DE-stress before Distress. (Dealing with the times…)

Our dinner conversation a couple evenings ago was particularly tense and snippy. After a couple minutes of this I recognized the problem and called a ‘Time-Out!’

As a family, we are quite in tune with the events of our time and the freedoms that are being taken on a near daily basis. We have a son currently serving in the military, both my wife and I are veterans, our parents on both sides served, etc. Basically, the US Constitution is ingrained in us and we recognize the power grab that is happening. We are additionally steeped in Scripture and eschatology giving us an understanding of the times from a Biblical (especially, Revelation 13) perspective. So, understandably, tension can run high and spills over into STRESS!!

As soon as I recognized what was happening, I threw up the big ‘Time Out’ sign. It was time to expose the enemy!

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More on Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

There are more voices and pieces of information coming out regarding forced vaccinations and the probable connection with a mark that will limit or eliminate social (economic) interaction. (Mark of the Beast? Revelation 13:11-18) My article a couple days ago was a mere teaser!!

Here are a few more articles or videos telling the same story with additional details!

Getting ‘locked out of the economic system’ is a small and easy step from this point…

I gave a few very specific steps to take in my previous article, but add to that these two:

  • Disable ‘Automatic’ System updates in your phone, and
  • Start going without your phone. I.e., don’t take it with you everywhere you go…
    • Don’t take your phone to fellowship, on short errands, etc. Basically, anytime you can function without it, do so.
    • If/when you do carry your phone, leave it in the car as often as you can instead of carrying it in your pocket.

A friend said, “No mask, no service” can quickly morph into “No vaccine, no service”. Make your mind up to it. Know now how you will respond.

Non-compliance and non-participation is a good step, however, getting used to non-participation is also a major goal. Wisdom is to take intentional steps to not be sucked into or folded into the vortex of this threat. Prepare yourself now, as non-compliance may have serious consequences. Here is the perseverance of the saints…

A final note, I have written multiple articles recently touching on various aspects from prophecy, the white horse, and prophetic expectations. One specific article I highly recommend you take the time for: End Times Prophecy Explained! MUST See!


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Coronavirus and the Mark of the Beast

Brilliant, really… Use the fear of death to get people to give up freedoms and accept a ‘new normal’ control grid.

I’ve long been a student of eschatology and prophecy. And, the New World Order was something I was researching almost 30 years ago when President George H. W. Bush first used his ‘1000 points of light’ phrase on 9/11/1991, exactly ten years before the towers magically collapsed in their own footprint.

Indeed, George Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984, could not have been more prescient in its fictional account of a control grid, media altered history, and people turned into drones through fear. He was just a few decades too early in his prediction! But, I digress.

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Asterix v. Coronavirus

Asterix_CoronavirusI read the following here, and had to pursue for verification and more information:

Asterix and the Chariot Race (#37) was released in 2017. This book is jaw-dropping to read this year. Spoiler alert: I’m discussing the plot of the entire book in this post.

In this book, Asterix and Obelix are a team of charioteers, and are racing alongside many other teams from all over the known world, down the length of Italy. The race is however organised by the Roman Empire (of course), and the Roman champion is, I kid you not, named “Coronavirus”. His sidekick is “Bacillus”.

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Torah Portion: Bamidbar (Numbers 1:1-4:20)

What?? Tribes arranged by matriarch?  Indeed!!  This portion we see major strides taken as, a group of patriarchal families and clans, is fashioned into a patriarchal nation!!  Yet, the mothers are honored and incorporated obviously into the layout of the tribes around the Tabernacle.  Many other interesting pieces considered and one common pro-polygyny argument refuted!

Join us for a fun dig into parts of Scripture that most others skip…  Free downloadable Torah Portion on our Torah Portion Series page.

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How to Catch COVID-19!!

What are the best ways to catch COVID-19, the Coronavirus? mousetrap-with-hard-cheeseWith a possible second wave coming, I wanted to share the BEST ways to CATCH the virus!! Plenty of resources will be linked so you can confirm my information!

To CATCH Covid, here is what you need to do:

  • Wear a face mask! One f the best ways to weaken your immune system is to wear a face mask.  That way you can reduce the amount of oxygen in your system because it is harder to breath.  Also, bonus, if the mask catches a virus floating through the air, and you don’t breath it in on your first attempt, it will be held there for you to try to suck in a dozen more times…  Continue reading
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Torah Portion: Behar/ Bechukotai (Leviticus 25:1-27:34)

Redeeming the land and a relative as well as differing values for men and women…  This week’s Torah portion touches on several items relating to our focus for this series: Headship and patriarchy!

