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Two House: the mechanism, not the end result

Today is South Carolina National Shabbat and we are hosting the Washburn Family from Tennessee as they will be providing the music.  They got in yesterday evening and we had a blessed erev Shabbat hanging around the firepit. The Washburns, … Continue reading

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‘Is the Torah only for the Jews?’ (Book Recommendation)

Lately, I have been so busy studying and training for a new position at work.  In my very limited spare time I have been reading and thoroughly enjoying a terrific primer that every person coming into an Hebraic understanding of … Continue reading

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The solid Rock of…. the Rabbis?!?

I’m on whopping page 39 of Tim Hegg’s Fellow Heirs and already have dozens of margin notes and thoughts.  While some come directly from his writing, others  not necessarily related to his topic have been generated  by something he says.  … Continue reading

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eHow to pray for the (errant) Messianic

Do you have an errant Messianic or Hebrew roots person in your life that you pray for?  Well, here is exactly how you can pray for them!!  I think I can promise you, with full assurance, that God will answer … Continue reading

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Brad Scott’s Response… Hilarious.

We’ve talked a number of times on this blog about ‘One Law.’  Frankly, I’ve avoided directly addressing those who would divide the believers in Messiah with the false doctrine of ‘Bilateral ecclesiology’ or ‘Two Law.’  Brad Scott has a little … Continue reading

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Yeshua Believing Torah Zealots in the Book of Acts??

Messianic Judaism is not a new thing.  In fact, major threads of Church history would like to hide or ignore the fact that there has always been a thin thread of Torah-keeping believers in Messiah.  While never perfectly kept (can … Continue reading

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R. Shapira Discussing Yeshua’s Name in Rosh Hashanah Liturgy

I really can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening to R. Shapira explain the presences of Yeshua and His identity in Jewish literature.  It is a whole world of new wonders as Messiah is revealed and present with brother … Continue reading

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A Christian Teacher Has Questions About Messianic Judaism

A Christian Teacher Has Questions About Messianic Judaism. Reposted from a thread on our fellowship’s site.  Good overview email and a link to another blog I enjoy.

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