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The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus

Some signs are so blindingly obvious that they can’t be ignored. The sequence of eclipses over the US between 2017 and 2024 is one such sign. 14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the … Continue reading

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Lot and the Second Exodus

While reading some notes about this week’s portion, I noticed something regarding Lot that I’ve never noticed before that connects the Lot story with the Second Exodus!! As many others have pointed out before, Lot’s escape from Sodom is a … Continue reading

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King David as prophecy of the Second Exodus…

The lives of many prophets, patriarchs, and other Biblical characters serve as prophecy. Joseph is a major example that we have explored on several occasions. David, also, is one we have explored as the face-off with Goliath parallels several sections … Continue reading

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Torah Portion: Shelach (Num. 13:1-15:41)

What do the spies teach us about headship, patriarchy, the wilderness, the Second Exodus, and the restoration of kol Israel? A LOT! Download our free commentary from our Torah Portion Series page.

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The Highway of Holiness

The last time we stayed in this moshav, we had a number of feast days wherein we would stroll the afternoon away wandering through the neighborhood.  We have not had so much time this visit… until today. Last night as … Continue reading

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Might 40 years = 40 Jubilees?

I have been rereading Joshua this week and seeing some interesting parallels.  Here’s one… As hard as it is for us to imagine, Israel, all 13 tribes had the Torah and knew what was righteous, but still didn’t do it … Continue reading

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God’s Word, concerning the regathering….

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Can we accelerate the coming of the Messiah?

Last night, as we sat around the Pesach table, we enjoyed a wonderful romp through Scripture.  A small affair, with only three guests besides my family, we embraced the freedom to pursue Scripture and thought trails induced by the haggadah.  … Continue reading

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Important preparation for the wilderness…

Recently, while having a conversation with Al McCarn about the sequence and timing of the return of the exiles, we turned to Ezekiel 36.  As I read the middle verses in that chapter something leapt off of the page and … Continue reading

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Ex. 14:19, The Angel of God and the Pillar of Cloud

Last week in my guest teaching at a local Sunday School, I mentioned this verse and briefly drew a connection between God (Exodus 13:18) 18 Hence God led the people around by the way of the wilderness to the [a]Red Sea; … Continue reading

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The Time is NOW!!!

Great video helping us all understand what is happening prophetically!! If you are not familiar with the prophetic implications of the Joseph story, see these: Jesus / Yeshua as pictured in Joseph. Part 1 Jesus / Yeshua as pictured in Joseph. … Continue reading

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Kaduri. Sharon. Prophecy and Beshalach, 2014

Kaduri. Sharon. Prophecy and Beshalach, 2014. Related to previous post with more discussion and related content for prophecy and Exodus 13-17.  Those who love prophecy will enjoy this message.

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WARNING!! Kaduri, Sharon and Prophecy! **Updated!**

**Updated with links**  Also, some excellent comments below. A quick post addressing the recent death of PM Ariel Sharon and the prophecies of R. Itzhak Kaduri…    More later. In the coming days you will hear a great deal about … Continue reading

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