The Blessing of a Rainy Sukkot

Camping and rain are generally not considered to be a blessing… And, having spent a few years in the military with countless days in the bush, I concur.

The one big difference is Sukkot, or the fall Feast of Tabernacles, spoken of in Leviticus 23, the Feast that all believers in Messiah will keep in the future. See Zechariah 14:16-21.

Israel has very dry summers and most rain comes in the winter months.  Rain during Sukkot is considered a blessing from Yah and portents His Hand of blessing for the coming year.  So, most desire the relative discomfort of a rainy day during Sukkot because of the portent of blessing.

IMG_20151002_130035287This year my wife and a couple sons have the blessing of spending the last few days of Sukkkot with Frank Houtz and Beit Minorah, (see website for beautiful pics of last year’s Sukkah!) of Winchester KY.  We came to fellowship with good friends Frank Houtz and Wade Barrow, both of whom we met in Israel at the First Bney Yosef National Congress back in May.  The excuse we used was our invitation to come teach a little map reading and land navigation course.  Accomplished some of that, but the inclement weather has prevented setting up and running a land nav course on Wade’s farm, as we had planned.

So good to have time to fellowship with them again, meet Ken Rank face to face and get to know lots of other mishpocha (family) we have

never met.  I didn’t get a picture of ‘tentmahal’ (Taj mahal…), but one family camping has this down to an absolute science with a setup that rivals many homes.

Rain has been the order of the day… IMG_20151002_141836767 Not too heavy, but very steady with lots of wind.  We have an older tent that is large and roomy and needs replacing, but we thought we’d use it one more time…  Oooops!  Not bad, really. A few leaks, but Kelly noticed a neighbor’s tent entirely encased in a ginourmous tarp and while on a shopping run decided to acquire similar rain protection.

We strung a line between two trees and threw the tarp over giving enough protection to cover the whole tent and a half acre behind us.  You should see how much is rolled up!!

So, we are cheerful as are all of the others at the site with a wonderful place to worship that is warm and cozy, the Beit Minorah sanctuary in one end of the new Jefferson College at Pilot View, an incredible blessing that will be used to teach/train the next generation.  (Last year was the rainiest Sukkot in history for Beit Minorah and since then, they have purchased, at an incredible deal, an elementary school that is to be converted into a college to teach Hebrew and Greek linguistics as well as Biblical interpretation methods.  Beautiful place that I’ll have to write more about in the near future!!)  Further, the school cafeteria has been a boon for cooking and hanging out in a dry space.

So…  If rain is a blessing during Sukkot, I can tell you, the Messianic Body on the east coast of the US will be the most blessed people on earth in the coming year!!  Between hurricane Joaquin and a previous weird storm system, we have been utterly drenched this week, and I know the HUGE Sukkot gathering at Elijah Clark State Park has been inundated!!

Shalom to all my friends out there and Chag Sameach!!  May this coming year be filled with blessings from the hand of King Messiah!!  Maybe, just maybe, we see the freedoms that come with the Yovel…


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Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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5 Responses to The Blessing of a Rainy Sukkot

  1. Dorrie says:

    It’s dry here in S. Oregon and I don’t have a top on my Sukkah, but I’m not sleeping out there either, just eating. Shabbat Shalom to all of you! And Chag Semeach!

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  2. We’re incredibly blessed here near Andrews,SC as well!! Working on plans for a much larger gathering next year here. Maybe y’all need to come down and to some teaching nav skills (both physical and spiritual) here. The dense woods here would be a fun challenge.


    • Pete Rambo says:

      Yeah… I bet you guys are SUPER blessed! Would love to get down there if only to hang out with you guys… Maybe a few days during my employer’s traditional late Dec break…


  3. Ya’ll be careful! Sadly, we haven’t had rain for about 4 weeks. Very dry, but not droughty. However, it will be a long ‘dry’ (including winter) spell before grass starts waking up in May. Used to start in late March, but seasons seem to have changed these past years. I don’t stay outside much, ragweed allergies are massive for me August-October. (Unless i go to a place that doesn’t have ragweed!


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