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JK McKee’s ‘Are Non-Jewish Believers Really A Part Of Israel?

I knew when I wrote the review of Tent of David that it was going to spark some discussion…  I had no idea how much.  Frankly, in the midst of a spirited exchange, I have been encouraged by the grace … Continue reading

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Coming Home – To The Truth of Torah

Originally posted on Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul:
Becoming a Born-Again Believer in Messiah has been the greatest event in my life. It was truly as though I had finally come home, for the very first time! Those who…

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“Isaiah 53 changed my life…”

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Boaz Michael’s Tent of David.

Some books are a joy to review and recommend.  This is not one of them. Frankly, I have struggled to read Tent of David by Boaz Michael, the founder of First Fruits of Zion Ministry (FFOZ).  Several times I put … Continue reading

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e-Sword! ***updated!!***

***Update***  :  I do not know if the links below still work, so my fellowship has recently decided to burn and mail copies of this program as well as a small package of other dvds to any who are interested.  … Continue reading

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One Torah, Two Approaches to God?

Originally posted on
A Critical Look at the International Alliance of Messianic Congregations and Synagogues (IAMCS) Steering Committee Report of False Accusations Against the Hebrew Roots Movement   We, as Messianic leaders and teachers, have become increasingly concerned…

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‘the word of the Lord came to me…’

Lately I have felt so overwhelmed by a number of things that it has been hard to sit down and write.  There are a number of articles brewing, but distractions and rabbit trails have been an impediment.  Here is one … Continue reading

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Biblical Equality

Originally posted on GRACE in TORAH:
I just finished a short ebook by J.K. McKee of Outreach Israel Ministries and TNN Online called “Biblical Equality and Today’s Messianic Movement”. It is fantastic and I highly urge you to forgo a…

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THE Most Accountable Generation?

Lately, I have been pondering the fact that we are likely THE most accountable generation in history!! Certainly, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory, and, there is none righteous, not even one, making all guilty, but the … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014 Highlight reel…

Just found this fast paced recap of the excitement and people at Revive2014…

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The Answer Isn’t ‘More Law’…

I woke at about 1:30 a.m. thinking, ‘the answer isn’t more law….’  And, a flood of thoughts ensued.  Knowing I would never get back to sleep if I didn’t make some quick notes, I got up and scratched the thoughts … Continue reading

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Good Vibrations!!

Okay, so if the Beach Boys are running through your head, here’s yer ‘fix!’ I’m a craftsman.  My wife says ‘jack of all trades, master of none.’  Still, I can do very nice woodwork, metalwork, I make knives, cheese, soap, … Continue reading

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Celebrating Rebellion.

I was kinda looking forward to watching some fireworks tonight and a bit toward today…  you know, THE Fourth of July?  Yet, since I woke this morning a phrase has been bouncing around my mind like a ricochet bullet.  “Celebrating … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014. Vendors.

One cool aspect of REVIVE2014 was the Marketplace, open Friday and Sunday between sessions. I just thought I’d give a quick list and a few thoughts with a post dedicated to one specific vendor.. I’m sure I’ll miss some, but … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014. Day 3.

Technically, day 3 was two three four days ago…  Sunday.  (Yep, been busy since getting back and trying to catch up!!) We finished near midnight on Sunday and had no internet access until Monday afternoon, but with travel, tiredness and … Continue reading

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