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Amazing resource, re: Memra de Yeya

On multiple occasions I have written about the Memra de Yeya and instances in the Targumim that are fascinating connections to the Messiah! Well, this evening I found an incredible resource worth downloading and saving with your most precious possessions!! … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.14, Tzitziot & Who is the Savior?

Here is Sunday School, part 14 from last week.  We are still working on sync-ing audio and video from week 13 as it was our first attempt at using some equipment to video and audio record the lesson. In this … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.8 “False Witnesses…(that we believe.)” & “I AM life!”

Here is this week’s Sunday School lesson from the series, ‘Yeshua in the Tanakh.’  The time we had was a bit shorter than normal, but again, Abba had perfectly tailored my preparation to fit the altered time frame.  Even more … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P. 5 David, Goliath and Yeshua’s 2nd Coming

This week in Sunday School we took a look at Yeshua in the Tanakh as seen in David at the defeat of Goliath, I Samuel 17.  I began our teaser with a poem I previously posted.  Then, we looked at … Continue reading

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