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I’m Rethinking the Apostle Paul…

“Paul is hard to understand.” Like me, you probably hear this all of the time. I finally had to start rethinking Paul.  Whatever position I arrived at, I knew that it had to agree with the Apostle Peter. Therefore, beloved, … Continue reading

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Major Announcement by Ani Yosef!!

In a major announcement this morning, Ani Yosef posted that their next service project will be IN Jerusalem for Passover and the price has come down considerably. Their April 2020 trip will be 14 days long for just $350 which … Continue reading

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Restoring kol Israel: Greco-Romanism in the Kingdom?

Food poisoning is not a pleasant experience. In fact, sometimes it can be quite serious leading to hospitalization or death. Nobody plans for it, rather it usually occurs because of some minute unnoticed contaminate in the food that negatively affects … Continue reading

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The Skeleton in Independence Park

She got under my skin and I was getting angry. She didn’t mean to as she leaned across the table with pointed questions. It was not her very direct interrogation that was more appropriate for cross examining a hostile witness, … Continue reading

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Book review: Ten from the Nations

I have been delinquent in reviewing Ten From The Nations by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler, but have read it, given copies away and then re-read parts!  What a terrific, neat and challenging book that grates up against my paradigms! A … Continue reading

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Excellent Article in Breaking Israel News

Following is a link for a terrific article in Breaking Israel News by Eliyahu Berkowitz.  Overall, this is a terrific article about some of the amazing things that happened in Ariel Israel.  Maybe a couple little details that I would … Continue reading

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Do you know?

Why are these simple couple verses so hard to deal with? Here’s why:  they demand a radical paradigm shift that few are willing to entertain, never mind, embrace.  Just maybe, the house of Joseph is different than the house of … Continue reading

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More Breaking Israel News coverage of BYNA Summit!!

I have been waiting for this article!!  I spoke with author, Laura Densmore, while we were at the Summit and knew that Breaking Israel News asked for her firsthand account of the event…  Well, here it is! Enjoy! Can These … Continue reading

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He Who scattered is gathering…

God made promises that are only now beginning to be understood.  And, to fulfill those promises, He uses people.  (Prophecy never happens in a vacuum.) http://bible.com/12/ezk.28.25.ASV

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As for me and my house…

I cannot begin to express how many confirmations we have had that Abba is in the midst of the establishment of B’ney Yosef North America.  He is restoring HIS house!! Blessings. http://bible.com/12/jos.24.15.ASV

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B’ney Yosef in Breaking Israel News

Here is an article from a Jewish news source about B’ney Yosef.  A reporter for BIN was on hand and writing an eye witness report to try to describe more of what happened this weekend. The above linked article is … Continue reading

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Boker tov, B’ney Yosef North America!!

I cannot begin to describe how I feel this morning!  I am excited and completly overwhelmed to witness and take part in the birth of B’ney Yosef!  It has been more than 2730 years since the Sons of Joseph, Ephraim, … Continue reading

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Can These Bones Live?

Announcing 2016 Shavuot Tour & Conference by Commonwealth of Yisrael The first major gathering of Yehudah & Yoseph in modern times: JUNE 7­ – 15 including 3 Day Conference in Jerusalem, 12 Tribe Biblical Heritage & Redemption Tour, Joint Shavuot Activities and … Continue reading

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The Dance of the Two Camps

I received an email this morning from Ephraim Frank.  Very interesting… ________________________ Shalom Fellow Israelite, As I was reflecting on the story of our forefather Jacob, after he fled from Laban his father-in-law, one word arrested my attention – “Machanyim” … Continue reading

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Interview of Kellen Davison of Commonwealth of Yisrael

In case you missed it, Kellen Davison, co-founder and visionary for Commonwealth of Yisrael, was this week’s guest on the Remnant Road with Al McCarn and Daniel Holdings.  This is a terrific two hour interview getting to know him a … Continue reading

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