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Previewed! The Way Documentary

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Way, a documentary about the global movement away from Christian tradition and toward a lifestyle that more accurately reflects Scripture and Yeshua!  Well, yesterday, our home fellowship opened with worship, prayer … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014 Highlight reel…

Just found this fast paced recap of the excitement and people at Revive2014…

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REVIVE2014, Day 2.

Another great day!! Shabbat with 600 of my newest close friends!! How cool to walk the hall between sessions and run into friends that I didn’t know were coming (the Lindseys and the Mercks) or to see a name flash … Continue reading

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REVIVE2014 Hebraic Roots Conference

The annual Revive conference is next weekend.  This will be the first I have been able to attend…  Can’t wait!! If any of my friends on here are planning to attend, please hunt me down.  Would love to meet and … Continue reading

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Brad Scott’s Response… Hilarious.

We’ve talked a number of times on this blog about ‘One Law.’  Frankly, I’ve avoided directly addressing those who would divide the believers in Messiah with the false doctrine of ‘Bilateral ecclesiology’ or ‘Two Law.’  Brad Scott has a little … Continue reading

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Evolution v. Intelligent Design and Shifting Paradigms

Recently, a friend in our fellowship loaned me a neat documentary titled, Unlocking the Mystery of Life.  The premise is a conversation with leading scientists who, as adherents to the Theory of Evolution, began to find alternate truth in their … Continue reading

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