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‘First day of the week’… Acts 20:7

Several days ago, I wrote concerning the nine times we are commanded, in one form or another, to ‘remember the Sabbath.’  Christendom’s defense for SUNday worship varies, however, the primary text is usually Acts 20:7 and the phrase, ‘on the … Continue reading

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A conversation with a Pastor about the Sabbath – UNLEARN

Had a similar conversation not long ago…  Unscriptural paradigms are hard to break.  As Jolie (a certified counselor who specialized in deprogramming) once said to me, “Makes you wonder who is in the cult.”

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Just Scales = One Law for All!!

Yesterday we talked about unjust scales. Following is a terrific short article from a different angle, but dealing with the same issue:  One Law. ________________ Messianic Gentile Manifesto A new friend of mine recently asked me to provide the basis … Continue reading

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Unjust Scales, Israel and the Church

On more than a few encounters with people discussing ‘the Church’ and ‘Israel of old,’ I have heard the idea that God dealt with them differently before the cross than He does now.  The idea gets presented in various forms … Continue reading

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Christians, please help me understand…

I have four boys, most of whom are teenagers.  We do not have a communication problem, so I can tell them what to do and they understand perfectly well. If I tell them clearly, once or twice, to do something, … Continue reading

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Prophetic attack on peace? Odd…

If I am not mistaken, this is the second time in recent months when doves, released from the Vatican, were attacked by ravens.  Is this an ominous prophetic sign?  Other recent strange happenings at the Vatican have included it being … Continue reading

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I can’t hear what you SAY, I watch what you DO!

My father had some wise sayings that have stuck with me.  One he often quipped at the right moment was, “What you DO speaks so loud, I can hardly hear what you SAY!” This he would use as a scalpel … Continue reading

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Yeshua in Exodus 23

Yesterday’s post, Diminishing God’s Law, considered the connection of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 with the following chapters that begin expanding what each commandment means.  If you missed it, I recommend it as well as the first couple comments … Continue reading

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Diminishing God’s Law

The Torah portions the last couple weeks have been taking us again through the middle chapters of Exodus and the giving of the Ten Words from Mt. Sinai.  So, two days ago, as my family and I read and discussed … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary!! We are one year old today!

Natsab is one year old, today! A few stats and highlights, as well as favorite posts, coming up. First and foremost, I want to thank our Father, Yahweh, for encouraging me to jump into the blogosphere and write about the … Continue reading

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All I said was…

Hilarious!!  Ever been here before?  Combat has nothing on some encounters with Christendom!! Maybe that guy ought to break out his Bible and show them that at LEAST seven times in the Torah is explicitly says…..  NAH!  RUN!

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Correcting Our Paradigm

The correct priority of Scripture is sequential.  We should start at the beginning.  Paul tells us that a later covenant cannot contradict an earlier covenant.  Neither can a later scripture contradict an earlier one.  If there were such a contradiction, … Continue reading

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A couple of terrific books…

Like many of you, I spend a fair amount of time reading and learning.  There is so much!! Here are a couple books I have recently finished that are well worth your consideration! First up is a fantastic little volume … Continue reading

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AltJT: Test your Jesus Theories

Since we are reblogging a few good articles today, I thought to share this one as well! AltJT: Test your Jesus Theories in the book of Acts, and what we can learn about Paul’s Torah observance by Judah Gabriel Himango … Continue reading

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The Virgin Birth EXPOSED!!

Remastered with additional graphics.  Worth watching about every four to six months!! Rabbi Kaduri’s prophecy/connection mentioned in this, as well.

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