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Camp Mashiach, Messianic Youth Camp. Registration is open….

Hey all, a quick note to remind you that NOW is the time to get your sons and daughters, ages 13-18, registered for Camp Mashiach, a Messianic/Hebrew roots Youth camp! Earlier today we watched Camp Yeshua sell out about 350 … Continue reading

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A most tender display of repentance!!

Following in an amazing letter and response between two incredible and incredibly different men, both of whom I am privileged to call friends and co-laborers in the restoration of long broken relations. I first read Ken Rank’s letter a few … Continue reading

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Help open the doors of Jefferson College at Pilot View!!

Eighteen months ago an amazing vision began to take place in the hills of Kentucky!  Last fall, we had a chance to Sukkot on the property that is now Jefferson College at Pilot View.  This is an amazing story and … Continue reading

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My ‘take’ on ‘evangelize’…

The Articles of Declaration were accepted pretty much unanimously at the B’ney Yosef Summit in Tampa a couple weeks ago.  One article, however, continues to be a topic of discussion, and while I am not the authority (if you have … Continue reading

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Ken Rank’s Thoughts on BYNA Summit…

Ken Rank, co-founder of United2Restore, just posted his thought on the B’ney Yosef North America Summit.  I love his opening paragraph as it accurately portrays my inability to put into words the incredible weekend.  The rest of his synopsis is … Continue reading

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B’ney Yosef NA Articles of Declaration

Earlier, I referred to the Articles of Declaration as ‘Articles of Dependence.’   Truly, these Articles demand dependence on the Almighty.  When I have time ( and something other than a smart phone ) I will blog some personal thoughts and … Continue reading

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Evangelizing Judah

Good friend, Ken Rank has written a seminal paper titled Evangelizing the Jews that deals with many of the ingrained paradigms we carry based in millennia of tradition and improper understanding of Scripture.  Sure to rattle some cages, this is … Continue reading

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Podcast: Hanoch and Ken Discuss Congress

Yesterday, Ken Rank and Hanoch Young recorded a podcast discussing the recent B’ney Yosef Congress.  Here is the link: http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/united-2-restore-11_49346 Enjoying it now.  

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Podcast: Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss upcoming Congress

Here is a terrific short podcast from United2Restore.  Founders, Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss several topics, but the primary purpose is to discuss the upcoming Congress that Kelly and I will be attending in May. http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/united-2-restore-10_43888 If you want … Continue reading

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Urgent: Help Purchase A School!

In my email this morning from Ken Rank: Folks, forgive me for asking again, but I feel I should. Our congregation is looking to buy a surplus school that has been abandoned in our county in favor of larger in-town … Continue reading

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An Open Letter, Re: Hanoch Young

Following is an open letter by Ken Rank concerning a challenging matter recently faced by Hanoch Young and United2Restore.  We appreciate Hanoch’s integrity and principles!!  Thank you Hanoch! An open letter to my fellow Ephraimites: Our lives are about choice. … Continue reading

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‘Unity’ does not mean ‘Homogenous’

We have the luxury of having milk goats and therefore, fresh milk.  One of the interesting things about fresh milk is that the cream rises to the top.  Most know this, however, the dairy industry has virtually erased the examples … Continue reading

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Full Hanoch video that the previous compilation came from!

I did a little digging…  didn’t take much… and found the full video of Hanoch Young’s comments in the previous video I posted. Even better, there are some terrific comments before hand by two other gentlemen:  Frank Houtz and Ken … Continue reading

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