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Memes! Lots of new memes!

Check out the new memes page!

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Livestreaming with The Revolting Man tonight, 8pm. est

Why are men especially, but Christians in general, leaving the Church in droves? Why are there so many single women who can’t find a godly husband? Are there Biblical solutions? We will dive into difficult topics and radical solutions… Livestream … Continue reading

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Do Beavers Keep the Sabbath?

In a fascinating multi-year study, Larren Cole documented a colony of beavers that keep the seventh-day Sabbath! In the process he encountered multiple stories of other individual animals as well as whole specie groups that keep Shabbat. Should we be … Continue reading

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Ya’acov v. Idolatry

Every truth seeker and Bible believer as well as the so called Torah teachers need this two hour podcast by Mark Call. In the wake of the (dis)Respect Marriage Act, Call teaches last week’s Torah portion identifying one of the … Continue reading

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