An Open Letter, Re: Hanoch Young

Following is an open letter by Ken Rank concerning a challenging matter recently faced by Hanoch Young and United2Restore.  We appreciate Hanoch’s integrity and principles!!  Thank you Hanoch!

An open letter to my fellow Ephraimites:

Our lives are about choice. God gave the commandments and stated, “I have set before you blessing and cursing, life and death, therefore choose life.” Not all of our choices are so grandiose, but sometimes even seemingly our smallest decisions can have an impact on others. Recently Hanoch Young was offered an opportunity to be a tour guide for a group that will remain nameless. He accepted, and why not, guiding tours is how he pays his rent! However, one of the tour leaders has denied Yeshua and is also actively trying to persuade others to follow. Moreover, he is close to a very influential man who is considered to be an anti-missionary.

I want you to understand, Hanoch needs the money he would get from this or ANY tour. However, he also recognizes that if his face was used on the promotion literature, which was their plan, that he would be associated with at least two people who are considered to be anti-missionaries. The stated goal of United 2 Restore is that those who are Ephraim should remain Ephraim and those who are Judah should remain Judah (Because that is who God determined us to be!), and a day will come, we believe, when God will correct whoever might be wrong. Because this tour that he was asked to guide includes some folks who stand in complete opposition to what United 2 Restore is about, Hanoch has pulled away from that group because he recognizes that ultimately it could damage both United 2 Restore and himself.

I know this wasn’t easy for him, like I said, I know he could use the money. In fact, his last trip here to the States to speak to Ephraimites costed him a great deal of money. I am sharing this to make sure you all know what I have known, that Hanoch is not a man with a hidden agenda to secretly try to pull followers of Yeshua away from Yeshua. That is not what he is about and actions like this, that hurt him financially, prove that. It is time to stand behind a guy like this, support the efforts in any way possible, and then together let’s all change the world!

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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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4 Responses to An Open Letter, Re: Hanoch Young

  1. Pete Rambo says:

    Carlos Mendoza, a friend on my G+ account asked, “How can we help?”

    Here is my response:

    Hmmmm… Good question. I think there are several ways.

    1. Pray for him. As an Orthodox Jew, he is very unique in that for more than 20 years he has seen and understood that ‘Ephraim’ is inside the Christian church. That is very interesting… Predictably, he has many within Judaism, Christianity and even Messianic world who do not like or want his message. Hanoch does not believe in Yeshua, but eagerly looks to the coming of the long expected Messiah. His message is, ‘Messiah can sort out the differences, let’s learn to live as brothers.’

    2. Go see him when he is on tour in the US. He travels at his own expense and only accepts a ‘love offering.’ Crowds are generally and predictably small, so, often he operates at a deficit.

    3. Use his tour company/support his business if you tour Israel. There is an ‘Ephramite tour’ he is leading in the Fall of 2014. See the United2Restore webpage for details.

    4. Send a financial gift to help him with his expenses. To my knowledge, he has not asked for anything, but knowing enough of his situation, I know he can use the prayers and financial ‘encouragement.’

    5. View and promote his message through the multiple videos on my blog, United2Restore, YouTube, etc.

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  2. 6zimsinthewoods says:

    Would like to know more about the tour in the fall. If I could pull together the $$ to go, I would consider this.

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  3. Sue in Aqaba says:

    I can personally testify that not only is Hanoch a wonderful tour guide, he is also a wonderful person and a treasured friend. He really ‘gets’ Ephraim and is a fabulous resource for us to learn more about Brother Judah and what we need to know in order to interact meaningfully and productively with him. We all want to see the tribes reunited, and Hanoch is WAY ahead of most of us in understanding what that means and what it will take to accomplish it. He deserves all our love and support. Thank you, Ken, for blowing his horn for him, cuz he won’t do it for himself. ❤

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  4. Michaela says:

    yes, Hanoch is a man of honor or let me say this, he has his heart on the right spot and Yah uses him on our behalf. Pray for him , he does a great job. Give also into his work&join his tour, if you can. Save up for it if you can’t right a way. We are to give tithe, if we are in the land or not, here you got a good opportunity to be part of the whole. shalom alechem va shavuah tov mishpocha Eloheinu.

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