Ken Rank’s Thoughts on BYNA Summit…

Ken Rank, co-founder of United2Restore, just posted his thought on the B’ney Yosef North America Summit.  I love his opening paragraph as it accurately portrays my inability to put into words the incredible weekend.  The rest of his synopsis is good, but simply can’t capture these memories of joyful tears, holy moments, dancing, fellowship and singing haTikvah with a room full of Hebrews.

Anyway, here is Ken’s article.  May it bless you.

B’ney Yosef North American Summit

Category Ephraim

Have you ever stood before a sunset that was so magnificent, so majestic, so vivid, that when you attempted to describe it there were simply no words powerful enough to reproduce what your eyes had beheld? That is exactly how I feel when considering the events of this past weekend. I don’t believe my vocabulary contains the needed words to articulate what I was so blessed to take part in. The B’ney Yosef North American Summit is a potential game changer; there is simply no better way to state that.

Two hundred people, most of which consider themselves to be Ephraimites (by and large, Christians, who identify as part of Israel in the nations), gathered together from all over North America to define an identity and a common purpose. That goal did not fall short.

It began on Friday night the 4th of March, exactly 40 weeks after the first B’ney Yosef meeting in Ariel, Israel held last May. Daniel Holdings and Cindy Wyant acted as MC’s and they handed it off first to Al McCarn who had been acting as interim executive director since the plenary meeting in Nashville just over 6 weeks ago. His key-note address was crisp, to the point, and it set the tone, reminding us all that this event was not intended to be a finish line, but rather a place to start. The evening gathering brought out three speakers any of which could have captured the evening had it not been for the fact that they all spoke on the same night. The first was Batya Wootten, a forerunner in her own right (along with her husband Angus) in terms of sharing the reunification/ two-house message. Batya has not spoken publicly for a couple of years due to some health issues but that absence did not affect her ability to communicate her thoughts. In fact, she almost seemed Continue reading…


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2 Responses to Ken Rank’s Thoughts on BYNA Summit…

  1. Tommy Wilson says:

    First of all I wish I could express my thoughts just a small fraction as well as you do Ken! I very much enjoy reading your writings and can easily see why others do as well. Sunday was the most emotional day as I was quite surprised at what came out of me and did not realize what was actually in my being (nefesh) all along. Many times I have heard others express their emotion when visiting Israel with weeping and kissing the ground. (Ephraim Frank’s story stands out) I’ve wondered for a long time why I haven’t experienced or shared that same kind of emotion and even doubted if it was in me. That all changed when Hanoch sang haTikvah!! I literally lost it when the emotion rushed out in almost uncontrollable weeping. I now know and will never doubt again its residence inside my soul! Praise Abba now and forever more!

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  2. Connie E says:

    You all make my heart year all the more.

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