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Warning!! Controversy ahead….

Following is a video guaranteed to stir the waters. In fact, I have no doubt, some will be violently opposed. Now, this is not necessarily my opinion or perspective, though I do share a number of understandings with both the … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014, Day 1.

(Belated post…  internet access troubles…) Wow! What a day!! My head is so full already, but the buffet is still set for a couple more days, so we’ll continue to absorb as much as possible! Previously, I linked the schedule … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014 Hebraic Roots Conference

The annual Revive conference is next weekend.  This will be the first I have been able to attend…  Can’t wait!! If any of my friends on here are planning to attend, please hunt me down.  Would love to meet and … Continue reading

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Evolution v. Intelligent Design and Shifting Paradigms

Recently, a friend in our fellowship loaned me a neat documentary titled, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  The premise is a conversation with leading scientists who, as adherents to the Theory of Evolution, began to find alternate truth in their … Continue reading

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STOP building suburbs in Babylon!!

While preparing this week’s lesson for our Shabbat fellowship, I was reading a study by Eddie Chumney and contemplating the sin of harlotry and how we, the people of YHWH, have such a propensity for it.  At the end of … Continue reading

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