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Have you got “Skin in the Game?”

To all of my Messianic and Torah learning/observing/keeping brothers and sisters out there:  It is time for a heart check!! Are you an exile or a captive?  How do you view yourself? Do you have “Skin in the Game,” or … Continue reading

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Video to share re: BYNA Summit 2017

Hey guys, Tzefanyah has put together a neat video, the first of several, giving some details and insight into the upcoming BYNA Summit.  Take a look and share with your contacts.  Seats are still available and our prayer if for … Continue reading

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BYNA Summit2017 video and speaker flier, please share…

Hey guys, Tzefanyah, the Communications Director for Bney Yosef North America, just sent me a video and a flier with details for the upcoming BYNA Summit!!  Please share these and pray about attending.  Many exciting things in the works and … Continue reading

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Prophecy unfolding faster and faster!!

I woke this morning to an email from friend, Hanoch Young, announcing a terrific new article in Breaking Israel News by Dr. Rivkah Lambert Adler.  Guys, you have GOT to go read this article that pulls together some neat pieces … Continue reading

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Ken Rank’s Thoughts on BYNA Summit…

Ken Rank, co-founder of United2Restore, just posted his thought on the B’ney Yosef North America Summit.  I love his opening paragraph as it accurately portrays my inability to put into words the incredible weekend.  The rest of his synopsis is … Continue reading

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A couple thoughts on the Summit

It has been almost a year ago now that Kelly and I visited Adat Shalom Fellowship in Summerville, SC to explain why we were going to Ariel, Israel for the First B’ney Yosef National Congress.  After we spoke to the … Continue reading

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B’ney Yosef NA Articles of Declaration

Earlier, I referred to the Articles of Declaration as ‘Articles of Dependence.’   Truly, these Articles demand dependence on the Almighty.  When I have time ( and something other than a smart phone ) I will blog some personal thoughts and … Continue reading

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Podcast: Hanoch and Ken Discuss Congress

Yesterday, Ken Rank and Hanoch Young recorded a podcast discussing the recent B’ney Yosef Congress.  Here is the link: http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/united-2-restore-11_49346 Enjoying it now.  

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Video of Trip to Israel

Here is a short video overview of our recent trip to Israel and a taste of the First B’ney Yosef National Congress.  A few minutes of music and video can’t begin to encapsulate the incredible experience, but I pray this … Continue reading

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First Foray into the Old City

FULL day!!  I was not sure how much we could get done today because we only had my friend Hanoch, our tour guide, scheduled for the afternoon, but the four hours we spent in the City of David site was … Continue reading

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We’re HERE!!! and, a surprise! (Pics, too.)

A loooong day of travel that started yesterday mid-morning with a two hour drive to the airport, and several travel glitches, but we are here!  Already, have had a couple neat blessings. The trip is long, and we had a … Continue reading

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Podcast: Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss upcoming Congress

Here is a terrific short podcast from United2Restore.  Founders, Ken Rank and Hanoch Young discuss several topics, but the primary purpose is to discuss the upcoming Congress that Kelly and I will be attending in May. http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/united-2-restore-10_43888 If you want … Continue reading

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Sunday School, P.6. “I am the way…”

Yesterday’s Sunday School lesson begins with a little information about my upcoming trip to Israel and how you can help.  Then, for our “appiteaser,” we looked at the phrase Peter uses in I Peter 1:16, “be ye holy as I … Continue reading

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Warning!! Controversy ahead….

Following is a video guaranteed to stir the waters. In fact, I have no doubt, some will be violently opposed. Now, this is not necessarily my opinion or perspective, though I do share a number of understandings with both the … Continue reading

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Interesting verse with 10:1…. (prophetic picture?)

So, a couple days ago while reading/researching the beginning of the series we started yesterday, A Common Error in Christianity and Judaism, I came across a couple verses I do not recall having ever seen.  Because I was researching examples … Continue reading

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