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Lot and the Second Exodus

While reading some notes about this week’s portion, I noticed something regarding Lot that I’ve never noticed before that connects the Lot story with the Second Exodus!! As many others have pointed out before, Lot’s escape from Sodom is a … Continue reading

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…the land thou abhorrest shall be forsaken…

Yesterday’s Shabbat service and Torah study at Issachar Oasis in Irmo, SC was good.  That fellowship is studying through Isaiah as well as the weekly Torah portion and yesterday we covered Isaiah 7:14-16.  (Like the last prophet they studied, we’ll … Continue reading

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כל־בשׂר : “all flesh” means?

Last week in an email discussion with a friend over what the responsibilities of the Gentile are to the Torah, he said, “I never said a Gentile couldn’t go beyond the minimum standard set in the Acts 15 halachic ruling, … Continue reading

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