Warning!! Controversy ahead….

Following is a video guaranteed to stir the waters. In fact, I have no doubt, some will be violently opposed. Now, this is not necessarily my opinion or perspective, though I do share a number of understandings with both the interviewer and the interviewee, but I put this here to demonstrate yet again that Judaism is not monolithic in its understanding of what happened to the Ten ‘Lost’ Tribes. In fact, much of Messianic Judaism would have us believe that they have already been united, however, both logic and many, many rabbis would disagree.

Here, Eddie Chumney interviews Orthodox Jew Yair Davidi about the matter. Davidi is not the first orthodox Jew we have heard from concerning Ephraim, the lost tribes, etc. I have personally spent time with Orthodox Jew Hanoch Young who has also come to similar conclusions as Yair.

I look forward to tracking down a few of the sources Yair cites.

[My own perspective is that I am a Gentile, grafted in by the blood of Messiah and as a ger am a full participant in Israel awaiting the Messiah who will sort the details out. In the meantime, I choose to ‘walk as He walked.’]

Enjoy discussing, but please keep any disagreement filled with grace and love. None of us have all the truth… yet. Baruch haba b’shem YHVH!!

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Details in 'About' page @ natsab.wordpress.com Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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19 Responses to Warning!! Controversy ahead….

  1. chaya1957 says:

    Some people have been going around saying Hanoch Young is a rabbi, and claiming de facto rabbinic approval of 2-house. He is not a rabbi; he is a tour guide and a certain 2-house leader brought him enough business to allow himself to be called, “a voice of Judah,” and listen to people who verbalize various versions of the divine name forbidden to Orthodox Jews, as well as wear it on tee-shirts like their favorite band or team.

    Who ever said Jews or any other group is monolithic? Surely you can find a few Jews who believe anything, whether that is hating Israel or that the earth is flat. That doesn’t validate your proposition.


    • Pete Rambo says:


      Thanks for your reply.

      Re: Hanoch Young, I’ve never said he is a rabbi. I have spent time with him and found him to be a genuine servant with a heart all who would join Israel. He is very gracious and has gone to great lengths out of his own pocket to speak with any willing to have a conversation. I consider him a friend.

      As to Judaism being monolithic, I point to the particular issue of the ten tribes and how most of Messianic Judaism treats it. The fact is, there are differing opinions, many rabbinic that clearly teach that the ten tribes have not come home. Refute Davidi’s sources… He is quoting the rabbis from the middle ages.

      My proposition is simply this: It is not a settled matter. Thus, any contrarian sources do validate the proposition, particularly when they are rabbinic and post Second Temple/Apostolic writings.

      So, we have to take a ‘wait and see’ approach. I think Messiah has some surprises for all of us, yet.

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      • loammi says:

        I didn’t see the other links til Today and watched them. Wanna read the book by Ramban on the matter-sure it makes for an interesting read


  2. Dan Benzvi says:

    For someone who claims to write a serious blog I would expect you to do your due diligence…

    Yair Davidy is not Jewish. He was born in 1950 in Sydney, Australia. His real name is William Hugh Russell-Davis. His father came from south wales.
    He was born as William Hugh Russell-Davis but referred to himself as “Hugh Davis.”

    In his own words:

    “The father of Hugh was William Russell Davis. He was the headmaster and the owner of a boarding. The father of William was (as far as I know) a tailor also known as William Davis. He was born out of wedlock and his father is unknown. This has only became known to the family in the last few years. On one hand, my father, Hugh Davis was an avid believer in British imperialism. On the other he loved Ireland. He may have knows something. A recent DNA test indicated that he was indeed descendant from the tribe of Neal who had once ruled over all Ireland and western Scotland….”

    Do I have to continue? Jewish my foot…


    • Pete Rambo says:



      I warned that this was controversial… 😉

      I didn’t set out to prove his lineage and what you wrote has not disproved it. Does he have papers? Who knows? (I know of Messianic leaders with papers asserting Jewish lineage that have European/American given names… and, others who are converts that claim to speak for MJ and sometimes Judaism itself….) Lineage is not the point, though I do think Orthodox Jew is a correct statement.

      Davidi cites rabbinic sources that hundreds or even a 1000 years after Messiah indicate that they did not believe the tribes had come home. I.e., Ezekiel 37, according to the rabbis, is unfulfilled. Further, if I understand them correctly, they fully expected that the tribes were among the nations.

