AltJT: Test your Jesus Theories

Since we are reblogging a few good articles today, I thought to share this one as well!

AltJT: Test your Jesus Theories in the book of Acts, and what we can learn about Paul’s Torah observance by Judah Gabriel Himango over on Kineti L’Tziyon.

I have to tell you, Judah hit an absolute homerun here and he confirms some of the same things I have been doing.  Namely, holding thoughts/theories/etc against the Book of Acts!!

He begins…

Author and blogger Lois Tverberg has a great idea: test your “Jesus theories” in the Book of Acts. Let’s call it the Acts Litmus Test for Jesus Theories. AltJT.

AltJT goes like this: your ideas about Jesus are probably colored by your very existence in a foreign culture 2000 years removed from Jesus.

Therefore, to test whether your ideas about Jesus have any merit, you should find evidence of it in the actions of Jesus’ disciples and the early Christian community.

Where can we find evidence of the actions of the early Christian community?

Well, it just so happens we have a book for that: Acts, i.e. The Book of Recorded Actions of the Disciples of Yeshua.

Continue at Kineti L’Tziyon

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