Pondering the Calendar… Is Hillel wrong?!?

I avoid calendar discussion and debates like the plague. Seriously. I HATE them, so usually when the topic comes up, I bow out or ghost… Just. Not. Interested.

But, like a stone in my shoe, some things in the Hillel have bothered me to the point that I asked Abba to give me a heart for the calendar discussion and I asked Him to help me understand what HE wants. This has not been easy, but over the last few months I’ve been digging and increasingly finding peace with a few changes.

Besides general discontent with so much variance in the calendars, I was troubled by the fact that the calendar should be discernible from anywhere on the planet. If the heavens are telling the glory of Yah and pouring forth speech to all of creation, and the heavenly lights are to control signs, seasons, days, and years, then why so many differences? My first foray into the topic of calendars was expressing publicly that I had come to the place that I believe the aviv barley was overrated.

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Theological microaggressions…

Babylon Bee puts out some great satire. This golden culture mocking clip made me think of something else. First, the video short, be sure to stay till the end…

How has the cancel culture and microaggression mentality seeped into theological discussion? How many are so easily offended that we can’t discuss biblical topics like man, woman, family, marriage, etc without getting our shorts in a bunch?

Are we so fearful of being challenged that we ignore glaring topics because they are too ‘painful’ to discuss?


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New Infographic, Stations of a Woman

Several versions of a new infographic have been added to the Infographics page.

Here is one version to share and be familiar with… Lots of Biblical truth on one page…

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Jon Moody ‘gets it…’

But, he’s using a shovel instead of a trackhoe.

God uses a trackhoe!

One thing I look forward to on Shabbat morning is the weekly email from it’s good to be a man, a ministry/blog (?) by Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant. They are co-authors of a good book by the same name that I am currently reading and plan to review.

This morning’s email had an amazing quote that had me ready to stand and shout ‘HalleluYah!’, then I remembered that Foster and Tennant only recommend shovels and are terrified of trackhoes. Here’s their quote of Jon Moody, then an explanation.

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Infographics page added!

There is a new page in the Extras tab that has a small but growing number of infographics. These are shareable illustrations accurately collating scripture truths into pithy packages. Moat of these will be mirrored on a similar page on 113Restoration.com.

Here’s one of the first additions.

More coming!

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Is the Bible ‘hopelessly patriarchal?’

According to Michael Foster in It’s Good to be a Man (pg. 3), Mary Daly, a feminist scholar, once quipped, ‘the Bible is hopelessly patriarchal.’

In an effort to test this, I thought I’d lay out a little table for visual effect.. The following table has multiple categories and men and women are listed in their respective columns. To make the list, a person must be named in the category they are listed in.

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Do you avoid some topics?

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Update on My Aviv Barley Thoughts

Several weeks ago, I posted Is Aviv Barley Overrated? Predictably, it fostered some good discussion, both publicly and privately. This morning, I received a message from a dear brother in Israel with additional thoughts that even more firmly cement in my mind that the annual barley search is overrated.

Here are his thoughts as he shared them on thetorahnetwork.com without any comment or interjection:

If you want to determine the beginning of the year according to the ripeness of the barley, then you must first establish a firm understanding from the scripture and decide whether ONE omer/sheaf of barley is to be brought to the priest:

A) on behalf of all the people of Israel


B) individually by each farmer

Here are some pertinent scriptures:

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Warriors Needed in Epic Battle

EVERY man has, deep within himself, a desire to be a warrior, to accomplish great things, take epic journeys, and leave a mark on the world around him. Movies and music attest to this. From Westerns and epic fantasy trilogies to fighters and soldiers who, against all odds, face and defeat an imposing enemy. It is innate. Boys have this passion from the cradle, though most will have the fire smothered to a mere ember before their teen years.

Many men, even most, will feel the tug in the dark of night and medicate the need with video games or altering substances while a few will turn that inner drive into the pursuit of fame, business or money… things that turn to sand.

The truly rare man will find the path to the most epic journey of all time, but the trail, at least initially, will not look like what he was expecting.

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WHY?!? Why does a woman need to be covered?

Yesterday’s post about the place of a single woman in kol Israel sparked some spirited conversation in several places, but it was my early morning Telegram message this morning that made my brain explode!! Let me explain.

The Telegram was from Jeremy, sojourning brother and occasional author on this blog. It said,

My brain went into overdrive. “How?” We have discussed that and related passages ad nauseum. Surely we’ve not just gotten the meat off the bone, but also sucked out the marrow. “What did we miss?”

By way of background, we have really, really dug deeply into headship and patriarchy. We’ve covered the relationship of Messiah:Assembly = man:woman. A whole book that demonstrated that Paul’s teaching on man:woman relationships originates in Torah and IS God’s authority structure has come out of those and related discussions.

I quickly dialed the phone as my curiosity was piqued.

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What place does a single woman have in kol Israel? (Updated)

Well, here’s a topic sure to trigger a lot of people!

