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What did Moses see in the ‘Burning Bush?’

Originally posted Dec. 12, 2013 The first part of Exodus chapter three details Moses’ encounter with the ‘burning bush.’  I re-read this portion of Scripture the other day as part of a recent topical study when I saw something I … Continue reading

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The single word that disassembles MUCH Christian doctrine…

One Hebrew word, used 438 times in the ‘old testament,’ completely disassembles a wide swath of Christian doctrine.  Simply taking the time to understand a single word will peel the mask off of much man-made tradition and false doctrines derived … Continue reading

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R.C. Sproul, Jesus, and the Doctrine of Active Obedience

While James Pyles and I do not agree on the place of the Torah in the life of a non-Jew (I believe there is One Law for the native and the ger), we definitely agree that Christendom needs to rethink … Continue reading

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…the faith once delivered…

I can’t help myself.  Even though it is not really nice, once in a while I enjoy throwing a barb into the melee of ivory tower discussion among a bunch of Reformed Presbyterian pastors.  I do love those guys and … Continue reading

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“all flesh”…. (Does that include errant theologians?)

While reading a post over at OMJ a couple days ago, a paragraph jumped out at me with its particular focus on the phrase “all flesh,” taken from Isaiah 66:23. The paragraph that grabbed my attention: Christians teach that the … Continue reading

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Blindness Test

Good friend and fellow pilgrim, Travis Hughey, recently wrote and sent this to me.  So poignant considering I have been thinking of doing a series called ‘The (Not So) Quotable Church Fathers.’ ________________________________ BLINDNESS TEST Following quote from Martin Luther’s … Continue reading

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Before the Foundation of the World! Implications…

Last week I was pondering something interesting.  “The law is spiritual, therefore, it can’t be done away with!” I had determined to study and write about it, but you can tell by recent content that I have not had time … Continue reading

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Sacrifice a ‘Jewish Custom?!’ IVPNT: Acts Pt 4.

I have to begin by thanking Dr. William J. Larkin for showing me something I had not previously noticed in Acts.  I am very familiar with Paul’s Nazarite vow in Acts 21, but I had never noticed that Paul did … Continue reading

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The ‘yoke of the law?’ IVPNT: Acts Pt. 2

Continuing where we left off yesterday, let’s dig a little more into Dr. William J. Larkin’s (Ph.D.) treatment of Acts 15 in his IVP New Testament Series Commentary on Acts.  Yesterday we considered his use of ‘law-free gospel.’  Today, we … Continue reading

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Who is…. The Alpha and the Omega?

While studying for the series, Who is…?, I came across another connection between the revelation of Yahweh and Yeshua with which I was familiar, but had not considered in this light. Who is the Alpha and the Omega?  [Alpha and … Continue reading

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Who is… The Redeemer?

A couple days ago we considered Who is… The Holy One of Israel?  What we found is that the title, applied by both Peter and Stephen to Yeshua, is also a title used multiple times in the Tanak for Yahweh … Continue reading

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Who is… The Holy One of Israel?

Who is the Holy One of Israel? That is a question I was pondering recently as I saw the title pop up multiple time in some Tanak readings, but was previously familiar with the idea from the Book of Acts.  … Continue reading

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Messianic Pharisees. Paradigm breakers!

As we discussed yesterday, Christendom is generally not taught to have a high regard for the Pharisees.  Yet, ironically, we hold several Pharisees up as models of faith!!  How can that be? If you say, ‘because they stopped being a … Continue reading

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A conversation with a Pastor about the Sabbath – UNLEARN

Had a similar conversation not long ago…  Unscriptural paradigms are hard to break.  As Jolie (a certified counselor who specialized in deprogramming) once said to me, “Makes you wonder who is in the cult.”

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Diminishing God’s Law

The Torah portions the last couple weeks have been taking us again through the middle chapters of Exodus and the giving of the Ten Words from Mt. Sinai.  So, two days ago, as my family and I read and discussed … Continue reading

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