Passover Apologetics…

Someone over in a YouTube comment just gave me a bunch of food for thought!!

Zachary Bauer of New2Torah just posted a neat short video on the Greater Exodus.  He quickly and concisely summarizes what I already knew.  Good watch…  but a comment got the thought juices going!

I recommend the video, but here is the comment that really made me think:

Last year when I read through the bible I stumbled over Luke 22:15-17 where Yeshua basically says that he won’t eat it this seder again until it will receive its full meaning in the kingdom of 3-Passover-Meal2God…and then he would eat it with us again. So even then he implied a greater exodus. – Pesach hadn’t the full meaning even by his atonement yet..taking then into consideration John 11:48-52 and the prophesy in Jeremia 16:15-17 it clearly showes that Pesach is a recurring theme from the beginning throughout until the was most likely the time of Adam and Eve’s exodus, where God also made atonement and covered them with, what I think – lamb skins..Lot and his family made their exodus (he baked unleavened bread in the evening), the Children of Israel, ours out of sinslavary, when Yeshua died for us..and all the time it also involves experience in the wilderness.. also the woman/bride in the end time… so many verses show this actually. I hope I’m staying focused totally on Yeshua and not look back, like Lot’s wive and don’t be ancious like the Children of Israel..I have a lot of trusting still to learn!

Pardoning the typos, the content is a terrific summation!  It makes several VERY valuable points:

  • The way the text in Luke 22:16 is worded, it gives me the very definite impression that a) Pesach is not and will not be fulfilled until the Kingdom of God is finalized and,          b) Yeshua plans on partaking again at that point!!  You get that?  Right now we still only have a partial fulfillment, contrary to Christian dogma and, Yeshua plans to partake again at that point, also contrary to Christian dogma!   Hmmm…  Wonder how that dogma is working out??!
  • I was familiar with Lot and of course Egypt as Passovers, but had never considered Adam and Eve’s exodus from the Garden as a Pesach, though the type and timing is perfect.
  • I was familiar with the Greater Exodus, but had only recently, and all too lightly compared/considered it in light of Lot, but that is a type we need to look more closely at!!
  • If Passover is a feast that yet has future fulfillment, and I believe that it is, then by all means, we best be keeping it with all seriousness as each year is a rehearsal that draws us nearer to the very real execution of another Exodus!
  • It is cool to be reminded that our Father doesn’t do things ‘willy-nilly.’  Rather, He has a specific plan and tells us exactly how to prepare for it!  When He tells Israel in Exodus 12:14 and 24 that this is a perpetual ordinance to be observed throughout your generations in all your dwellings forever, He has a reason!!  We’d be wise to listen!



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12 Responses to Passover Apologetics…

  1. This opens up a whole world of meaning! I never thought of Lot’s story or of Adam and Eve’s story with that kind of Pesach connection, but it makes sense. Consider this: Lot and family were highly reluctant to leave Sodom, and our forefathers weren’t that enthused about leaving Egypt. In both cases they had to be thrust out. That’s a lesson for us in the coming Greater Exodus. No matter how bad it gets in Sodom/Egypt/Babylon, it’s still home and familiar. and comfortable That’s why people just won’t be ready or willing to leave until the place becomes uninhabitable for them. (And I think we learn that lesson as well from the Shoah.)


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Consider some of the Lot/Egypt parallels…

      Lot’s doorway was guarded by angels. Israel’s doorways were guarded by the blood of the Lamb.

      Lot served a feast with matza. Israel served a feast with matza.

      Lot left family in Sodom. Jashar says Israel left family in Egypt.

      Lot went to a mountain. Israel went to a Mountain.

      Lot’s wife rebelled in he wilderness. Many in Israel rebelled in the wilderness.

      Lot committed sexual sin on the mountain. Israel committed adultery at the mountain.

      Nations born to Lot (Ammon and Moab). Nation Israel born at exodus.

      Sodom/Gomorrah judged. Egypt judged.



  2. vatis4yah says:

    I am assuming this exodus begins in the very near future as the “Beast” and Her “Image” begin the enforcement of the SUN GOD DAY which is their “Mark”. The Beast is BACK.


  3. Mike says:

    Loved it. I reading everything I can about Passover. Do you know how long the early church celebrated Passover. Also,
    why the early church stopped celebrating the holiday?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Scripturally, Passover is one day, the first of the seven days of Unleavened Bread. During the time of Yeshua, Scripture seems to indicate that they referred to the two feasts as ‘Days of Unleavened,’ sort of lumping them into one catch phrase or name, though celebrating the two parts.

      Today, just the reverse has happened such that ‘Passover’ is sort of the name for both feasts, but technically Passover is one day and Unleavened is seven.

      By tradition, after the Purim/Esther story, those outside Jerusalem began celebrating the ‘one day’ feasts as two day events, not a wrong practice as long as the first main day is rightly done… Our fellowship is celebrating Passover by families on the evening of Nisan 15, then gathering for an observance and worship on the evening of the 16th, so one could say we are celebrating over two days.



      • Brother Bill says:

        I’m sure you realise that the passover dates you indicate [the 15th and 16th] are not Passover, according to Scripture (Lev 23:5), but are the first and second days of the Feast of Unleavened (Lev 23:6), which according to Rabbinic Tradition is ‘called’ Passover (Luke 22:1). To keep Passover according to Scripture, the Passover [including the meal] is to be in the night portion [the beginning of] the 14th (Ex 12:8; Num 9:3), which begins Sunday night, after sunset. According to Torah, the eating and sprinkling of blood must be done at night, and killing may be anytime between the starting evening and ending evening — but ALL parts of Passover [kill, sprinkle blood, cook, eat] are to occur within the 14th (Num 9:3). The Biblical Passover timing is seen in the example that Yahushua demonstrated for us to follow, which is according to Torah.

        The first day of Unleavened [the 15th day] begins Monday night after sunset, and is a High Shabbat. Rabbinic Tradition does not keep Passover, but only Unleavened — they just ‘call’ it passover! They will keep the true Passover only when they acknowledge Messiah’s Blood!

        We are currently undergoing the promised ‘Restoration of all things,’ in which Messiah is calling us out of man-made, Gentile [and Rabbinic] traditions, and is bringing us back to being “DO-ers” of Scripture, in agreement with both the Torah ‘and’ the Testimony (Isaiah 8:20). Those who respond to the Bridegroom’s call will be found among the Bride company. Let’s encourage one another to be as Bereans, to search out these matters in Scripture, so that we may begin to keep the Scriptural dates!


  4. Mike says:

    I thought the Greater Exodus was the Jews coming back and re-establishing Israel.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      What Yahweh is doing for the Jews in returning them to the land is indeed exciting, however, the only problem I have with that theory is that it doesn’t fulfill the Scripture. Jeremiah 16:14-15 seems to indicate it will be such an awesome thing that people won’t even talk about the first/Egypt exodus anymore.

      I look for something else that will rival the power displayed in Egypt and at the Red Sea…


  5. Interesting thing about unleavened bread. Egypt was the first recorded to use yeast in beer and bread making. As far as I know, there is no historical record of leavened bread until Egypt. As a result of this rejecting the leavening (“good stuff” from Egypt/Babylon) it would appear the bread baked at Succoth was an early form of hard tack. Talk about getting the rations ready for the army!!


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