose.  I am still processing so much. Continue reading

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Davening in the rear galley of a 777

There are still so many stories bubbling up from our recent trip to Israel.  It was such an  incredible trip that I am still processing the many events.  Even our flight home was ‘off the chain…’

20161114_200619During our 21 days in the Land, we were blessed to have many close and personal encounters with Brother Judah.  It is what we had prayed for, but the Father’s answers far exceeded our expectations.  I prayed for more on the flight home knowing there would be many Orthodox on the plane.

With five of us traveling and the 777 having three seats across the center section, Kelly and I chose to sit in the center section and leave the boys in the three seats that were on the window side of the aisle.  I selected the aisle seat for a little more leg room and put Kelly in the center.  Initially a lady was trying to get situated in the seat to Kelly’s left.  I helped her put away luggage, etc…  Then, just before we pushed back from the concourse in Tel Aviv, an Orthodox gentleman in black hat and coat stepped up and through very broken English asked if Kelly and I could change places.  At first, I was confused by his sudden appearance, then, understanding that he was related to the woman and did not want to rub elbows with Kelly, I quickly made the switch.  I wanted to protect him.

Quietly, I thanked Abba for putting him next to me.

We settled in for a 12 hour flight and I Continue reading

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The beauty of a bridge…

The events of this past week on the US Presidential stage as well as in global economic and military arenas have been nothing short of amazing.  But, something far greater has begun taking shape and though it is invisible to all but a few, it will be more earth shaking than we can imagine.  Scripture paints a grim picture for the latter days, so in the Trump Presidency, at least for the near term, we appear to have been granted a narrow window of opportunity.  Time will tell just how large or small that window.

calatrava-1Quietly, another revolution is in the making, and it will soon shake the world.  Prophecy demands that it does.  I’m not talking, at least not directly, of the growing Hebrew roots movement as hundreds of thousands of Christians are being awakened by the Spirit to their roots and heritage of Torah, though that is certainly part of the equation, rather, I want to share a bit about what I have witnessed over the last month, culminating in an amazing letter I will share.

It is now about ten days since we returned from a three week period in Israel.  Most of my family along with dear friends and fellow B’ney Yosef North America executives, Tommy and Dorothy Wilson as well as Al and Char McCarn and their daughter, Katie, went to the Land with the prayerful hope that Abba would reveal Himself and what He is doing in our day.  We wanted to interact with Judah and experience in a small way the prophesied future of dry bones living and two sticks becoming one.  I did not think Abba could have spoken any more clearly or filled our cup in any greater way.  Just read the numerous posts from the last four weeks concerning experiences in the Land!!  Then, I received the following letter. Continue reading

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Behold! Geulah draws nigh!

Miriam was more than perplexed.  She was filled with awe and wonder and holy fear.  Who was she that she should be given the incredible favor to be visited by a brilliant messenger 20161015_165354_001and hear not only that the promises of the Most High were about to be fulfilled, but that she, a humble righteous one would actually get to participate!

She could share some of what she knew, but most had to be held closely to the vest and wait on the Lord to unfold in His time.  What wonder and excitement she must have felt.  Then, to gather with Elizabeth who had another piece of the puzzle, another part of the whole, and compare notes?  It brought a flood of tears of joy!!  Not only was she not crazy and not alone, but the sudden revelation that the Father was working in multiple ways, through multiple people and yet keeping hidden, for a time the plan that was being manifest.

What must that heady cocktail of emotion, Divine Presence and deep conviction have felt like?  How joyous to share with a few who knew and understood?  How challenging to stand, even move forward, in the face of the myriad doubters and question filled observers?

I woke this morning pondering Ezra, Nehemiah, Miriam (Mary), Joseph, Elizabeth, Moses and many others who ‘happened’ to live at a critical juncture in prophecy and were gifted not only with the eyes to see, but the opportunity to participate! Each had a journey Continue reading

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