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Torah Portion: Shemot (Exodus 1:1-6:1)

The Apostle Paul instructed the appointment of elders. Why? Did he institute an office, or was he being very pragmatic? And, if so, why? We begin the transition from family to nation, but is it a change of status, or … Continue reading

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What did Moses see in the ‘Burning Bush?’

Originally posted Dec. 12, 2013 The first part of Exodus chapter three details Moses’ encounter with the ‘burning bush.’  I re-read this portion of Scripture the other day as part of a recent topical study when I saw something I … Continue reading

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Test your doctrine with this gem….


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Portion Notes for Sh’mot are up…

See Torah Portion Page.

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Reblog: What the First Golah Community Forgot About Sukkot

My good friend and fellow blogger, Peter Vest, has just posted one of those classic posts that gets me so excited I am about to jump out of my skin!!!  Sometimes, this whole regathering of the Tent of David is … Continue reading

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“Stop the Press! Mainline Christian Scholars Beginning to Promote the Torah of Moses “

Following is the beginning of a terrific article by friend and fellow blogger, Peter Vest, about Wheaton College Professor of Old Testament, Daniel I. Block’s essay entitled “Preaching Old Testament Law to New Testament Christians.”   Stop the Press! Mainline … Continue reading

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Moses, Elijah and ‘the latter days…’


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Elijah and running the race..

Elijah has long been a fascination for me!! My long time readers know that a couple years ago I wrote a seven part series titled Elijah, Significance in the End Times.  While a long read, it really explores much Scripture … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.11 Prov. 28:9 & Jesus on Mt. Sinai

What a terrific fun week as we studied together at Lexington First Baptist!!  It started with a BANG!  The file on my thumb drive wouldn’t load…  Good story on the audio! We began with a short meditation on Proverbs 28:9, … Continue reading

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Next two Torah Portions are up!!

Ray is working ahead to get his notes into an uploadable .pdf format.   Late last week he sent me an amended/corrected TP 19 and 20.  (Spelling and grammar changes, I think.)  And, he sent the next two portions: Ki Tisa … Continue reading

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R. Shapira – The Mystery of Jacob’s Ladder

Excellent teaching.  A bit mystical in places but neat/deep connections to Messiah through some of the rabbinic writings as well as Scripture.  Enjoy!!

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Moses was right…

On several occasions in the Torah we see Moshe having a conversation with Yehovah concerning Israel’s obstinance.  Numbers 14:11ff relays one such conversation, while Exodus 32:9-14 relays another. 9 The Lord said to Moses, “I have seen this people, and behold, … Continue reading

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‘IF,’ and ‘AND.’ Three perspectives….

Ever noticed some verses can have totally different meanings, depending on whose perspective or lens you read it through? 5 Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My [a]own possession among … Continue reading

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Official Trailer 2014 | Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus

This looks very interesting!!  Can’t wait to see when it comes out…

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Ki Tisa, Shabbat 2/15/14 In His Presence

Originally posted on Davar Chaim:
Due to weather challenges, Shabbat services at Davar were cancelled this week, however, our family sat this morning to worship and look into the Word at the message I had prepared.  Here is the recording…

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