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Torah Portion: Beha’alotcha (Numbers 8:1-12:16)

What can we learn about headship and followership from this portion? How is Moshe’s crying out to God different than the people’s complaints? How many fathers-in-law did Moshe have? And, the Cushite woman? What about that? This is another loaded … Continue reading

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The Moving Cloud and Difficult Truth

Numbers 9:15-23 explains in detail the travel habits of the Children of Israel in the wilderness.  The abbreviated version is that they followed the Pillar of Cloud.  When the Cloud moved, they moved.  When the Cloud stood still, they camped. … Continue reading

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God’s Word, concerning the regathering….

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Important preparation for the wilderness…

Recently, while having a conversation with Al McCarn about the sequence and timing of the return of the exiles, we turned to Ezekiel 36.  As I read the middle verses in that chapter something leapt off of the page and … Continue reading

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