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Does God have two brides??

The knee jerk reaction from both Jews and Christians is a resounding, “NO!!!” But, does Scripture bear this out, or are we willfully blind to a most difficult topic that we relegate to some ancient culture and time? Buckle your … Continue reading

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Answering the Anti-missionaries

In recent weeks I have had several run-ins with anti-missionaries.  While I prefer not having such encounters as only rarely does anything good come of them, when they come to me, I have to respond as clearly and firmly as … Continue reading

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BYNA Summit2017 video and speaker flier, please share…

Hey guys, Tzefanyah, the Communications Director for Bney Yosef North America, just sent me a video and a flier with details for the upcoming BYNA Summit!!  Please share these and pray about attending.  Many exciting things in the works and … Continue reading

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Excellent Article in Breaking Israel News

Following is a link for a terrific article in Breaking Israel News by Eliyahu Berkowitz.  Overall, this is a terrific article about some of the amazing things that happened in Ariel Israel.  Maybe a couple little details that I would … Continue reading

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More Breaking Israel News coverage of BYNA Summit!!

I have been waiting for this article!!  I spoke with author, Laura Densmore, while we were at the Summit and knew that Breaking Israel News asked for her firsthand account of the event…  Well, here it is! Enjoy! Can These … Continue reading

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Who dares, wins!!

Colonel David Stirling, founder of the British SAS, pioneered the modern military understanding and employment of special forces personnel.  His mix of highly trained very small units operating audaciously in an unconventional manner led to very high success rates in … Continue reading

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Two House… Unavoidable conclusion.

Twice in the last couple days I have run into well-meaning individuals who denigrated the ‘Two House’ understanding of Scripture.  I realize, God has to open eyes and bring understanding, but at the same time, it is frustrating to deal … Continue reading

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More on the Bney Yosef Plenary Session

In my last post I promised more about the recent B’ney Yosef Plenary Session in central TN. Honestly, I am still processing and incredibly busy with some of the work that came out of it in planning the upcoming B’ney … Continue reading

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The ‘New Covenant’ is NOT with Gentiles…

The provocative title is true and intended to get your attention.  Simply, the New Covenant is NOT with the Gentiles. That is not to say Gentiles can’t enter in, because Ephesians 2 and Romans 9-11 teach that they can, however, … Continue reading

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Until The Two Become One (Must read, by Ken Rank)

Following is a terrific article by Ken Rank explaining the Two Stick Prophecy of Ezekiel 37, a passage that is largely overlooked by theologians in its significance. Until the Two Become One by Ken Rank What the herders did not … Continue reading

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Global Reading of Shema Prayer Announced for Monday

Yesterday, I received an email alerting me to a global initiative to pray the Shema at 9 p.m. Jerusalem time (2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).  I encourage readers here to participate in solidarity with Brother Judah as we call on … Continue reading

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Study Notes for Genesis 37 – 40

Ray Gardner’s notes and Ephraim and Rimona Frank’s study notes for this portion of Scripture are up in the Torah Portion page. Enjoy!!

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A Common Error In Christianity and Judaism (Pt 2)

Jacob was in a bind!!  He was returning to the land and his brother, an enemy that desired his inheritance and blessing, was waiting for him.  What to do? Jacob decided to divide all he had -the people, the flocks … Continue reading

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Interesting verse with 10:1…. (prophetic picture?)

So, a couple days ago while reading/researching the beginning of the series we started yesterday, A Common Error in Christianity and Judaism, I came across a couple verses I do not recall having ever seen.  Because I was researching examples … Continue reading

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My Paradigm Shift Continues…

Recently, while listening to a new interview by Hanoch Young and Ken Rank (previously introduced here) one of the two made a significant statement that struck a deep chord within me.  As they are traveling and sharing with Ephraim, they … Continue reading

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