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WHY?!? Why does a woman need to be covered?

Yesterday’s post about the place of a single woman in kol Israel sparked some spirited conversation in several places, but it was my early morning Telegram message this morning that made my brain explode!! Let me explain. The Telegram was … Continue reading

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What place does a single woman have in kol Israel? (Updated)

Well, here’s a topic sure to trigger a lot of people! The answer is quite simple, but since our Greco-Roman ‘enlightened’ culture is so far removed from Scripture, I’ll try to pull a few threads together before giving a very … Continue reading

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Is Aviv Barley Overrated?

I don’t enjoy calendar debates or discussions, but the ‘crazy’ of the last couple years has forced me to ask some questions and search for some answers. One such question is whether the annual hunt for aviv barley has gotten … Continue reading

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Interview with Rhy Bezuidenhuot, re:

I’ve really, really been looking forward to Gene Porter’s interview of ‘s founder, Rhy (‘Ray’) Bezuidenhout! Well… here it is!…and-counting-34f045285/episode/rhy-bezuidenhout-englandsouth-africa I thoroughly enjoyed hearing these two brothers discuss Rhy’s vision and labors toward connecting kol Israel and gathering … Continue reading

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Two verses that expose the Lunar Sabbath (short)

Yesterday, while having a conversation with my brother, Rafael Trevino, he mentioned a little nugget in passing. I had to hit the ‘wait, what was that you just said’ button. I’m not sure how our conversation touched on the Lunar … Continue reading

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The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus

Some signs are so blindingly obvious that they can’t be ignored. The sequence of eclipses over the US between 2017 and 2024 is one such sign. 14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the … Continue reading

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“Building the Kingdom” ~ What does this mean?

Having been reared in the church, I often heard statements regarding ‘Kingdom work’ or ‘building the Kingdom.’ Most, it would seem, understood or meant this to refer to evangelism, or adding to the numbers in the Body. Occasionally, the term/s … Continue reading

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