      Davidi may be a spurious messenger, but we have to deal with the message, not the bearer.

      Again, I do not believe I have any physical lineage. However, on the other hand, I read somewhere that if we go back just nine generations, every human on the planet can be genetically connected…

      The point to the post is that the claim that ‘all Israel’ was already gathered before Yeshua came is not so settled a matter. And, that is a serious assertion for a serious blog.



    • chaya1957 says:

      http://silenced.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/foundation_of_sand.pdf Yair Davidy is a fraud. But I have learned that people love frauds and defend and protect them vigorously if said fraud tells them what they want to hear – i.e., ear-tickling. Haven’t we heard that somewhere?

      It seems only Jews are bothered by fake Jews.

      Ever wonder why neither Yeshua nor any of the first century writers said anything about this?


      • Pete Rambo says:


        I am not a fan of British Israelism. The point I make/ask is, what is the rabbinic position on the tribes? Does Davidii cite/quote them correctly? When Scripture indicates that they would be utterly scattered (not just to Europe, as I see evidences in Africa, Asia as well as parts of even the South Pacific… See Victor Schlatter’s book, ‘Genetically Modified Prophecies’ concerning his 50 years in Papua New Guinea…), and would lose their identity, what does that mean?

        Did a remnant come home? Sure, but there has never been a fulfillment of Ez. 37, just teaser first fruits. How will Father sort it out? I don’t know, but many things I hear do not fit the scope of Scripture or the ‘out of the box’ manner which our Father does things…. Frankly, this one will be fun to see play out!

        Shavua tov!


  3. Dan Benzvi says:


    Suddenly you believe the Rabbis…How convenient…Do you also believe them when they say one does not have to techelet in the tzitzit? How about separating meat and milk? Or you only believe what suits your agenda?


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Oh, you are funny.

      Again. I am pointing out that it is swaths of MJ who selectively read the rabbis. (This is one message/position/thought train from the rabbis that they actively avoid.)

      Personally, I believe Scripture is clear that Ez. 37 is unfulfilled and I am taking a ‘wait and see’ approach. I have ideas, but they are just that. Ideas.


  4. Zion says:

    I don’t think the controversy is over whether or not Ezekiel 37 has occurred. I definitely do not believe it has happened. We already have proof with groups such as Beta-Israel, and some groups in India and China. The controversy is when a group of messianic gentiles or hebrew roots gentiles, assume without any proof at all, that they are members of the lost tribes… even going as far as stating, which tribes they think they are from and trying to find any ancestral evidence for their lost tribal inheritance… which is absurd and dangerous, best if they kept that to themselves, because it is not doing them any favors and it could cause real harm.

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  5. loammi says:

    Nachmanides (Ramban) sure seemed to have some thoughts about the lost 10 on the matter involving christendom, and He was a Spaniard..would think anyone in the rabbinical court would take his word on these matters. To read list: Sefer HaGulah” (“The Book of Redemption”) . The house of Judah can be counted, sands of sea and starts of the sky amounts will be more than the southern house.


  6. @Chaya: “It seems only Jews are bothered by fake Jews.”

    Nope. I’m not a Jew, I’ve seen some doozies, and I could go on for days about it.

    It’s one thing to finally realize the Jewish people are important and (shock) central to their own scriptures and then think everyone who belongs to the LORD needs to somehow be Jewish too. Sadly, that’s an understandable assumption most Christians will make coming out of ancient and errant Church paradigms that forcefully state that the Church triumphed over Jews and Judaism. There’s much to sort out and it isn’t easy to find our true identity and calling.

    However, to me, the fake Jew phenom is a different animal. I happen to know a real, genuine, bona fide, fake Jew. And the whoppers this one tells are truly something to behold. This person has no shame, straight out lies, and has been busted many times although the current community has no idea, yet. The truly strange thing is, this “Few” (fake Jew) looks almost dead on like the Davidi dude.


  7. Alice-Anne says:

    I find it amazing when BritAm minimizes the idea of the lost tribes being found among Africans and middle easterners while making great strides to prove the vast majority are Anglo Saxon. The reality is the former is a more likely scenario (geographically) and there is motor DNA evidence to link middle easterners genetically to large numbers of Sephardic, Mizrahi, and Ashkenazi than there is to link AngloSaxon/European.


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