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Spirit-filled Orthodox Jews? Paradigm-shifting.

My right knee is pretty sore.  I really should have stretched before starting to inline skate, but such is the way with a 49 year old that thinks he is 19 years old!  The bottom line is that I am … Continue reading

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Davening in the rear galley of a 777

There are still so many stories bubbling up from our recent trip to Israel.  It was such an  incredible trip that I am still processing the many events.  Even our flight home was ‘off the chain…’ During our 21 days … Continue reading

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Two House: the mechanism, not the end result

Today is South Carolina National Shabbat and we are hosting the Washburn Family from Tennessee as they will be providing the music.  They got in yesterday evening and we had a blessed erev Shabbat hanging around the firepit. The Washburns, … Continue reading

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Orthodox Jews forced into silence about Messiah?

We’ve discussed some of the matters explored on this short video…

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Warning!! Controversy ahead….

Following is a video guaranteed to stir the waters. In fact, I have no doubt, some will be violently opposed. Now, this is not necessarily my opinion or perspective, though I do share a number of understandings with both the … Continue reading

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Tzitziot. In or Out. A few thoughts.

Yesterday’s Torah Portion included Numbers 15:37-41 concerning tzitzits, a subject we have discussed before. As I finalized my preparations for Shabbat and a lesson titled ‘Faith and Focus‘, I turned my attention to re-reading the parsha and considering the other … Continue reading

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An Open Letter, Re: Hanoch Young

Following is an open letter by Ken Rank concerning a challenging matter recently faced by Hanoch Young and United2Restore.  We appreciate Hanoch’s integrity and principles!!  Thank you Hanoch! An open letter to my fellow Ephraimites: Our lives are about choice. … Continue reading

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The details in one easy graphic… Please share!!

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Hanoch’s Speaking Schedule

Following is Hanoch Young’s speaking schedule for his next trip to the US, as it currently stands.  I will be helping to host the April 28th event in Greenville and hope to meet a few of you there!! If you … Continue reading

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Hanoch Young Speaking in Greenville, SC, April 28th.

Prophetically  it is clear that God is not done with the Jewish people. Ultimately, God will unite ‘all’ of those who are HIS. Hanoch Young an Orthodox Jew is a man who appreciates this aspect of God’s redemptive work and … Continue reading

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Orthodox Jew Hanoch Young traveling US addressing Ephraim!

Orthodox Jew Hanoch Young, whom I’ve written about before, is currently touring the US and will be back for a number of engagements between April 24 and May 11, 2014.  Our fellowship is excitedly planning to host him one evening … Continue reading

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Ani Yoseph! (Awesome Hanoch Young video!)

Do the students of Scripture truly understand some of prophecy?  Do we understand ‘one new man?’  Do we understand how incredible is the Father’s plan?? Currently, we are in the middle of the Torah Portions that deal with Joseph and … Continue reading

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