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Open question, re: Noach

Reading this portion, Genesis 6:9-11:32, reminded me of a question I have not found a good answer to….yet.   Maybe some of you have thoughts you are willing to share. The Noach portion has clear lessons for those living in the … Continue reading

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The Blessing of a Rainy Sukkot

Camping and rain are generally not considered to be a blessing… And, having spent a few years in the military with countless days in the bush, I concur. The one big difference is Sukkot, or the fall Feast of Tabernacles, … Continue reading

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Local weather calling for snow… Again!!

Local weather is calling for snow…  Again!!  Frankly, one good snow every two or three years is about normal for this Southeastern region.  A couple weeks ago we had a moderate sleet/snow mix, so maybe a big one is in … Continue reading

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