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Israeli Media Takes a Positive Look at Messianic Jews

Prophecy and history are playing out before our very eyes!!  I am so overwhelmed at the things that are happening in rapid succession right now that it takes my breath away and brings tears all at the same time.  Zion … Continue reading

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Why Do the Jews Hate Jesus?

Originally posted on Morning Meditations:
I know this is a rather controversial title for today’s “morning meditation,” but it came to me as I was reading through the Gospel of John and I thought I’d share what I’ve been pondering.…

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Hanukkah may have pagan roots? Seriously? **Updated**

A friend sent me something a couple days ago to mull…  I’ll just put it out here for thought and discussion. **Please see John McKee’s comment below** According to the Jewish Encyclopedia’s article on the origins of Hanukkah, The actual … Continue reading

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I Found It!!

Two moves ago, I lost a piece of paper that was on my wall.  The loss was the basis for this post titled King Josiah A Pattern For Us, a post as relevant today as ever… Yesterday, while unpacking a … Continue reading

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December 25th with the Rambos

As my readers well know, we do not celebrate our Messiah as most of the world does.  We celebrate His birth in conjunction with Sukkot, the most likely time of His visitation.  So, the last couple years, December 25 has … Continue reading

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Marriage, adultery and Christian error…

***It is with much fear and trepidation that I post something I have been working on for weeks, as this post will prove to be a very challenging post.  Some topics are so ingrained in our traditional understanding of Scripture … Continue reading

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HUGE NEWS!!  Prophecy continuing to be fulfilled and the day of Messiah’s coming is that much closer!  Following is an article taken from the Temple Institute’s Facebook page detailing a MAJOR step in the restoration of Temple worship.  Note the … Continue reading

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Jesus Without Christmas

Terrific article that should be shared with family and friends. Helps explain our position in a peacable way. Share it around!

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How to KNOW the will of God…

Recently, I was reading a dynamite blog post about the Biblical definition of righteousness.  In the middle of the post was an absolute gem of an explanation about how to KNOW the will of God. As a former pastor (ten … Continue reading

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Joseph Torah Portions

Many here know that the Joseph portions are my very ‘favoritest’ of all the portions.  Here for this week and the next two are posts from last year: Jesus / Yeshua as pictured in Joseph. Part 1. Jesus / Yeshua as … Continue reading

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Wow!! LOVE. LOVE, LOVE this piece. It is long but it covers so much ground and connects so many incredible pieces!! One in particular will get its own post in a day or two!! This is a MUST READ with … Continue reading

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We Delight in YOUR Shabbat!!

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Who Wrote the Gospel of John?? (Not John?)

Anyone who has even a rudimentary grasp of Greek knows that ‘James’ did not write  the Book of James.  Rather, it was Ya’acov, or Jacob.  The name wasn’t changed to James until the 16th century if I am not mistaken.  … Continue reading

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Fox Byte 5775 #8: VaYishlach (And He Sent)

Originally posted on THE BARKING FOX:
וַיִּשְׁלַח Florida State University, where the seeds of my first great crisis of faith matured. (FSU Westcott Building, Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons) There was a time I wrestled…

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The Sabbath – A Day of Delight

Originally posted on
by Scott and Jane Diffenderfer (This article was originally published in the Jan./Feb. 1996 edition of First Fruit of Zion magazine. Edits have been made for this 2014 update.) Our Father created the Sabbath for…

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