First day of the Feast, and a prayer request… (more pics, too!)

Last night, I dropped a quick post about sitting in the sukkah of Aharon.  Today, the high Shabbat, was restful day with some surprises!

Everyone slept in, but by about 10 a.m., we were all up.  Most found a quiet place for time in the Word as we have been pondering the reason Abba has placed us here for the feast.  Clearly, He has a purpose, confirmed again by the connections and conversations we shared after Bible reading.  Each of us had been led to similar or complimentary passages as we have pondered the significance of Giv’at (Gilead) in Scripture and the place of Benjamin and Ephraim.

20161017_134813Al, Dorothy and I shared an antipasto/tappas lunch on the porch, while most others napped.  Our discussion was rich and fun as we compared more notes and thoughts.  While I can’t really share the things Abba is revealing, I can tell you, I believe He has a Divine purpose for us right here and right now.

Early afternoon, we gathered in the main room for prayer and discussion of Scripture as well as some worship music, then we sang, danced and waved the lulav on the porch.

A late dinner and an evening walk wrapped up a restful Shabbat as we concluded the first day of the feast.  Beautiful, clear, crisp evening air – unseasnonably warm at about 60 F – allowed a 20161017_205034magnificent view for miles and miles around the overlook a couple hundred yards from the house.  More pictures below...

Tomorrow we have a terrific trip ahead of us to meet with a dear brother.  Prayer for Abba’s guidance, protection and Divine leading would be much appreciated!

Enjoy the pictures below.  Apologies that I do not have time to write more..

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