At least the Catholics are honest…

When I first started studying Shabbat, I was a bit shocked at how brazen the Catholics were with claiming that the change to Sunday was their own invention. Here’s another, even better…

On, in an articulate post titled The Protestant’s Problem with Polyamory, author Douglas M. Beaumont not only clearly and succinctly states that the Bible does not condemn polygamy but actually seems to condone it. But, he goes further and declares that without tradition there is no defense against it. Hilarious!! Torah ‘teachers’ need to take note!

Read for yourself, then laugh at the white knights chasing their tails as they breathlessly try to prove that polygyny is a sin.

Whatever I command you, you shall be careful to do; you shall not add to nor take away from it.

Deu. 12:32

Even the Catholics know that the Protestant ‘traditional marriage’ position is indefensible from Scripture and is rooted in the ‘church fathers.’

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Femininity ~ we must go back….

That’s when I decided on the dress, the hallmark of the ‘50s housewife. I would wear one every single day and see if anything changed. It’d be my own private experiment. I honestly didn’t think much would come of it, but boy, was I wrong.

Here’s an amazing article and really cool experiment every married woman should consider… I’ll let the author speak for herself:

I Wore a Dress Every Single Day for a Month and it Changed My Life

Please comment below…

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Sukkot with us on the Zadokite Calendar

Sukkot is fast approaching and the elders of our fellowship have decided to open our Sukkot gathering to other like-minded families who wish to spend a week celebrating before the King with us.

Dates: According to the Zadokite calendar: 4 October through 13 October, 2022 (or any part thereof). The High Days are 5 and 12 October.

Location: A regional State Park in Western SC with access to water (exact location only available after registration)

Registration: FREE (You take care of Camping/Camper costs directly with the Park)

About us: We are a Torahkeeping fellowship that believes Yeshua is the Messiah. We do not get hung up on Name pronunciation. We are headship/patriarchal and understand/accept what Scripture says regarding marriage, though it is not our primary focus. We are happy to fellowship with and interact with brothers and sisters who may not agree with us on everything as long as discussion/debate is respectful and grounded in Scripture.

If you would like to join us, please fill out the following registration form for consideration. Space is limited:

We look forward to sharing a great Sukkot with you and meeting more families of like mind.

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Questions Christendom can’t (or won’t) answer re: marriage…

My position on marriage has been clearly stated and, I think, very well defended from Scripture, both Tanak and apostolic writings. Honestly, I think the position is bullet proof and unassailable, though I’d love to publicly debate/defend the position. The truth is that Christendom (including most Hebrew roots ‘Torah teachers’) run like scared rabbits when debate on the subject comes up.

Their great fear is facing hard questions like the following. They know the answers, but answering correctly destroys their position, so instead of truth, they prefer to be blustery nay-sayers who feign moral superiority like the pharisees of Matthew 15:1-14. They nullify the commandments of Yah for their traditions and lead many into a pit. They love their positions and titles more than they love truth!

Sad, really. But, I digress.

Following are a variety of questions they dare not answer followed by answers they know to be truth. Their silence indicates their guilt.

Does God regulate sin?

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Book Review: No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover

Men, do you struggle with seeking approval from others, repressing your feelings, making your woman your emotional center, being manipulative, having difficulty setting boundaries, and having intimacy issues with your woman? Do you find yourself blaming others for the mistakes you have made or hiding your perceived flaws and mistakes to maintain a “perfect image?” If you struggle with this, you may have a common, yet frequently missed, issue called Nice Guy Syndrome.”

Some signs and symptoms of Nice Guy Syndrome include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Being a giver to make people love and appreciate them. They will often define their self-worth by other people’s opinions of them.
  • Fix and caretake in a situation without being asked
  • Seek approval from others. This is a universal trait that by seeking the approval or doing things to avoid disapproval from individuals, particularly women.
  • Conflict avoidance behaviors.
  • Making their woman their emotional partner. These men will report that they are only happy if their woman is happy.

If you find yourself having any of these symptoms above, you might want to consider treatment by reading “No More Mr. Nice Guy” by Dr. Robert Glover. The above statements are thoughts and interesting views from the book.

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Have we misunderstood Ruth?

While having a Scripture discussion this past weekend with several men, Boaz and Ruth came up. Our topic, at the moment, was concerning concubines and the notoriously squishy definition of pilegesh (concubine) in Scripture. Someone noted that the word is never used in the Book of Ruth, but Boaz’s ‘maids’ (na’ara: H5291) do seem to fit the bill, even as ‘concubine’ is a definition for the word. Certainly, a wealthy, righteous, older man is highly unlikely to be single as Christendom likes to portray him.

Still, I offered that it is somewhat speculative to assume that Ruth was not an only wife. Harder evidence is necessary to be more insistent that Boaz had more than one wife.

My eldest, who was engrossed in the text, suddenly said, ‘Hey, wait a minute. Look at Ruth 4:16-17!!’

That’s when the conversation got really interesting!!

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Torah Response to Roe v. Wade

June 24, 2022 will go down in the history books as the date when Roe v. Wade was finally overturned. After nearly 50 years and over 60 million children murdered before they had the chance to breathe oxygen, states can now decide whether to outlaw abortion or make it more accessible. While this is a remarkable change, there still will be lives lost due to the heart of man not completely outlawing it nationwide. Torah and scripture speak to life in the womb as a separate being, which means that the baby (not fetus!) is a living individual.

For You formed by inward parts; You wove me in my mother’s womb.

