New to ‘Roots?

Or, you are asking, “What’s this all about?”

Pretty simple, really.

While this blog explains different pieces of what I believe in greater detail, here is the ‘crash course.’

Christianity has significantly wandered from its roots.  Through the ‘wisdom of men’ (here, not a good thing) parts have been added and parts subtracted from the ‘faith once delivered to the saints.’  The result is a syncretistic soup that has a lot of truth in it, but also a good bit of falsehood.

The ‘church’ today is decidedly NOT the church of the book of Acts.  The belief system and outworking of that faith as exampled today is decidedly NOT what was going on in Acts.  The results, both inwardly and outwardly testify to this fact.

The basics are similar, but the Truth has been well hidden beneath centuries of tradition and false teaching.  (Yes, tough pill to swallow, but do the research.  Don’t believe me, see what the Scriptures really say.)

  • I believe in salvation by grace through faith in Yeshua (Jesus’ Hebrew name…), but I also believe a saving faith will do/be something!
  • The Bible is ONE book, not two.  It is ONE covenant, not two.  (The most useless page in your Bible is the one separating the ‘old’ and ‘new’ testaments.  It presents an artificial divider that Yahweh (God) never put there or intended.)   Further, one cannot understand and rightly apply the end of the Book until they grasp the beginning of the Book.
  • Yahweh’s promises are as good today as the day He made them…  He does not change, nor do His promises.  This radically alters churchianity’s false understanding of prophecy among other things.
  • Scripture was written by Hebrews, from a Hebrew mindset and meant to be understood in that context.  The Greek dualistic mindset that wants to spiritualize everything it doesn’t understand is anathema to a true understanding of the revealed Word of our God.
  • The blessings, joy and peace from obedience to all of Scripture are without comparison.   Truly, this is a most joyful transformation when we let go of tradition and simply follow our King as He leads.

If you yearn for a deeper walk that is Truth at its core, if you desire to taste of the Root of Jesse, then I encourage you to dig deeper on this site and through the Resources page to test everything and encounter the Messiah you never knew.

I would recommend the Reformation Thought series of articles as a great place to start.  It is designed to help you get the whole picture, one bite at a time.  Read them in the order they were written to see the foundations of Truth.  You will see Scripture in its true light and fit the way Yahweh intended.

Another ‘one page’ stop that has all the basic links and tools to begin learning is Teshuva Ministries ‘Getting Started‘ page.  Highly recommended.

And, still another excellent overview page with a very well-done video series exploring the identity of the Messiah, see Chad Gleaves’ The Missing Messiah Report.

May Abba bless you with His Shalom,


11 Responses to Roots?

  1. You’re sharing a lot of Truth here, blessings to you!


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thank you. I see some good stuff on your blog, too!

      We pursue a healthy lifestyle that includes organics as well as natural oils, etc… MUCH preferred to pharmakia!!



  2. I loved every part of this, except where Luke doesn’t count. He was a Greek writing in Greek.



  3. Thank you for linking to T’shuva – we appreciate it. Shalom


  4. Lee Robertson says:

    Dude… this is very cool. Constantly seeking for truth in understanding scripture. It seems that we’ve been lied to about most things because of the suppression of truth and the rewriting and hiding of history. People are like sheep (dumb/ignorant/lost), We are responsible for our salvation and sadly most don’t even consider it after being “born again” . Once saved always saved :can’t find that in the bible. I read every day and I am glad to find this site. My hat is off to you! thank you again!!!!!! –


    • Pete Rambo says:

      You are welcome! This is a journey that we share! Lots to learn and help reveal to others!!

      Shabbat shalom!


      • One day Pete, I will ask you some questions to help me along the way. Coming from the other side of the fence, i sense that I am up against the masses. As you described in your own awakening. I do love what I am learning and discovering. Thank you for your heart, your faith, and your passion.


      • Pete Rambo says:

        Any time. I’m always happy to share, discuss, even debate… All in love! Drop me a note through my contact page and I’ll shoot you my phone number.



  5. Graftedin2 says:

    Just found the website and so great to connect with similarly minded believers returning to the faith of the Apostles and Hebrew roots. However regarding Hebrew language, I can’t understand why God’s name is constantly proclaimed as Yahweh by so many, when there is no ‘w’ sound in Hebrew (nor ‘th’ for that matter) and therefore clearly not the right pronunciation? Nobody can be 100% certain of how to pronounce YHVH but surely the use of Yahweh will only continue to promote the error and set those starting out on this journey wanting to be more accurate with terms, in the wrong direction. All of us have had to make adjustments as we learn more. Would you address this issue, please?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Thanks, Graftedin2.

      We don’t get hung up on a particular pronunciation of the Name. We prefer Yehovah, however in early days on this journey (and blog) we used Yahweh.

      It is an issue we trust Abba and/or His Messiah will sort out in the future. For now, we do not allow it to impede fellowship…

      Blessings and welcome!!


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