Interesting quote from TDNT

I’m doing some background reading and found an interesting quote in The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (Ed. Kittel, Friedrich, 1974, vol. IX, p. 442) demonstrating yet another pagan practice the Church ‘Fathers’ incorporated in their justification for monogamy-only, namely widows refraining from remarriage “as a sacrifice for the dead husband.” See image below.

In fact, monogamy-only was a Greco-Roman practice that came straight out of their pagan system of worship as I will demonstrate in a soon coming video. The Church Fathers incorporated this pagan practice just like they incorporated Christmas, Easter, Sunday, and unclean foods, into their adulteration of Torah.

Tertullian, in the above image, is the guilty party, but nearly all of the Church Fathers need to be exposed for this error in addition to the more common (and, less triggering) Feasts, Shabbat and Kosher. But, because TRADITIONAL marriage is a more sacred cow than even Sunday or Christmas, Christian and Messianic preachers and teachers fear the estrogen mafia more than the Living Elohim!! Don’t count on the ‘big names’ to tell you the truth as they have egos to be stroked and fawning masses to keep pacified.

Dare to research the depths of marriage tradition and custom within Christendom. What does Scripture actually say?


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4 Responses to Interesting quote from TDNT

  1. Paul Winkelman says:

    Shalom Pete….amazing what you can dig up….good stuff

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  3. Cynthia says:

    That certainly is not what the text implies here. It is clearly speaking of a tradition within pagan cultures of widows choosing death with their husbands or not being allowed to be remarried in that culture. It seems you have misapplied this to your paradigm.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      You misunderstand. Tertullian, one of the fathers of Christianity, appeals to the practice of pagan Rome in preventing or discouraging widows from remarrying because of their monogamy only ideal.

      Read Tertullian’s entire ‘De Monogamia’. It is rather short, but a great way to see how, 300+/- years after Yeshua he’s trying to implement a ‘higher ideal’ of monogamy while using all manner of warped logic to defend it, including even an appeal to pagan deities and priestesses as a higher ideal… here’s a partial quote from that section:

      ] They will have plainly a specious privilege to plead before Christ—-the everlasting “infirmity of the flesh!” But upon this (infirmity) will sit in judgment no longer an Isaac, our monogamist father; or a John, a noted voluntary celibate115 of Christ’s; or a Judith, daughter of Merari; or so many other examples of saints. Heathens are wont to be destined our judges. [2] There will arise a queen of Carthage, and give sentence upon the Christians, who, refugee as she was, living on alien soil, and at that very time the originator of so mighty a state, whereas she ought unasked to have craved royal nuptials, yet, for fear she should experience a second marriage, preferred on the contrary rather to “burn” than to “marry.” [3] Her assessor will be the Roman matron who, having—-albeit it was through noctural violence, nevertheless—-known another man, washed away with blood the stain of her flesh, that she might avenge upon her own person (the honour of) monogamy. There have been, too, who preferred to die for their husbands rather than marry after their husbands’ death. [4] To idols, at all events, both monogamy and widowhood serve as apparitors. On Fortuna Muliebris, as on Mother Matuta, none but a once wedded woman hangs the wreath. Once for all do the Pontifex Maximus and the wife of a Flamen marry. The priestesses of Ceres, even during the lifetime and with the consent of their husbands, are widowed by amicable separation. [5] There are, too, who may judge us on the ground of absolute continence: the virgins of Vesta, and of the Achaian Juno, and of the Scythian Diana, and of the Pythian Apollo. On the ground of continence the priests likewise of the famous Egyptian bull will judge the “infirmity” of Christians. 

      And, a link to the complete text:


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