Previewed! The Way Documentary

We have been anxiously awaiting the release of The Way, a documentary about the global movement away from Christian tradition and toward a lifestyle that more accurately reflects Scripture and Yeshua!  Well, yesterday, The Way DVD1-copyour home fellowship opened with worship, prayer and the Shema, then instead of our normal Scripture/Torah midrash, we watched the doco via a pre-release streaming link.


Everybody in the room loved the film.  Our main complaint might be that there was not enough of it, but at an hour and 27 minutes, it does a terrific job of covering a very broad and detailed topic with balanced exposure that is both compassionate, sensitive and at times screaming funny.  (There was some debate as to whether the clip with the gentleman telling about circumcising himself should have been in there or not…  😲 But, that was rolling on the floor funny!  Nobody will EVER question his seriousness….)

Luke and Kayte set out to tell the story of a great awakening that is happening across the globe as Christians of every stripe are independently turning to the Torah as God’s everlasting standard of righteousness, THE standard that Yeshua lived and taught and was exampled by all of the Apostles, including Paul.  In telling the story, Luke and Kayte do a good job of allowing the Christian Church’s position to be heard through a number of voices.

The Messianic/Hebrew roots perspective is well explained and presented through both familiar and unfamiliar faces.  Names such as Brad Scott, Arthur Bailey, Zac Bauer, Steve Moutria and Rob Skiba among others tell their own stories and present evidence for why this movement is exploding and why every Christian needs to seriously re-evaluate some of their inherited traditions.  More enjoyable than the known faces was the plethora of unknowns who add to the conversation giving evidence that it is the next door neighbor, crying out to God who is being answered with truth from Scripture by the Holy Spirit.

Several of the basic questions The Way sets out to answer are,

– If Jesus lived a perfect life, why do modern-day Christians live so differently from Him, in everything from our diet to our dress to our holidays and day of worship?

 – If God never changes, why is His moral code for modern-day believers different from the one He gave everyone in the Old Testament?

 – Why do we see the apostles observing Passover and other biblical festivals that are nowhere to be found in our modern day church?

The Way: FAQ’s

Having seen this pre-release, I cannot wait for the dvds I pre-ordered to arrive!  Not only do I want to see this video again to absorb more of the rapid-fire clips covering the material, but I also plan to use this dvd as a terrific tool to hand to others who are asking questions.  A very short conversation can open the door and then this dvd will really cause people to think without me potentially being offensive.  There are many who might not read a book, my favorite being Christianity Reconsidered, but they will watch a dvd.  The Way is the one I want to hand them.

Highly recommended!!

About Pete Rambo

Details in 'About' page @ Basically, husband of one, father of four. Pastor x 11 years, former business and military background. Micro-farmer. Messianic believer in Yeshua haMashiach!
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11 Responses to Previewed! The Way Documentary

  1. Theunsie says:

    It sounds great!! Hope we can watch it as well.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Barking Fox and commented:
    Pete Rambo has posted the first review I’ve seen on The Way, The Truth, & The Life, which has just been released today, August 14. As you can see, Pete’s assessment is entirely positive – which means The Way is the balanced presentation of the Messianic/Hebrew Roots phenomenon that we have been expecting since the beginning of the year! We are eagerly awaiting our DVD and will post a review of our own once we see the movie. In the meantime, you can order your own DVD, or buy a download at


    • james walker says:

      I am NOT weird, or crazy, or thinking different thoughts. There are others like unto me!! I am 53 yo. I have MS. About 3 yrs ago, while staying with my mother (a western church diehard) waiting on the social security, I started to get these weird thoughts (a still,quiet voice). One day I walked in her house, she was cleaning a ham bone. Talk about gross. i knew I had to go. At this time I was recognizing the feasts of the YEHWEH. I was eating in the same house with a dead pig! WHAT! I HAD to go. There is so much more. But, I am all alone. I live in NW ark, Bentonville, is there anyone else like me in these parts? Jim

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  3. Phil says:

    Look fwd to it. Thanks for the info. There is a trailer avail at: (Not to be confused with a group called ‘The Way Intl.’)

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  4. Keith Thrower says:

    Enjoyed watching it! Have already order my copies!

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  5. Tommy Wilson says:

    Dorothy and I are very excited about receiving this documentary that could be one of the most important tools of our time to reach our friends and family! I believe it will help and motivate us to communicate a more authentic genuine authoritative truthful message of this great awakening and what it means to follow Yeshua

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  6. Neal says:

    We have been anticipating this release for months and just viewed download of the video. It far surpassed my expectations!
    So now, confirming it is well worth buying the DVDs to share with many family and friends to to aid their returning to the Truth and the Way of YHVH.

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