Addressing Lev. 18:18 and Fanciful Interpretations

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Interview (Prequel) on Gene Porter’s Podcast

This morning, I was excited to hear that Gene Porter posted a podcast we did recently. This is actually the first of a several part series!

I have thoroughly enjoyed several very long interactions with Gene as he has asked hard questions and been willing to dive deeply into what the Word actually says instead of relying on tradition. This podcast lays a solid foundation for understanding how YHVH structures His people, why He does so, and how that is related to the restoration of kol Israel!

Buckle up and enjoy. MUCH to process here!

The Prequel Podcast with Pete Rambo and Gene Porter

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The Christian and Messianic Cancel Culture

I heard the newly popular term ‘cancel culture’ and didn’t think it applied to me until recently, then I figured out that Christians and Messianics have been playing that game for millennia. It just had a different name.

Most Hebrew roots and Messianic believers have experienced some form of ‘cancel culture.’ My first experience was about ten years ago at the hands of friends and community. As an ordained pastor who worked in or was very close to four different congregations, I began to share the things Abba was showing me in Scripture. He revealed the Torah and His feasts as well as His Shabbats and His dietary instructions in a light entirely different than what I had been taught or was teaching in the Church. I was experiencing blessing and change in my life and I shared excitedly the things I was learning.

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Exposing the fallacy of ‘Monogamy is a Creation Ideal’

This week I found a terrific short paper by Tom Shipley that sticks a dagger in the ‘Monogamy is a Creation Ideal’ doctrine. While I, and many others, have demonstrated multiple errors and fallacies with the ‘Creation Ideal’ doctrine, few are so succinct as this salient quote from the above linked two page paper.

2) Secondly, but equally important, the moral and ethical validity of polygyny, multiple wives, is derived immediately and directly from the creation narrative in Genesis. In establishing patriarchy, the headship of the man, the moral and ethical validity of polygyny is thereby also established. Consider
what St. Augustine had to say about this:

For by a secret law of nature, things that stand chief love to be singular; but things that are subject are set under, not only one under one, but…even several under one…For neither has one slave…several masters, in the way that several slaves have one master. Thus we read not that any of the holy women served two or more living husbands; but we read that many females served one husband…for neither is it contrary to the nature of marriage. For several females can conceive from one man: but one female cannot from several men (such is the power of things principal) as many souls are rightly made subject to one God.” —from “A Selected Library of Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church,” Ed. by Philip Schaff, Vol. III, pg. 407-408

All hierarchical structures have this one vs. many characteristic. In a corporation, there is one CEO but many subordinates, and all of the sub-departments of the corporation have the same structure…

Creation = Patriarchy = Polygyny

Simply, by definition, patriarchy, a major theme of all of Scripture, demands the option of polygyny, a man having more than one wife. Scripture supports and satisfies this demand with regulatory laws and commands while giving zero condemnation of it or any practitioner thereof. ZERO! Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and a charlatan.


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‘Compromised Clergy’ who love not the truth!

Increasingly, I am finding men of steel who understand the seriousness of the battle in which we are engaged. Men who speak truth to power. Men who call into account those who claim to be shepherding the flock… Here are a couple such men and links to their material.

Tom Shipley, author of Man and Woman in Biblical Law, has a number of additional excellent pieces, one of which is titled The Compromised Clergy. Weighing in at a scant three pages, it is nuclear material for 99.9% of all Bible and Torah teachers exposing their love of position, title, and paycheck. Further, in the same few pages, he says,

For those of you who have not thought through all of the implications of biblical patriarchy, this paradigm of biblical truth has the power to topple the tyranny of modern Secular Humanism over Western civilization, with which Humanism most of contemporary Christianity is compromised. The strength and dominance of modern Secular Humanism in the West is derived, not from its own strength, but from the vitality of its subservient Christian component. And that is why there is so much Satanic resistance to this doctrine.

Tom Shipley in The Compromised Clergy
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Words and imported meaning… (video)

How often do we import non-Biblical meaning into the text when we use words that have cultural baggage or accepted external meaning? How might this alter our understanding of roles and relationships between men and women?

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Second interview on 2730 Years and Counting…

The journey continues with Gene Porter on 2730 Years and Counting… as we continue the discussion about what Scripture says about marriage. In this episode, I deal with common objections against polygyny as well as solid reasons why God allowed and, in cases, requires polygyny.

Buckle up for another dose of truth as historic false doctrines are exposed and demonstrated to be connected to Greco-Roman law and paganism.

Click the above image, or CLICK HERE.

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Some thoughts on modesty with Jeremy

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I need a new highlighter

With many thanks to Pastor Daniel Eshun and his excellent book, How Did Polygamy Become a Sin?, I need a new highlighter!

As my journey of research and discovery continues, I am finding more and more articulate voices crying from the wilderness pleading for any who claim the Bible as their guide for faith and practice to reevaluate the Western Greco-Roman influenced understanding of marriage. Daniel Eshun, lecturer and pastor in Ghana, Africa, is one such exceptionally articulate voice.

Eshun’s research of the topic of polygamy (technically, polygyny, a man with more than one woman) began because if his desire to understand the reasons why Western Christian missionaries to Africa demanded that polygynous men cast out all but their first wives in order to be baptized when Scripture praised multiple polygynous patriarchs.

