The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus

Some signs are so blindingly obvious that they can’t be ignored. The sequence of eclipses over the US between 2017 and 2024 is one such sign.

14 Then God said, “Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years;

Genesis 1:14

Do you see it? Or, better, them?

Alef, Tav, X marks the spot, Shalom comes to mind.

A few days ago, Dave McNew, a dear friend, visited and shared a collection of images and details regarding the sequence of eclipses we are currently in the middle of. Some of the information I was aware of and some of it took me by surprise at its specificity. I’ll share some here and encourage you to dig a little deeper on your own with a few clues to search out.

In August of 2017, we hosted several friends here because we were in the path of the Great Solar Eclipse. Barely a month later, the Revelation 12 sign appeared in the sky and we marveled at the events knowing that one of the ways God specifically tells us that He communicates with us is through the lights in the expanse of the heavens.

We understand them for marking ‘days and years’, but do we understand ‘signs and seasons.?’

Most who do not understand the Bible they carry would think, ‘Oh, seasons. You mean, like, winter, spring, summer, and fall?’ The resounding answer is, ‘No! At least not as the priority.’

Seasons is ‘moed’, meaning ‘appointed times of Yahweh’ and they are listed in great detail in Leviticus 23. A simple word study and dive into scripture reveals that all of those are still in force and the only ‘holy days’ God recognizes. (I’ll not digress into the pagan holidays, but do your own due diligence and study their source.)

But, ‘signs.’ This is the one we rarely take into account because it seems too, well, mystical.

What if it is written in HUGE BOLD FONT?

The Hebrew word for ‘signs’ in Genesis 1:14 is H226, אוֹת. Pronounced ‘oat’ and read right to left, it is immediately recognizable as having an Alef and Tav held together by the Vav, or ‘nail.’

Christendom may not recognize ‘Alef and Tav’ but they will understand the Greek translation of ‘Alpha and Omega.’

What is particularly fascinating is the paleo, or ancient Hebrew line drawings for these letters:

The two eclipses that neatly cross the entire US, seven years apart, for a giant TAV, or X over the nation with the center of the X, ‘the spot’ being an area in southern Illinois called Little Egypt. Ironically, or by Divine decree, the 21 August 2017 eclipse occurred on the first day of Elul on the Hebrew calendar marking the first day of an annual forty day cycle of repentance. The second of the great eclipses will occur on the first day of Aviv, or 14 days before Passover.

The 14 October 2023 annular eclipse occurs eight days after sukkot with the X occurring over Utopia, Texas and exiting the country at Corpus Christi (Body of Christ).

Put the three together and there is a very clear Alef and Tav!!!

Even more significant, they eclipses are almost completely contained within the continental borders of the US!!

Still more fascinating is that both the 2017 and the 2024 eclipses each cross SEVEN cities named SALEM. Of course, Salem comes from ‘shalom’ meaning ‘peace’ and both are leaving this nation headed east.

You who have escaped the sword,
Depart! Do not stay!
Remember the Lord from afar,
And let Jerusalem come to your mind.

Jeremiah 51:50

The whole of Jeremiah 51 applies, but this verse is poignant…

There are many more details worthy of investigation. Find out what the relationship of Cerulean is? What might it mean? What is the name of the street closest to the intersection of the two great eclipses? What does Scripture say about the second exodus? Who goes? Why? What is Yah’s purpose? Are th prophesies of the Old Testament still valid? Does God care?

I pray you ask HIM some hard questions. And, maybe, pray the scariest prayer… EVER.


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3 Responses to The Alef, the Tav, Eclipses and the Exodus

  1. Gregory says:

    Great thoughts! The second Exodus may soon be upon us!

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  2. Rick says:

    Shalom Pete

    Thanks for sharing this. Time to buckle up !

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  3. We also were in the totality zone of the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse as well as dozens of lunar eclipses (blood red moons). We’ve known about Carbondale, Illinois for several years too and that it’s been known as Little Egypt, where the total solar eclipses of August 21, 2017 and the upcoming April 8, 2024 cross over one another. What I didn’t know until just this week was that those two form a Paleo Hebrew Tav or that with the addition of the annular solar eclipse on October 14, 2023 they all form a Paleo Hebrew Alef. We watched Dawn Hagedorn’s video on the subject at
    It’s a very interesting video.

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