MUST SEE video, and – book in hand.

Sunday was the book launch in Jerusalem for Ten From the Nations. I really wanted to be there, but it simply was not possible.  Well, the whole thing was filmed and the video is gold!  You really must see this video to get a full flavor for what this book is about, meet a few contributors and most especially, hear from the compiler and editor, Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler.  You really MUST SEE this video!

But, there is more!! Continue reading

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Introducing: Ten Parts in the King Website

Ten Parts in the King now has a website!!  Al and I have set this up to keep you informed of our progress and to promote the book as we head into the final stages of publication.

Click the banner above to go to the website and sign up for updates.

When you visit the website you will find a good bit of information about the publication as well as what others are saying about the book.  A number of people from very varied backgrounds have had opportunity to read the manuscript and give feedback which has allowed us to improve the book immeasurably since we completed the rough draft in late July.  Now, as they are taking a final look while it is being edited, they are giving impressions and feedback that we can share with you.

Another feature of the website is a blog on the front page where we plan to post a weekly article, even after the book is published, delving deeper into topics that Ten Parts in the King only grazes.  These will be critical posts in the understanding of geo-political, economic, and theological influences of the division of kol Israel, our exile, and the prophesied restoration.  We will explore further Continue reading

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Surprised by tears….

Over the course of the last six months, Al McCarn and I have been co-authoring a book, Ten Parts in the King, that is about to be published.  We really had most of the book finished within two months of starting, but have sensed Abba guiding us toward refining the text and insuring the tone is right and compassionately humble.  Part of His guidance toward that end, He has led us to place the manuscript before a number of persons from a broad background, both Christian and Jewish, for input, review and feedback.

One such reviewer invited us to middle Tennessee last weekend for a Sunday morning interview to be edited into two segments for her international ministry’s online video program.  While details and links to this upcoming program will be released at the appropriate time, I tell you that to give the background for why we were there and something special the Father showed us.

Because we did not want to travel on Shabbat for the early Sunday interview, we reached out to friends, Eddie and Wendy, who graciously hosted us.  Friday evening and all of Shabbat were wonderfully full of deep and thoughtful discussion about myriad topics, though the subject matter of the book remained central.  Shabbat afternoon as we sat with them and another couple, Dean and Karen, under their back porch sukkah, our discussion again went to Ten Parts in the King and the details of the division between the House of Israel and the House of Judah.  Then, as we dug deeper than the scope of the book, we were surprised by tears. Continue reading

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It has shipped!!

Book launch is sunday in Jerusalem…  my copy should be here Monday!!!

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For as by one man’s sin….

What if Solomon had been obedient to Torah and walked humbly?  Would the kingdom have still been divided?  All Israel followed the king.  He led/caused the rebellion.

Now the word of the Lord came to Solomon saying, ” Concerning this house which you are building, if you will walk in My statutes and execute My ordinances and keep all My commandments by walking in them, then I will carry out My word with you which I spoke to David your father. I will dwell among the sons of Israel, and will not forsake My people Israel.”
1 Kings 6:11‭-‬13 NASB

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Ten From The Nations now on!!!

Dr. Rivkah Lambert Aster’s new book, Ten From The Nations,  is now available on!!!  I just ordered my copy from Amazon.

I’ve had the manuscript and will put together a full review in the next couple days, but want you to go ahead and help promote this unique book that explores the breadth and depth of the Torah Awakening.  Ten From The Nations will encourage and challenge every reader.  

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The Barking Fox’s Annual Torah and Bible Reading Plan

It is the time of year that we return to the beginning!!  The Torah cycle is renewed this coming Shabbat and I was asked if the Barking Fox, Al McCarn, had published his annual reading plan that includes the Torah Portions along with an ordered reading of the rest of Scripture.  And, YES!  Yes, he has.

Here is a link to his article for the plan and here is the download link for the plan so you can keep a copy in your Bible and follow along.


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Another dynamite interview with Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler

We are just days away from the release of Ten From the Nations, assembled and edited by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, and I am so excited!!  I have a pdf copy in hand and am reading and digesting the many testimonies of those from the nations who are at various points of the Torah Awakening.  It is a terrific, exciting, encouraging and, at times, challenging read.

Al McCarn and Mike Clayton, both published in the book, interviewed Rivkah and have an excellent exchange in the second hour of today’s Remnant Road episode.  Listen in.  You will enjoy!


