Recovering Pastors

Years ago I had some serious questions about the 9-11 attack on the Twin Towers, but because I was not an architect or engineer, I was not sure that my thoughts twin towers truthwere on solid footing.  In my research, I found a website dedicated to simply listing the names and credentials of qualified professionals who disagreed with the official story.  That list encouraged me that I was not alone in what I was understanding.  They were actually trained professionals in the field who had come to the same conclusions I had.

Well, as a former pastor myself, I found my journey to the truth of Torah to be quite lonely the first seven or so months because I didn’t know any other seminary trained ‘professional’ who was seeing what the Ruach (Holy Spirit) was showing me in Scripture.  Later, I began to run into one here and one there…  Now, I know quite a few.

I named the page ‘Recovering Pastors’ somewhat tongue in cheek, however it does have a kernel of truth.  We are all recovering from the traditions and incorrect doctrines we inherited.  The name is not meant to offend and is a self applied title I have used for several years.

This page is dedicated to simply listing former pastors that I have come across who have left the church to walk as Messiah walked.  There are thousands of these.  I’ll simply begin listing those that I am familiar with to add credibility for those who are making the transition.  Feel free to drop me an email with info on others who are on this walk and I’ll add their names, as well.  And, when proper, share this info with pastors you know who are investigating the truth of Torah.  While the Spirit and Word are effective, they may find it useful to have other pastors they can reach out to for answers and support.



Scott Hillman, Assemblies of God.  YouTube testimony

Barry Phillips, Assemblies of God, House of David Ministries

Brad Scott, Lutheran, Wild Branch Ministry

Arthur Bailey, ______, Arthur Baily Ministries

Pete Rambo, Associate Reformed Presbyterian,, YouTube testimony

Warren Bowles, _____, Christianity Reconsidered

Steve Moutria, ______, Torah Family

Monte Judah, ______, Lion and Lamb Ministries

Dr. David Sloss, _______, Baraka Ministries, International

Mikel Clayton, ________, Joined to Hashem

Dr. David Jones, ________, Ruach Ministries International

David B. McCoy, Evangelical Lutheran, Yeshua’s Love

Lex Meyer, Assemblies of God, UNlearn

G. Steven Simons, _________, Triumph Family




Many, many more!  I’ll add as I have time.  If you send me a name/info, please provide the information included in each of the above entries.  Thank you.