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Interesting quote from TDNT

I’m doing some background reading and found an interesting quote in The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Ed. Kittel, Friedrich, 1974, vol. IX, p. 442) demonstrating yet another pagan practice the Church ‘Fathers’ incorporated in their justification for monogamy-only, … Continue reading

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‘Exclusive Monogamy’ and paganism….

For some time, I have been saying that ‘monogamy-only’ is not a Biblical concept or teaching.  In fact Greco-Roman law and pagan worship is the origination of such. Here’s a quote from J A Farmer’s Does the Bible Condone Polygamy? … Continue reading

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And, another zinger…

Funny, several friends have sent me some pretty pithy images in the last day or so…  Yesterday, I put up a ZINGer.   Here’s one from Julian Hamilton, a member of our home fellowship group. The challenge to each of us … Continue reading

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Saving Christmas – A Rebuttal For Kirk Cameron by Zach Bauer

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Messianic Pharisees. Paradigm breakers!

As we discussed yesterday, Christendom is generally not taught to have a high regard for the Pharisees.  Yet, ironically, we hold several Pharisees up as models of faith!!  How can that be? If you say, ‘because they stopped being a … Continue reading

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The Sin of Israel and Modern Christendom

Yesterday we looked at Jeroboam and his intentional dividing of Israel from Judah.  He did so by developing and encouraging false worship. Today, we want to read a passage from 1 Kings 17 that is exactly like reading today’s newspa.., … Continue reading

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