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100!! Prayer request and Ani Yosef update.

Neat update with some cool info and a few prayer requests just put up over at Ani Yosef.com Please go by and check it out! Shalom!!

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They call mine a “Jewish soul”…

On board ElAl music plays softly on my headset, a lilting melancholy tune as we taxi. Thoughts of the Judean hills and views of Tiberius flit through my mind and my eyes are suddenly moist with tears. I’m surrounded by … Continue reading

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Shabbat in Jerusalem

After a very late night, last night, we began our morning slowly… after most had drifted out of beds and into the common area, we shared a breakfast of boiled eggs, matzah, cheese, olives and charoset. We then decided to … Continue reading

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MUST HEAR interview by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler!!

Guys!!  I am so excited about Dr. Adler’s new book coming out that I can barely sleep!  Right now I am listening to a podcast with Gene Porter as they discuss the book, Dr. Adler’s background and this crazy Torah … Continue reading

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“If you do your part…” (part 2)

Or, ‘What is a pushkan?’ Yesterday, I gave a little background from a discussion over the weekend at the North Georgia National Shabbat gathering.  Tzefanyah led off the discussion with the statement, “If you do your part, God does His…” … Continue reading

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B’ney Yosef Region 35 Conference

Central US and I-35 corridor, this is a message for you: Here is the information many of you have been waiting to hear: What:  B’Ney Yosef Region 35 Conference, with emphasis on nation-building, particularly on reconciliation within the entire Body … Continue reading

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More on the Jerusalem Post ‘Bney Yosef Advert’

Two recent blog posts have generated some good discussion and a fair amount of traffic. Yesterday’s Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom, as well as last month’s Jerusalem Post: “Yosef is Alive!!”   This evening, friend and fellow blogger, Dorothy Wilson, forwarded … Continue reading

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Nationality, Citizenship and The Kingdom

Lately, I have been pondering anew my nationality, citizenship and Kingdom affiliation.  Most would consider me an American citizen, of American descent, however, I do not.  Yes, I was born here, to American citizens who come from families that arrived … Continue reading

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An Open Letter, Re: Hanoch Young

Following is an open letter by Ken Rank concerning a challenging matter recently faced by Hanoch Young and United2Restore.  We appreciate Hanoch’s integrity and principles!!  Thank you Hanoch! An open letter to my fellow Ephraimites: Our lives are about choice. … Continue reading

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The Time is NOW!!!

Great video helping us all understand what is happening prophetically!! If you are not familiar with the prophetic implications of the Joseph story, see these: Jesus / Yeshua as pictured in Joseph. Part 1 Jesus / Yeshua as pictured in Joseph. … Continue reading

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