Read or download for free on our Torah Portion Series page.

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BEWARE the Agenda!!

Educate yourself!!  The current narrative has a hidden agenda to get under your skin for their profit and your loss of health. Here is a REAL microbiologist telling the truth!!

If the video ‘disappears,’ check because it likely will show up there…

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Are Food Shortages Coming?

empty shelvesMany laughed and shook their heads in amazement when store shelves were stripped of toilet paper near the beginning of the Coronavirus scare, but the next round of shortages may not be so funny.

Warning bells are sounding with increasing frequency that food shortages may be on the way due to business shutdowns, glitches in the processing or transportation of food, as well as the outright destruction of crops and herds for various reasons, real or imagined.  Many cattle farmers in the US are reportedly being ordered to reduce herd size because of processing plant shutdowns, while hog farmers in the Midwest were slaughtering and destroying more than 20,000 hogs per day due to the closure of just several mammoth processing plants.

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Coronavirus: The Silver Lining!!

Doom and gloom!!  Bad news all around!  Still, there is a HUGE silver lining!!

I’ve watched so many positives in the midst of this fear frenzy created by media and government entities alike that I often smile!  But, this morning, I enjoyed a belly laugh!!

Friend and fellow contributor on, Robin Hardman, shared a great video by Zach highlighting just one of the numerous positives I have noticed. Enjoy this and then check out a few more positives on my list below…

Additional things that I have watched that warm my heart…

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Just who do you serve?

robot armyAbout a year ago, while reading John Witte, Jr.’s The Western Case for Monogamy over Polygamy, I came across a quote that rocked my world!

Plato’s student Aristotle (384-321 BCE) viewed monogamous marriage as the foundation of the polis.

-Witte Jr., John, “The Western Case for Monogamy over Polygamy (Law and Christianity), Kindle version, p. 105

More than 600 years before Yeshua, Greek philosophers and jurisprudence began to intentionally limit marriage to monogamy-only (Numa’s Law) for the purpose of moving loyalty from the family to the State! 

Wrap your mind around that!

Put another way, they understood that patriarchy keeps wealth and power within family, exactly as God designed, and powerful families could not be controlled by the State. (In a Republic, the undesired patriarchal families would have wealth and voting power blocks unto themselves. ..)

A recent article by Brian Somers that I highly recommend you ponder titled, Educating Our Children; The battle between patriarchy and the polis, really exposes the Greco-Roman root of mass public education that begins inculcating children as early as three years of age.

As a strong advocate for the restoration of kol Israel, both houses, I can tell you that the more I study and understand the family structure allowed by Torah, the more I understand God’s reasons why He allows (even mandates in cases) polygyny.  Repentance and correct understanding of Biblical marriage structure is essential to the restoration of Israel.  There is no way around this!!

I will not belabor the point, but I recommend you read and ponder Somers’ short but pithy article as the message is critical and writ large!  Just who do you serve?


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Torah Portion: Emor (Leviticus 21:1-24:23)

Unlike last week’s portion that was a mammoth 94 pages, including the appendices, this week’s is more manageable, but loaded with points to ponder as we consider the role of the man as head of his family.  Specifically, we take into consideration the needs of divorcees and widows as it relates to the responsibilities of man and his house.

Open and read online or download our free portion commentary on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Torah Portion: Acharei Mot/Kedoshim (Leviticus 16:1-20:27)

HUGE Torah Portion commentary this week!!  94 pages!!

Actually, multiple big appendices to support and expand the 12 pages of dynamite in this very important double portion regarding sexual purity and how we are to live!!  Thee is enough meat here to feast for weeks!!

Download the free commentary on our Torah Portion Series page.

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Torah Portion: Tazria/Metzora (Leviticus 12:1-15:33)

This week’s Torah notes related to headship and patriarchy in this portion are up on our Torah Portion Series page.  This week is short, download and read…  and, rest up!!  Next week is going to be HUGE!!

Shabbat Shalom!

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Solving the White Horse of the Apocalypse…

white horse cfrEarlier today, I posted an amazing YouTube video of Eddie Chumney discussing Bible prophecy and current events.  It really is a ‘Must See!’  It is very detailed and incorporates a TON of Scripture.

In the post, I mentioned that my only quibble with his explanation was that I see a different solution to the White Horse of Revelation 6.  Here is the verse,

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