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Interview with Boaz Yahoseph

Friend, Boaz Yahoseoh, has started an interesting series of interviews of men to discuss masculinity. He is asking each man the same set of questions with the goal of giving other men encouragement and insight.

Enjoy this and other interviews that are upcoming on Boaz’s YouTube channel.

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11 Biggest Lies Feminists Tell About Patriarchy

While I had a Eric Conn podcast featured yesterday, I have to share his latest excellent article!

11 Lies Feminists Tell About Patriarchy

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The Art of Culture War

Regular readers know that I quite enjoy the wisdom and pithy encouragement from Eric Conn’s Hard Men Podcast. He has literally dozens of excellent episodes that prod, encourage, teach, and generally annoy men into action! Well, here is another episode that will grate the last nerve of the feminized, woke, cancel culture teachers in our midst.

The Art of Culture War

While I disagree with parts of Eric’s understanding of Hebrews 13, a major point I take away from this episode is that we must find ways to band together as men and work around the weak, pacifying voices that use or even contract with the Babylonian culture we are surrounded with. Cowards pacify and make compacts with the enemy while warriors will engage in battle – taking no prisoners.

As with the men Yah has surrounded me with, I choose, daily, to go to war! As long as I am given breath, I will engage the enemy without and within, recognizing that our only hope of surviving the coming Tribulation is uncompromising adherence to the whole counsel of God’s Word and not negotiating the price. We, mankind, are being sifted and there are those, even in the “Messianic/Torah community,” who are willing to deal with the adversary and ignore clear Scripture because it is uncomfortable or ‘too hard.’

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

1 Cor. 16:13 (KJV)
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Creation Ideal… Fact or (theological) fiction?

Creation Ideal… is it Scriptural? If not, where did it come from? Why? Who? Questions answered in the following video…

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119 Ministries has LOST. THEIR. MIND!!

For some time, 119 Ministries, has been sliding toward compromising positions with their Downy soft approach to some tough Biblical stances. More than once, I have addressed them, both privately and publicly. This is the latter!

Like David Wilber, a contributor for 119 Ministries, the ministry has recently taken a public stance that Yeshua was in submission to the Church when He went to the stake/cross. Here is an image of a public comment recently made by 119Ministries on their facebook page demonstrating that they concur with Wilber (and JK McKee’s) absurd position on mutual submission.

My answer to Wilber, in the videos below, exactly apply to 119 Ministries’ error. In those videos, I even subtly referred to 119 because Wilber contributes to their research and production. Before the videos, though, an illustration demonstrating that Wilber, McKee, and 119 Ministries do not understand ‘submission’ or ‘servanthood.’

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Biblical Patriarchy! Excellent Presentation by Eric Conn

Here is a terrific ‘takedown’ of complimentarians, egalitarians, and feminist Marxists by Eric Conn’s recent Hard Man Podcast. HIGHLY recommended!!

What is Biblical Patriarchy?

Men, this is solid information in your quest to masculinity and Godliness.

Women, he demonstrates from Scripture and defends well your highest calling and greatest value.

Enjoy and share.

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The Real Feminist Agenda: Emasculation, Total Control

“Oh lord!… <eye roll> … Pete’s at is again… <sigh>… <scrolling to more pleasant topics….>”

I know what you think. Most of my audience left a long time ago because TikTok and American Idol don’t require you to think and generally do not impose on your social media induced brain fog… But, I’ll continue to speak to the warriors that see what is happening and are standing in the gap for kol Israel and all of humanity.

Feminism and those who promote or make excuses for it, are a blight upon the earth. Ultimately, they are the self-righteous destroyers of humanity that Elohim is coming to judge.

Here’s a great video demonstrating where this feminist train is heading. Men, you have only one choice if you wish to keep your ____s! ~ Start being the men you are called to be.

The progressive agenda of emasculation began long ago with ‘no fault divorce,’ not unlike one of the root causes of the collapse of the Roman Empire. Durant mentions this in his assessment of Rome’s downfall…

God has a specific authority structure, consistent all the way through Scripture. Regardless of how many Hebrew roots, Messianic, or Christian teachers chirp against it, God’s Word is STILL Truth!

Instead of getting on my soapbox and going on a rant, I challenge those who are paying attention to get louder. Judgment is coming and blood will be on our hands if we do not cry out!!

Fearlessness must be the mark of the truth we speak.

Share, speak out, etc.

If you think you can save yourself by cowering, you do not understand how YHVH works… Prime example, Jeremiah (See chapter 1, esp. 17-19)! He was preserved precisely because he spoke up in the face of persecution. He feared YHVH more than he feared men or what they could do to him.

Men, women, cease with this fear of what man thinks! What can he do? Laugh? Mock? worst case, ‘cancel’ figurative or literally? NONE of that compares to what YHVH can do to you!! Nor, does their ‘price’ compare to the great reward from our KING for taking a bold and righteous stand!

Watch ye, stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong.

1 Cor. 16:13 (KJV)

Just saw this… adding it as it’s related to the destruction of western civilization by the same feminized spirit…

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