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The Jerusalem Debate: An excellent series on a challenging topic….

Having just returned from Jerusalem and celebrating my second feast in the Land, I can tell you that being there changes me.  You may also understand from numerous travel posts concerning our most recent trip, being in Israel at the … Continue reading

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Second Passover: Sundown, May 22, 2016

Is the Second Passover significant? Quite possibly, it is VERY significant.  Consider, Numbers 9:1-15. ….Then Yehovah spoke to Moses, saying, 10 “Speak to the sons of Israel, saying, ‘If any one of you or of your generations becomes unclean because of … Continue reading

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Christian Seders a Growing Phenomenon

Breaking Israel News (BIN) has a terrific article up this morning that delves in the Seder observance of Messianic and Hebrew roots believers.  I appreciate Eliyahu, the author, giving us a fair shake and accurately reflecting our position, even if … Continue reading

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FOREVER. (Chag Sameach)

At least a half dozen times we are told that Passover is a statute to be kept ‘forever’ in ‘all your dwelling places.’ Does your preacher affirm this?  Worth asking the very hard questions!!  What a blessing last night and … Continue reading

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Anne Elliott’s FREE Biblical Feasts Ebook!!

This morning while cruising a few blogs, I found Anne Elliott’s post for a new ebook, simply titled, The Biblical Feasts.  (And, the printable cover.) Having just yesterday reviewed the need to complete my page, How to: Messianic, this was … Continue reading

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Stunning rainbow…

Two days ago, I witnessed what was easily the most stunning rainbow I have ever seen.  My camera phone does not do it justice.  It was so close and so vivid the tree it appears to come from literally looked … Continue reading

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‘The Lord’s Supper’ : A tradition of men?

I was raised in Christendom and later attended seminary and was ordained as a pastor in a Presbyterian denomination.  One of the highlights of worship in Christendom is ‘The Lord’s Supper’ or ‘Communion,’ served quarterly in some churches, more frequently … Continue reading

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Does this verse still apply?


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New Section: Graphics

Here is the opening pic on the all new Graphics page.  Enjoy, share, etc…  

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Passover Movie ~ Well Done.

Excellent movie that pulls a lot of pieces and Scripture together.  Enjoy, and share with friends!

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Passover: Why Christians Should Celebrate it.

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Sunday School, P.10 Moedim & Who is the Redeemer?

This week was number 10 in the series. We opened with a few thought provoking Scriptures concerning Yehovah’s appointed times.  His Calendar.  Much more could be said, but the idea was simply to get our class thinking about Passover, a … Continue reading

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Passover Week

Originally posted on Faith, Grace, and Torah:
We hope that this timeline is a blessing and a help to you during this passover season. Share this with family and friends, use it to help explain the events recorded in the…

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Blood Moon Update… Counting down!

Well, for several years there has been a buzz, largely generated on the research of Mark Biltz concerning the upcoming Blood Moon tetrad.  We have written several times about this upcoming sign in the heavens and now wait, with baited … Continue reading

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Yeshua Keeping Torah in Gethsemane?

Why was Yeshua keeping watch in the Garden of Gethsemane?  I think He was keeping Torah!  Here’s why… A friend was here for a couple days last week and we were discussing Pesach observance.  He explained that for the last … Continue reading

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