What a great day!!

Last night we had no idea what we were going to do today, though one item I needed to check off my list!  Before making this trip I had been in communication with author and former tour guide, Miriam Feinberg Vamosh.  She had been a terrific guest on Al McCarn’s Remnant Road radio program and we had read her recently published The Scroll.  (Al has a terrific review of the page turning historical fiction here.)  Because of her interest in interfaith relations and because I wanted her autograph in my copy of her book, we got connected with her last night.

This morning, my family and Debbie Treisch drove over to spend two wonderful hours with she and her Yom Kippur War hero husband, Arik.  The lively discussion covered our respective stories of coming to Torah, Arik as an accomplished archer and international judge as well as c couple of Miriam’s books and their family life.  Most beautiful is the view of the valley from their patio, a view pierced by a non-native Norfolk Island Pine, transplanted from Norfolk Island near New Zealand!  Oh that we, from the far reaches of the world, could be transplanted here and thrive so majestically!

We had to leave long before we were ready, but raced back by the house for a quick lunch of matzah pizza.  Then, we drove to the train station and rode into Jerusalem to walk through the shuk, the famous Ben Yehuda Street Market.  The sights, sounds and smells are always a crazy symphony fore the senses.  We bought a couple items, but mostly just soaked in the city.  Honestly, I HATE big cities with one exception: Jerusalem.  I cannot get enough of this place and its wonders!

After a couple hours of walking, not just through the markets but some of the very nice parts of the city southwest of the Old City, we found ourselves back on Yaffo for dinner while street performers filled the air with music.  Some oldies like Zepplin wafted through the air with popular and religious Hebrew mixed in.  We had a wonderful shwarma with matzah.  I carefully watched serving sizes before ordering to make sure I did not get too much…  then, after placing my order for the five of us, the server LOADED our plates.  Wow!!

While eating, Ari, a familiar face from the congress walked by and we  asked him to join us for dinner and help with the bounty.  He obliged.

We capped off our day by walking to Independence Park to take in a James Block concert.  He is an amazing worship leader and led us right into the Presence of the Most High!  Exhausted, we walked back to the train station to catch the train for our car in the garage on Mt. Herzel.  It was a happy ride, but maybe the most packed train I have ever been on.

As we drove from the garage, I pulled over to get a picture of the beautiful city in my rear view mirror.  The City of Elohim, dressed in jewels!

Please enjoy the following gallery from today.

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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    Thanks for sharing…you always take such lovely pictures…nothing like the sights & food in Israel!
    Richest blessings,
    Mary Ellen

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