The answer is quite simple, but since our Greco-Roman ‘enlightened’ culture is so far removed from Scripture, I’ll try to pull a few threads together before giving a very pithy answer.

Last year, just before Passover, Jeremy and I were studying who the Assembly, or Congregation of Israel was/is. It led to an article with a number of solid conclusions that will trigger most people in Christianity and most of Reformed Judaism…

Simply, the Congregation is composed of the men of war, 20 and older. No women, no children.

ALL women and children who were to be represented in the Assembly had to be under the headship or authority of one of those men. NOT to be under the headship or authority of a man was to be in a place of shame and reproach. Scripture is clear in this matter. I cover it in detail in Shame, Reproach, and the Image of Marriage.

Lest you errantly think I’m a misogynistic cad, I explain in that article that women have value, but their role is decidedly different than that of the men. When women choose to walk outside of God’s authority structure, then they place themselves in a very tough spot.

Some may point to Yeshua and claim that He redeemed the value of single women as if treating women with kindness overturned God’s authority structure. I completely agree that women are to be valued and not mistreated, but I also point to Yeshua’s last act before His death: He placed His mother under the authority of John!

Exampled all the way through the Tanak and even more explicitly stated in the New Testament, a woman was to be under the authority of her father, then her husband. In some rare circumstances, the woman might fall under the authority of a son, brother, or uncle. Paul’s clear instruction is that the woman, unless a widow indeed and over 60, was to be married. This is another major paper that rocks Christendom’s egalitarian misinterpretation of Paul.

[Update: By way of clarification, the title reference and following reference to a ‘single woman’ should be understood as an ‘uncovered woman’. I.e., she is not under the authority of her father or male family member, or not under the authority of a husband.]

The conclusion is that there should be no single (uncovered) women in kol Israel. They are to be under the headship of a family member or a husband. Their value is fully realized when they submit to Yah’s authority structure and function as a helpmeet to the authority Yah has placed over them.

While this post may anger or trigger some, I submit that your problem is not with me. Your problem is with Yah and His Word. My strong recommendation is that you humble yourself and get before Him and honestly ask Him to teach you truth in this area and restore the parched places in your life.

I’m happy to discuss this either in the comments or through my email.


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Is Aviv Barley Overrated?

I don’t enjoy calendar debates or discussions, but the ‘crazy’ of the last couple years has forced me to ask some questions and search for some answers.

One such question is whether the annual hunt for aviv barley has gotten out of hand and for some, completely skews, their calendar advice.

Is there a commandment to search for aviv, or in any way set the calendar with it? I find none. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Maybe I missed it and someone can help me.

Let me share what I DO find and what my understanding is.

14¶Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years

Genesis 1:14

No mention of barley or aviv…

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Interview with Rhy Bezuidenhuot, re: TheTorahNetwork.com

I’ve really, really been looking forward to Gene Porter’s interview of TheTorahNetwork.com ‘s founder, Rhy (‘Ray’) Bezuidenhout! Well… here it is!


I thoroughly enjoyed hearing these two brothers discuss Rhy’s vision and labors toward connecting kol Israel and gathering the house of Jacob. Come along, listen, and then join the conversation at TTN. Meet/make new friends, connect with mishpocha all over the world, get a bigger vision for who we are as a family!

And, send me a ‘friend’ connection once you sign up!


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Two verses that expose the Lunar Sabbath (short)

Yesterday, while having a conversation with my brother, Rafael Trevino, he mentioned a little nugget in passing. I had to hit the ‘wait, what was that you just said’ button.

I’m not sure how our conversation touched on the Lunar Sabbath, but he related that in a debate with someone on the topic he had asked the Father for clarity and how to refute it and the Father said, ‘Count the omer!’

As soon as I heard Rafael say that I thought, “Brilliant!! But, of course, what else would the Father give?”

Recall that Lunar Sabbatarians reset their calendar with each new moon which always results in one odd week a month because the moon cycle is +/- 29.5 days, not evenly divisible by 7. Therefore, by definition, seven Sabbaths is always more than 49 days. ALWAYS! And, to exacerbate the discrepancy, there are always TWO new moons during the omer count leading to a minimum of three extra days added to the count.

Now, the two verses..

15 ‘You shall also count for yourselves from the day after the sabbath, from the day when you brought in the sheaf of the wave offering; there shall be seven complete sabbaths16 You shall count fifty days to the day after the seventh sabbath; then you shall present a new grain offering to the Lord.

Leviticus 23:15-16

Fifty days. Period.

So, to be clear, I’m not judging brothers who observe the Lunar Sabbath, but it appears that the omer count, as detailed in Scripture, exposes and collapses that position. Selah.


Next: Exposing the aviv barley hunt…

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The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus

Some signs are so blindingly obvious that they can’t be ignored. The sequence of eclipses over the US between 2017 and 2024 is one such sign.

14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;

Genesis 1:14

Do you see it? Or, better, them?

Alef, Tav, X marks the spot, Shalom comes to mind.

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