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Great disappointment coming for rapture seekers

Many, many Christian television, YouTube channels and radio stations are breathlessly try to outdo each other in trumpeting the rapture implications of the ‘Great Sign’ we are about to see in the heavens.  I, too, have written about the Revelation 12:1-2 sign that will happen this weekend, though I clearly stated that it would not be what the masses want it to be.

Literally, a hundred or more prophesies demand that kol (all) Israel, i.e., both houses, be regathered to the Land.  There is some debate as to the time of this gathering relative to the coming of the Messiah, but certainly, there is no ‘catching away’ to some ethereal nether-region of saints.  That is good Christian fiction.

Anyone who wants to understand Yeshua’s words in Matthew 24:31 concerning the signs in the heavens and the angels sent to gather the elect MUST recognize that Yeshua cites Deuteronomy 30:4 with the direct reference (see the Hebrew) when he says, “…from one end of the sky to the other…”  The conditions for this gathering have not been met, yet!

YES!  The heavens are filled with signs, but the gathering will not happen until those who belong to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob recognize their rebellion against His Torah, the path/way of righteousness, perfectly exampled in Yeshua.  (If it was good enough for Yeshua and the Apostles, then 1800 years of lawless Christian dogma ought not sway us from the way of the King!)  But, maybe the signs are there to wake us up to the fullness of time!

As I have previously stated, I believe that this sign portents a HUGE, even MONUMENTAL, shift in the relationship between the House of Judah and the House of Israel.  Most do not have the eyes to see it… yet, but it will become evident in the very near future.  Just as the sign at the coming of the Messiah in 2 BCE was seen by a few shepherds and some sages from the East, but unnoticed for decades by everyone else, this may have an equally missed point until hindsight clarifies the earth shaking awakening that will accelerate in the coming year or two.

To understand what is happening in the world today, study the massive Torah awakening happening throughout Christendom and then read the prophets!!  Prophecy is unfolding before us and it ALL points to the restoration of Israel, the mission of Yeshua.  Acts 1:6-7!!


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Paradigm-shifting article by R. Nachman Kahana!!

Rabbi Nachman Kahana

A couple weeks ago, good friend and fellow journeyman, Hanoch Young alerted a number of us about a paradigm shifting thought written by Rabbi Nachman Kahana as part of his weekly Parasha commentary.  Immediately, I wrote Hanoch back and asked him to write an article exploring the implications of Nachman’s earth shaking postulations.  He graciously did so an posted it, yesterday.

Before reading Hanoch’s thoughts, take a few minutes to digest Rabbi Nachman’s commentary.

Hanoch’s article of comment, titled Who WILL Populate the Land of Israel in the Future?, is hosted on United2Restore‘s website.  I definitely recommend signing up over there for email updates and notifications.

Bottom-line, R. Nachman, highly respected Torah and Talmud scholar, breaks with millennia of Orthodox Jewish thought and make the bold assertion that the Ten Lost Tribes will not look Jewish upon their return and, without coming right out and saying iut, he implies that conversion to, or embracing of Judaism should not be a prerequisite for returning to the Land.

Truly monumental!!

We are in amazing days!  This is one more piece of evidence that the time of return draws very near!

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The mother lode of Messianic praise and worship….

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MUST HEAR interview by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler!!

frontaug-8Guys!!  I am so excited about Dr. Adler’s new book coming out that I can barely sleep!  Right now I am listening to a podcast with Gene Porter as they discuss the book, Dr. Adler’s background and this crazy Torah awakening!!  You have got to hear this!!…and-counting-34f045285/episode/RIVKAH-LAMBERT-ADLER-ISRAEL-0741

Further, not only is this exciting, but she has the next book in the hopper!!

Ten From the Nations is HUGE and you need to get ready to order your copy.  The release is a mere couple weeks away!  I just wish I could be in Jerusalem for the launch!!

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National Shabbat,  post worship dancing!!

All the fun music starting!!  Time to get a great, fun workout keeping up with the younguns.

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Exodus Road recording a 3rd album!!

Ryan just announced that Exodus Road is getting ready to record their third album titled Almost Time.  He is a clip of the title track….

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National Shabbat,  Exodus Road is in the House!!

Have had some Scripture declarations, now….   Getting ready to rock!!  Exodus Road just hit the stage with some new pieces!!

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