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Do Beavers Keep the Sabbath?

In a fascinating multi-year study, Larren Cole documented a colony of beavers that keep the seventh-day Sabbath! In the process he encountered multiple stories of other individual animals as well as whole specie groups that keep Shabbat. Should we be … Continue reading

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Shabbat, the Blessed Command

When we first began celebrating Shabbat, it was so hard to rest.  The command seemed to prevent me from doing some of the things I thought I wanted to do. Then, over time, I began to transition to a right … Continue reading

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Can God ‘unsanctify’ the ‘sanctified?’

Some recent musings…. Yesterday evening I was test driving my new toy from Messianic Jewish Family Bible.  (I’ll review it after having more time, but I did shed tears of joy as I read their story and vision.  Limited reservations … Continue reading

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We Delight in YOUR Shabbat!!

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