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Prophecy Wrap-up and Sacrifice on the Temple Mount??

It is Spring Break and I have ben feverishly working to accomplish some tasks around our our little farm during this much needed break from bus driving and training.  While I haven’t done much writing on the blog, it has … Continue reading

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Thanks!! (and, interesting week on the blog!!)

First, a huge ‘thank you’ to the readers of this blog!!  While I could write without anybody reading, it is a blessing to hear your voices, share in your excitement of new treasures found in Scripture and be a part … Continue reading

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Update on Kelly’s tallit…

Ms. Anita sent me a few more pics of the progress on Kelly’s handwoven non-traditional tallit.  I spoke with Anita last night, and we shared a few thoughts from the Torah portion.  My questions to Anita had to do with … Continue reading

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Best part of last National Shabbat in SC!!

Last weekend’s National Shabbat in SC, organized by Tommy and Dorothy Wilson, was terrific.  I loved the dancing and worship as well as the abundant fellowship with Messianics from across the state.  The highlight, though, was corporately declaring God’s Word … Continue reading

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Blood on NEW garment…

Rereading Leviticus 8 this morning and pondering the pageantry of the consecration and ordination of the priests, but especially struck by Aaron.  I have shared that Anita Heist is hand weaving a tallit for Kelly.  I am amazed at how … Continue reading

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National Shabbat in Mesa, AZ this weekend!!

Details at the link below!!  I know the organizers well and recommend attending if you are w/in a 3-4 hour drive!! Enjoying Shabbat in the Desert! –

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Yeshua, on traditions…

Little has changed in 2000 years.  Man following tradition and setting aside God’s Word….

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My ‘take’ on ‘evangelize’…

The Articles of Declaration were accepted pretty much unanimously at the B’ney Yosef Summit in Tampa a couple weeks ago.  One article, however, continues to be a topic of discussion, and while I am not the authority (if you have … Continue reading

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Videos from SC National Shabbat, and a letter…

A little while ago Sarah Washburn sent me a link to her YouTube page where she has uploaded a number of videos of dance and music from the recent SC national Shabbat.  Here are a couple with a link following … Continue reading

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Interesting video on prophecy…

Here is a fascinating video I had time to watch this morning.  Steve introduces several potentially paradigm shifting thoughts on some prophecies that are very interesting.   Take a look and tell me what you think…

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Do you know?

Why are these simple couple verses so hard to deal with? Here’s why:  they demand a radical paradigm shift that few are willing to entertain, never mind, embrace.  Just maybe, the house of Joseph is different than the house of … Continue reading

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Pics from SC National Shabbat, March 19, 2016

Here are some pics from yesterday’s SC national Shabbat.  I will share thoughts later as I have time, but my immediate thought is how very powerful it was to declare Scripture together.  We will definitely do that again!! Following is … Continue reading

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Even the precepts…

Was good to meet Shannon Schmelzle yesterday at SC National Shabbat.  He posts lots of terrific YouVersion images.  If you use the YouVersion app, friend him!! This verse is part of the everlasting, unchanging Word of God.  My question, why … Continue reading

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Two House: the mechanism, not the end result

Today is South Carolina National Shabbat and we are hosting the Washburn Family from Tennessee as they will be providing the music.  They got in yesterday evening and we had a blessed erev Shabbat hanging around the firepit. The Washburns, … Continue reading

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More Breaking Israel News coverage of BYNA Summit!!

I have been waiting for this article!!  I spoke with author, Laura Densmore, while we were at the Summit and knew that Breaking Israel News asked for her firsthand account of the event…  Well, here it is! Enjoy! Can These … Continue reading

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