Ps. 139:13

Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…

Jer. 1:5a

Now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, there may be many women who don’t know where to turn for their child or support for them. In some states, they do have the option to surrender their child while at the hospital. They could set up adoption for their child. They could even take responsibility for the child and raise it. However, what does Torah and scripture say in these matters? Does scripture provide any assistance for these individuals who are seeking help and alternatives? Could many (or even all?) of these 60 million deaths have been prevented had Torah observant/Christian individuals stepped up and advocated for biblical solutions to be enacted?

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The fruit of egalitarianism…

“Hath God said?”

The adversary’s number one tool is to sow doubt, then build on the fallout.

For several years, I have pointed to God’s authority structure as the model we must go back to. While I am not alone in this endeavor, my message has been consistent regarding the proper roles of man and woman both in marriage and before Yah.

I have warned of egalitarianism, something commonly taught in Christendom and parts of the Torahkeeping community, as a root problem that creates a slippery slope. For the last 70-80 years, modern culture has slowly slipped down that slope until the moral freefall of the last decade.

Questioning God’s authority structure leads to confused roles, feminized (emotion-based) justification, and ultimately the chaos of confused redefinition of everything. Indeed, ‘Hath God said?’

Today, the average person is either reluctant to, or incapable of defining what a woman is. We’ve fallen that far.

I used to think, ‘How could Sodom and Gomorrah fall so far?’ Now I know. We live there…

This morning I watched Matt Walsh’s What is a Woman?, a documentary that I was honestly afraid to see because I knew that it would boldly expose the evil in our midst in unvarnished truth. Honestly, it was much worse than I thought. Western civilization is officially on the crazy train and the ride is going to end horribly.

I strongly encourage you to take the time to watch and process. And, I ask you to gird for the battle that has been raging but will continue to grow in ferocity and fevered pitch. The books of 2 Peter and Jude come to mind…

I’ll not belabor the point, you’ll understand after watching, but you better buckle up!

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Metastsized rebellion?

Without question, the adversary’s intent is to undermine or overturn Yah’s order in Creation. It is the very reason hasatan approached Chava in Gan Eden. Invert the order by causing her to question what Adam had relayed to her as command, and the fall happened.

Today, even ‘Christian’ and ‘Torah’ teachers and preachers aid and abet the adversary by teaching a false marriage doctrine called ‘mutual submission’. They’ll use verses out of context or twisted to promote ‘egalitarianism’ or ‘complementarianism’ in order to undermine Yah’s righteous authority structure…

When those who are supposed to be Yah’s people teach and participate in rebellion, the cancer is metastasized.

Learn the truth about Yah’s authority structure and understand that restoration cannot happen without a correct Biblical authority structure in family and society. Restoration begins with the man and his family.

Recognize the cancer of rebellion will be removed! Either, repent of false doctrines and learn/walk in Yah’s ways, or suffer the consequences.

#toughlove #falseshepherds #Ezekiel34

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Theological microaggressions…

Babylon Bee puts out some great satire. This golden culture mocking clip made me think of something else. First, the video short, be sure to stay till the end…

How has the cancel culture and microaggression mentality seeped into theological discussion? How many are so easily offended that we can’t discuss biblical topics like man, woman, family, marriage, etc without getting our shorts in a bunch?

Are we so fearful of being challenged that we ignore glaring topics because they are too ‘painful’ to discuss?


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Pondering the Calendar… Is Hillel wrong?!?

I avoid calendar discussion and debates like the plague. Seriously. I HATE them, so usually when the topic comes up, I bow out or ghost… Just. Not. Interested.

But, like a stone in my shoe, some things in the Hillel have bothered me to the point that I asked Abba to give me a heart for the calendar discussion and I asked Him to help me understand what HE wants. This has not been easy, but over the last few months I’ve been digging and increasingly finding peace with a few changes.

Besides general discontent with so much variance in the calendars, I was troubled by the fact that the calendar should be discernible from anywhere on the planet. If the heavens are telling the glory of Yah and pouring forth speech to all of creation, and the heavenly lights are to control signs, seasons, days, and years, then why so many differences? My first foray into the topic of calendars was expressing publicly that I had come to the place that I believe the aviv barley was overrated.

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New Infographic, Stations of a Woman

Several versions of a new infographic have been added to the Infographics page.

Here is one version to share and be familiar with… Lots of Biblical truth on one page…

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John Moody ‘gets it…’

But, he’s using a shovel instead of a trackhoe.

God uses a trackhoe!

One thing I look forward to on Shabbat morning is the weekly email from it’s good to be a man, a ministry/blog (?) by Michael Foster and Bnonn Tennant. They are co-authors of a good book by the same name that I am currently reading and plan to review.

This morning’s email had an amazing quote that had me ready to stand and shout ‘HalleluYah!’, then I remembered that Foster and Tennant only recommend shovels and are terrified of trackhoes. Here’s their quote of John Moody, then an explanation.

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Infographics page added!

There is a new page in the Extras tab that has a small but growing number of infographics. These are shareable illustrations accurately collating scripture truths into pithy packages. Moat of these will be mirrored on a similar page on

Here’s one of the first additions.

More coming!

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Is the Bible ‘hopelessly patriarchal?’

According to Michael Foster in It’s Good to be a Man (pg. 3), Mary Daly, a feminist scholar, once quipped, ‘the Bible is hopelessly patriarchal.’

In an effort to test this, I thought I’d lay out a little table for visual effect.. The following table has multiple categories and men and women are listed in their respective columns. To make the list, a person must be named in the category they are listed in.

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