Excellent Article in Breaking Israel News

Following is a link for a terrific article in Breaking Israel News by Eliyahu Berkowitz.  Overall, this is a terrific article about some of the amazing things that happened in Ariel Israel.  Maybe a couple little details that I would present differently, but I am so happy that Eliyahu has given us a little coverage and is watching to see what amazing thing our father is doing among the non-Jews.

Read and enjoy!

B’ney Yosef Declares Birth of New Nation: Brothers of Judah

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7 Responses to Excellent Article in Breaking Israel News

  1. Sue in Aqaba says:

    I enjoyed and appreciated Mr Berkowitz’s article (and Rivka Adler’s quoted statements) very much. Thanks for sharing this encouraging piece of recognition. I was rather shocked, however, by the paragraph,”Heinz Suter, a representative from Switzerland, explained to Breaking Israel News that the B’Ney Efraim do not consider themselves to be Christians and do not deify Jesus. The B’Ney Efraim believe that Jesus – or Yeshua, as they call him – is the way to return to Israel for those who have strayed. As such, a connection to Jesus is absolutely not relevant to Jews, who never strayed.” Was Mr Suter speaking with authority on behalf of B’Ney Yosef, or was this his personal belief? I DO consider Yeshua to be Deity (a belief I share with a great many of my fellow Ephraimites), and I do not want to mislead my Jewish brethren.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      I was privy to part of this conversation and believe that Heinz, operating in a second or third language struggled a little with articulating what we know is a difficult and delicate point to make. I certainly believe the Messiah is Divine and expressed so both in my recent Two Great Lights article and indirectly to Eliyahu as we talked last week.

      This is an issue that will come up often and will easily be misrepresented even by accident. We can’t panic or shrink, we pray and move forward leaving the details to the King.

      There are a couple items we are asking for editorial adjustment on. Ultimately, the King is our editor and is directing an ever accelerating process. Exciting and at times nerve wracking. No?

      Let’s enjoy the ride and pray our King directs and adjusts.

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      • Pete Rambo says:

        BTW, Al and I are specifically trying to get our titles corrected so that it is clear we are BYNA, not BY. We can only speak for North America, but we’re blessed to have gotten to know Eliyahu over the last seven months and know him to be a friend. (He is still trying to figure us out, but who isn’t? We don’t fit any mold that previously existed…)


      • Sue in Aqaba says:

        amen to that! 🙂


  2. I have made corrections. I did misquote Mr Suter and apologize deeply. There were a lot of intense and deep discussions, and I am unfortunately not as strict with details as I should be. The point that did come out of that conversation that was most significant for me as a Jew was that the Bney Efraim do not see Yashua as being relevant to Judah, so there is no proselytizing. If I can get that one message out to the Jews, it would open a lot of doors between the two nations.

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