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New page added: Recovering Pastors

In the wake of yesterday’s posting of Scott Hillman’s testimony and the extremely high number of hits it has received, I thought I should add a page to the blog that simply lists names and ministries of pastors who left … Continue reading

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eHow to pray for the (errant) Messianic

Do you have an errant Messianic or Hebrew roots person in your life that you pray for?  Well, here is exactly how you can pray for them!!  I think I can promise you, with full assurance, that God will answer … Continue reading

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What is truth?

I have always loved eschatology, the study of end times prophecies.  While doing so about 15 years ago, I read an excellent book, worthy of your time, that had a fantastic quote in the introductory chapter.  The principle explained has … Continue reading

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Yeshua in Exodus 23

Yesterday’s post, Diminishing God’s Law, considered the connection of the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20 with the following chapters that begin expanding what each commandment means.  If you missed it, I recommend it as well as the first couple comments … Continue reading

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All I said was…

Hilarious!!  Ever been here before?  Combat has nothing on some encounters with Christendom!! Maybe that guy ought to break out his Bible and show them that at LEAST seven times in the Torah is explicitly says…..  NAH!  RUN!

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Hebrews 10:28 “Setting Aside Moses = …Death?”

Kinda makes you think again about Matthew 7:21-23!!

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Evolution v. Intelligent Design and Shifting Paradigms

Recently, a friend in our fellowship loaned me a neat documentary titled, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  The premise is a conversation with leading scientists who, as adherents to the Theory of Evolution, began to find alternate truth in their … Continue reading

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