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When History and Prophecy Come Together

What would it have been like to be at the signing of the Declaration of Independence?  Or at the First Zionist Congress, or the first meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, or at any great event that changed history? … Continue reading

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Portion Notes for Sh’mot are up…

See Torah Portion Page.

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The Time to Flee…

Recently, Kimberly Rogers released a teaching titled The Time To Flee.  I have been through much of it and agree with many parts.  It is very long with the first hour or two simply drawing probable connections between Babylon and … Continue reading

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Ever Faithful

It is interesting to consider the constant Presence of Yehovah in the wilderness, visible Presence, yet the people still rebelled. Are we like that?  I want to say ‘no,’ yet I recognize the battle we fight with the flesh… May … Continue reading

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Passover Apologetics…

Someone over in a YouTube comment just gave me a bunch of food for thought!! Zachary Bauer of New2Torah just posted a neat short video on the Greater Exodus.  He quickly and concisely summarizes what I already knew.  Good watch…  … Continue reading

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Official Trailer 2014 | Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

This looks very interesting!!  Can’t wait to see when it comes out…

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Diminishing God’s Law

The Torah portions the last couple weeks have been taking us again through the middle chapters of Exodus and the giving of the Ten Words from Mt. Sinai.  So, two days ago, as my family and I read and discussed … Continue reading

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Kaduri. Sharon. Prophecy and Beshalach, 2014

Kaduri. Sharon. Prophecy and Beshalach, 2014. Related to previous post with more discussion and related content for prophecy and Exodus 13-17.  Those who love prophecy will enjoy this message.

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Yeshua as you’ve never seen Him!!

Yeshua as you’ve never seen Him!!. Excellent Shabbat message from Exodus 3.  I explored much more deeply the connections of Yeshua and the Angel of the Lord.  This has major ammunition in addressing the false charge that keeping Torah is … Continue reading

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