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Homesick? Here’s a tonic…

Tonight, while relaxing and with some YouTube clips, I stumbled on a channel filled with lo.g relaxing walks in Israel! I fisrt found the following clip of yesterday’s snow in Jerusalem and I kept watching for hours of mesmerizing video … Continue reading

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Moonrise, sunset… A few pics…

If there is one truly spectacular aspect to this piece of property our Father led us to rent, it is the views.  For being in the middle of rolling hills, we may have one of the highest and most panoramic … Continue reading

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Ki Tisa, Shabbat 2/15/14 In His Presence

Originally posted on Davar Chaim:
Due to weather challenges, Shabbat services at Davar were cancelled this week, however, our family sat this morning to worship and look into the Word at the message I had prepared.  Here is the recording…

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Snow and kidding…

The snow/sleet/freezing rain mix continues to fall and we are largely buttoned up…  I say largely, because every three hours I am wrapping up and making a trip to the barn to check on the goats.  One mama in particular. … Continue reading

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Christendom: ‘Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow, IF…’

I’m sitting here watching the snow fall.  Masses of flakes bigger than golf balls are showering upon the surrounding fields.  Slowly the last vestiges of any remaining green or brown grass are disappearing under a relentless cascade.  Soon, all will … Continue reading

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Local weather calling for snow… Again!!

Local weather is calling for snow…  Again!!  Frankly, one good snow every two or three years is about normal for this Southeastern region.  A couple weeks ago we had a moderate sleet/snow mix, so maybe a big one is in … Continue reading

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Pictorial Evidence of Scriptural Truth!!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… Well, an acquaintance sent me a picture from Jerusalem, and it tells about a thousand words… It may be hard to get the message just from this pic, so, here is … Continue reading

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