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Excellent Scripture Compilation, Re: Restoration Promises

I have been doing a bit of reading and digging in the Scriptures trying to gain deeper insight into the prophesied return of Ephraim and how it is all supposed to work out.  In the process, through a link on … Continue reading

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A House Divided

Originally posted on THE BARKING FOX:
In June 1858, at his nomination as candidate for the Senate from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln invoked the words of Yeshua in admonition to his fractured nation that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”…

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Torah Portion: Tetsaveh Study Guide

The study guide by Ray Gardner for Tetsaveh, this week’s Torah Portion, has been added to the Torah Portion Study Guide Page. Enjoy!!

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Sunday School, P.8 “False Witnesses…(that we believe.)” & “I AM life!”

Here is this week’s Sunday School lesson from the series, ‘Yeshua in the Tanakh.’  The time we had was a bit shorter than normal, but again, Abba had perfectly tailored my preparation to fit the altered time frame.  Even more … Continue reading

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Micro-Beer and the Ten Lost Tribes…

Hey guys, Someone in the discussion group for the Bney Yosef / Ephraim Northern Israel National Congress sent out an email earlier today with this most cool program from Voice of Israel!! Micro-Beer, Ancient Fungus and a New Photo-App MUST … Continue reading

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YHVH’s Instructions About Kashrut (Kosher)

Another terrific post from Sue and John. I wholeheartedly agree with this post and Scripturally correct position and am relieved that when they are here next weekend we can have cheeseburgers… 😉

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Followers of Messiah: Let us Keep the Passover Feast

Originally posted on Cold Waters to a Thirsty Soul:
The annual Memorial Feast of Passover is approaching. This is one of Father’s annual Feasts, as commanded of all believers, in Leviticus 23. The Memorial Feast of Passover is a gathering…

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I have really enjoyed using Ray Gardner’s Torah Study Guides for the last couple years!  He has done a ton of work on these terrific three ring binders PACKED with helps, insight, and years of his own study. Well, recently, … Continue reading

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A Vision Recently Related to Me

Recently, someone related to me a vision they had.  I share it here and ask for your thoughts or interpretation.  Seems pretty straight forward to me, but some specifics that I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on. I was in … Continue reading

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For my regular readers: Talk to me…

I’ve had such a good response from Canada and South Africa, I wanted to open this up to others… My emailed message to responders from Canada and South Africa is/was: As you know from reading recent posts on, my … Continue reading

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Canada and South Africa, talk to me…

There are a number of regular viewers in both Canada and South Africa.  I would like for you to please contact me via email.  I have a couple things I want to ask you!! Please use the Contact Us page. … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.7 ‘Who Said?’ & ‘I Am The Truth…’

This week, I began the Sunday school class that I am guest teaching with a little ‘game.’  – A quite shocking game of ‘Who said?’  The class member faces said what I felt the first time I read some of … Continue reading

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Testimony from a new Torah follower

I am always interested in hearing how people come to seek out their Hebraic roots resulting in Torah pursuance.  I spoke two days ago with a young man who recently began attending a Greenwood, SC home fellowship with which I … Continue reading

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God’s conversation with Adam (and Eve)?

Have you ever wondered exactly how the conversation between God and Adam went down in the Garden of Eden?  Genesis 2:15-17 doesn’t provide many details, 15 Then the Lord God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden … Continue reading

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Banner day at the Rambos!! Just Kidding!

WOW!!  I think I’ll just get an apprenticed OB/GYN certificate…  LOL! School was out today, so we planned ahead to get some work done on the homestead/farm.  We planned to reinsulate the overhead of the new house as parts had … Continue reading

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