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National Shabbat,  update…

Food and fellowship has been excellent,  preparing for worshipping the King.

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Taste and see that the Lord is good!!

While generally understood in a metaphorical sense, yesterday, I was reminded of the real physical sense that our Father expects us to understand His Word when it says, Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! Ps. 34:8 We … Continue reading

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Good eats in Modern Jerusalem Restaurant

Last year, as I recall, I took and shared tons of food pics.  This year, because we are traveling with three teenage boys, we are quite glad to be renting a house from Tzemach through AirBnB.com.  Expenses have been much … Continue reading

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Dayenu, at Sukkot??

Today was another amazing day!  We waited with great anticipation the arrival of David and Deborah Harding of Australia along with special guest, Bulkunu, of the Aboriginal people.  They showed up here looking exhausted, even a bit shell-shocked, after a … Continue reading

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First day of the Feast, and a prayer request… (more pics, too!)

Last night, I dropped a quick post about sitting in the sukkah of Aharon.  Today, the high Shabbat, was restful day with some surprises! Everyone slept in, but by about 10 a.m., we were all up.  Most found a quiet … Continue reading

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Shabbat shalom from Giv’at Ye’arim, Jerusalem District 

Preparing to sit down with wonderful friends and family for our Shabbat dinner.  How blessed we are.  If this is bondage, please throw away the key!! 😉

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Beer Cheese…. (Recipe)

In addition to the excellent spiritual fulfillment in worship and Frank’s teaching, our trip to Kentucky for Sukkot was a ton of fun.  Besides being introduced to Leonard Newlin’s ‘Kentucky Krack,’ our host, Wade Barrow, served up some beer cheese … Continue reading

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What’s for dinner?


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Life’s little pleasures

Abba truly loved us from Creation.  I mean, He created the coffee bean even before creating man!  A simple pleasure just waiting to be discovered. http://bible.com/100/gen.1.29.NASB

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What’s for dinner?

http://bible.com/111/lev.11.23.NIV What most people eat has nothing to do with Scripture (Lev. 11), rather it has to do with the justifications that fit their own proclivities.  If you really think He made all food clean, why do you avoid so … Continue reading

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Selective Scripture Reading…

In the wake of the SCOTUS  ruling on gay marriage an interesting inconsistency in Christian doctrine has been highlighted.  Scripture calls many things an ‘abomination,’ but historically the Church has ignored one while dutifully condemning most others.   Now, homosexuals legitimately … Continue reading

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Louis Farrakhan and I agree!? WOW!!!

Here is a clip of Louis Farrakhan that I can’t find anything I disagree with….  The amazing thing is that Farrakhan is more correct and righteous in this video clip than a majority of professing ‘Christians.’  Even more interesting, this … Continue reading

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Chicken Pluckin!!

Occasionally, I post a little about our homestead….  So, I thought you might be interested in today’s activities. We are finally getting settled into our new place and figured we’d raise a few broilers for ourselves and a few friends.  … Continue reading

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Cool Evening Breeze and Dinner

Normally, this blog focuses on Scriptural/theological things, and this trip to Israel is certainly impacting that greatly (much to come as I process it all),  but the food and fun we’ve had at restaurants has deserved attention. If I can … Continue reading

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Breakfast of Champions….

Generally, I consider myself to be fairly health conscious, though I know that I am a bit off on my breakfast habits.  With a schedule that often starts before 4:30 a.m., I usually have two cups of coffee and a … Continue reading

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